I've expressed my love for monograms before and I've definitely taken my affection to a whole different level.

Also like I've said before, I got my iPHONE 4s a few weeks ago (YAY) and I thought I needed to prep it up.

I've seen home button decals everywhere recently and I thought they were SO cute. Therefore, I needed to buy one. (I have a shopping problem).

I went on Etsy.com (my new obsession), looked around, and found the best decals from Dixieland Monograms, a company that I've had my eye on for a while!

They had a number of different colors and had the wonderful option of ordering a Greek Letter decal (which obviously I bought).

They were pretty cheap; I got 2 decals for $6. I got my monogram in a purple color and my Greek letters in a deep pink.

I can't technically show you my decals because one is on my phone already and the other you can't open till you're ready to use but you can go to their Etsy site and look at the pictures and all the colors they have to offer. 

I think my favorite thing about these stickers (besides how adorable they are) is the packaging! Dixieland really customized my order and made me feel special; it was such a delight to see my name written on the envelope containing my decals.

It really shows that they take pride in customer service and it really just
made my order that much more special.

On their website, Dixieland has SO much more to offer than decals; they seem
to have anything and everything monogrammed from hats to tumblers. 

For your inner sorority girl, they sell 
Lilly Pulitzer (LOVE) and have great items for Bid Day.

This is such a great company and I'm so happy with my iPHONE 
home button decals and I can't wait to order more goodies from them!

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  1. Hey! It is Erinn from Dixieland Monogram! Your post is so sweet and I am so glad you loved the decals we did for you! Also glad someone enjoys monogramming as much as I do :)

  2. Ah! It's my pleasure! The decals are amazing, I love them! And I'm glad I'm not alone in my monogramming obsession :)