This isn't going to be an upbeat blog post, as much as it pains me to say that.

Today, my school got some terrible news; a sophomore boy died last night in his dorm. Now, there are rumors swirling about campus about a drug overdose and possible suicide but nonetheless, we lost a fellow Gael last night and it's terrible.

Campus was eerie seemed that everyone was silent. Even if you didn't know him, you were still mourning. 

It's still a tragedy.

Everyone is dealing with it pretty rough, including myself. Death is a scary thing; one day someone is here and then suddenly, they aren't.

Suicide is an even scarier thing; it's happened in my family and it's just the worst feeling in the world, to know that someone couldn't seem to get over a road bump, a crossroad. It's horrible and sad to think that someone thought there was no other way out.

Like I said, my campus and the students have been in shock and awe the past few hours. There are counseling sessions, memorials, and all kinds of help going on for the next few days and it's just so heartbreaking.

Everyone says it but I feel like no one, including myself rarely should live life like it's your last day, life life to the fullest, take risks, say I love you, go out and have fun.

It's definitely easier said than done, especially someone like me who is so focused and determined to get her work done and then says it's okay to have a good time.

I'm not spontaneous, I do not live every day to the fullest and stuff like this really makes me wonder why.

I want to change my ways and be the person I want to be but life keeps getting in the way.

It's hard to keep a bright smile and outlook on life when you have so many other things on your mind. I'm always worrying about the little things and stressing myself out over things that I cannot change, or things that are miniscule. How do you stop that? How do you just live?

It's something that I've been struggling with a lot recently but I just don't have the answer.

Maybe all these terrible things are here to remind us that no matter what, no matter the papers or the tests or the responsibilities, we need to remember that we have only one life and we need to start living it.

RIP Will<3 You will be missed.

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