I'm not a huge fan of the "Real Housewives" series on Bravo but I occasionally catch an episode here and there when my mom is watching it. I don't like what those women stand for and they are just pointless celebrities.

I may not like them but I do love one of their alumnae, Bethenny Frankel.

My love for Bethenny soars above and beyond; she is one of my role models. I think she is one of the smartest, most driven, incredible woman out there. She had an idea and ran with it; when things got tough, she never gave up and just kept going. 

Frankel is a true inspiration for me and I know a lot of other people feel the same.

My obsessive love for Bethenny is not what this blog is about; this is about her SkinnyGirl Care products.

I know that she has a line of cocktails and I knew she had some skincare products but I didn't know where to buy them.

I was in CVS one day a few weeks back and my roommate spotted a few of her products on the bottom shelf.

The adorable red packaging, the cute, clever logo--I needed to buy something and sample a little piece of Bethenny.

Therefore I bought SkinnyGirl Face & Body Cleansing Cloths. 

I immediately went home and washed my face with them and let me say, they are brilliant. 

They aren't too soapy when you wet them, just the perfect amount of cleanse. They have a great cucumber scent and really leave your face with that fresh, clean feeling. They're also perfect for taking off makeup at night--amazing!

They're made with Aloe and Cucumber along with some Chamomile to calm you down
and Willow Bark Extract.

I love that almost all her products are made with limited ingredients and they
are all natural or organic--a definite plus for the processed
world we live in.

I never really use face cleansing cloths because I always just use face-wash or my Neutrogena Wave Sonic but now I always reach for my SkinnyGirl Cleansing Cloths. I like the fact that I'm not touching my face with my hands but the cloth.

I never really branch out with new products, I like what I've always used and I usually just stick to it but now that I've tried these SkinnyGirl cloths, I want to try her other products as well.

Frankel has a lip scrub and a detoxing face mask that I've been eyeing and might have to pick up this weekend at CVS.

The products in the drugstores are very limited and looking at her website, there are so many other fun products I want to order and try like lip-glosses, night cremes, and tinted moisturizers.

Anything that Bethenny Frankel touches turns to pure gold and I really think that her SkinnyGirl Face and Body line is going to skyrocket and change the beauty world.

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