My favorite thing about my iPHONE or any smart phone for that matter are the number of apps that are available for your everyday use. 

It's so easy to access every bit of information, keep your life organized, or just occupy your time with thousands of different iPHONE apps.

I've only had my iPHONE for two weeks but I've explored the world of apps and I've fallen in love with a few.

1. Blackboard

If you're a college student, Blackboard is probably your best friend. All my teachers use Blackboard to post assignments, powerpoint presentations, class notes, and reminders about tests and papers due. It's really useful but kind of a hassle to always access a computer (especially if your school's internet connection is as weak as mine).

That's why I am BEYOND happy to say that Blackboard has an iPHONE app so you can access your homework and school related items anytime! I was so excited when I found that out.

2. The Daily Beast

As a journalism major, I need to keep up on my news, even if I don't like it. One of my journalism teachers introduced me to this lovely site last semester and ever since it's been my go-to source for news. 

There is SO much on the website and my favorite feature is "The Cheat Sheet" where the top news stories of the day are summarized for your reading pleasure.

I was so happy that they had an iPHONE app because it's not a well known news site but still it's great. The app is pretty simple with the different news sections separated but it's not as if they just took the website and put it on an app (I hate when they do that).

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is truly the greatest website to ever exist. My love for it is pretty excessive and now I can have it wherever I go. It's the perfect way to kill time no matter where you are. The app is very easy to use and I love having it. This is the best for a pinterest addict.

4. CatchNotes

I always like to have a note app on my phone (I don't like using the pre-installed note apps). CatchNotes is one that I just randomly downloaded to see what it was all about. It's definitely one of the greatest note apps ever. It keeps your note private and you can create a regular note, a checklist, and a note with a picture attached. 

My favorite part is probably the fact that you can create a reminder and have an alarm remind you to do whatever you need to do. It's such an amazing app to have and will be so useful to keep your life organized.

Aside from these apps, I obviously love Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; the usual favorites. 

As an honorable mention, I want to say I love the TSM app (even if you have to pay $1.99) for it. Some of the posts  are really offensive but others are SO funny and scary true. If you're a sorority girl, this will give you a good laugh and sense of pride for your letters. 

Another honorable mention is the Etsy app. I've just recently discovered how wonderful Etsy is and it's a pleasure to have it on my iPHONE, at my fingertips for random browsing and maybe a few impulsive purchases.

There are SO many other great apps so next time you're bored, browse the app store and find your favorites!

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