I am one of the biggest book worms ever. I LOVE to read and can always find comfort in the heart of a good book.

I will pretty much read anything if the plot sounds interesting enough and no matter what, if people are RAVING about a book, I need to get my hands on it.

I've been growing out of Young Adult novels lately and moving onto big girl books.

My first tackle at an adult-y book?

Beth Harbison's novel "There's Always Something There to Remind Me".

What an adorable, wonderful read!

The plot pretty much sounds like my life; a grown woman, Erin, is in a great relationship with a perfect man; she has a daughter, a job, a great life. Rick, Erin's boyfriend, finally pops the question and asks her to marry him.

The first thought in her head wasn't "YES" but her mind drifted to her old love, her first love, her teenage boyfriend, Nate.

And the story rolls from there.

Erin deals with these unkempt feelings for Nate while trying to plan a party for a bratty teenager and trying to not hurt Rick.

Erin is constantly at conflict with herself trying to figure out if what she had with Nate was puppy love or real, can't live without each other love. That is one of the main themes of the book; when do your feelings start becoming real? When can you trust yourself to know when love is real or when it's just "puppy love".

I LOVE that because it's something not a lot of people sit down and think about. When you're young you just kind of assume that what your feeling is real and then as you get older, you either agree or disagree with that younger version on yourself.

I really enjoyed the writing style Harbison has; it was simple but so full of emotion and detail. It was some of the best descriptive writing I've read in a while; I actually felt what Erin was feeling. It was beautiful.

There wasn't anything I didn't adore about this novel. It was perfect in more ways than one; it was very relatable because most women have that first, real love that never really leaves your heart.

Erin goes on a full circle journey to find her heart's true calling and it's beautiful.

I think this book has the potential to become the next romantic comedy to hit the big screens--that would be incredible but that's just my opinion, there hasn't been any talk about putting this on the silver screen.

I've been having trouble lately finding the perfect book and satisfy my need for a great read and I finally found it!

"There's Always Something There to Remind Me" is a truly great novel so go read it today!

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