I cannot believe September is over! The month went by so fast, faster than usual I think, probably due to the fact that my long bout of unemployment finally came to an end and I made my way back into corporate America.

It's been a truly exciting, life-changing month and I'm excited for all that is to come in the last few months of 2019. I'm thrilled that tomorrow starts my favorite month and I will honor October by watching the first viewing of Hocus Pocus tonight while tucked in bed, with a newly decorated Halloween room and all my fall candles.

*If you're looking for your own Halloween art to decorate your home, might I suggest my Etsy shop?

Shameless promotion aside, let's dive right into everything I loved in the month of September.

Bliss Makeup Melt Remover Gel

Last month I won a beauty giveaway from Carly Hill (one of my favorite bloggers) and inside the package was this Makeup Melt Remover from Bliss. I've become obsessed with Bliss over the course of the past few months and had my eye on this eye makeup remover so I was thrilled that I won it! I've been looking for a new eye makeup remover that wouldn't burn or irritate my eyes and this is it. You don't need any water for this either; just pump a little jelly onto a cotton pad, swish it around and viola, the eye makeup is gone! I rinse quickly with water but that's my personal preference; it removes everything beautifully and is very aesthetically pleasing. The price is right with this  

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick

This isn't a new favorite but a recently rediscovered one. I've been obsessed with the Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick again! This has been my go-to foundation for getting ready in the morning before work. It's quick, simple, and leaves my skin looking very smooth and even. It's so much easier than a cream or liquid foundation and my makeup doesn't run or come off when I start to sweat (it's been so hot in NYC lately, especially on my way to the train in the morning). If you've been thinking about this foundation for a while, it definitely lives up to the hype and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Stoney Clover Mini Pouch

I have wanted a Stoney Clover pouch for years and always hesitate. They are very expensive but they are so cute; I'm also such a sucker for pouches and makeup bags. I use a pouch every single day, no matter what bag I'm using so I knew that I would get a lot of use out of a Stoney Clover one. I've had my eye on a 'prescription or first aid' patched pouch because I just love the cheekiness of it. Plus, I carry a lot of pills/first aid items on a daily basis so I knew it would be a perfect match. Well, just my luck that they were having a flash sale at the beginning of the month and I picked up the RX silver pouch. Oh my god! So much fits inside this little bag! I fit more in this than any other pouch I have and it never really expands/loses its shape, it's truly magical! I carry this with me every day to work and keep all my essentials in it. It takes up minimal space in your bag but yet you can keep everything you need inside. If you've been on the fence, you won't regret spending the money on a mini pouch. I'm already looking at purchasing more. This is going to be my new addiction!

It's a small but mightly favorites post this month but sometimes you just need to go with quality over quantity!

Happy Saturday! I feel as if Saturday is the new round up day because when I get home from work on Friday, I get right into my bed and don't want to touch my computer/use my brain.

On the first weekend of Fall, it's going to be over 80 degrees and the beaches in New York are OPEN for swimming with lifeguards on duty. That is wild to me and just further proves this week's theme in the news of climate change.

This week was slow but good; I'm totally settled in at my new job and started actually doing work this week. It felt amazing! As much as I think I would like to work for myself, I crave a structured, corporate environment especially if it's a really good company.

This weekend is going to be even better and kick off all my Fall activities for the next month; tonight is a Fall themed outing with my friends, tomorrow I have a wedding and then Monday I'll be working from home.

I don't have much else to say so let's get into the week's roundup.

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What You Missed on Royally Pink

Have a great weekend :)

I've had "Girls Like Us" sitting in my Kindle for a few months. I'm not sure why I haven't read it until now but I'm very happy I did. This novel was published in July of this year so it's still relatively new but so addicting. I finished it within a few days, the majority of it being read on Sunday of this week. Once I got started, I simply couldn't stop.

Publisher's Summary

FBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn't been home in ten years. Nell and her father, Homicide Detective Martin Flynn, have never had much of a relationship. And Suffolk County will always be awash in memories of her mother, Marisol, who was brutally murdered when Nell was just seven.

When Martin Flynn dies in a motorcycle accident, Nell returns to the house she grew up in so that she can spread her father's ashes and close his estate. At the behest of her father's partner, Detective Lee Davis, Nell becomes involved in an investigation into the murders of two young women in Suffolk County. 

The further Nell digs, the more likely it seems to her that her father should be the prime suspect--and that his friends on the police force are covering his tracks. Plagued by doubts about her mother's murder--and her own role in exonerating her father in that case--Nell can't help but ask questions about who killed Ria Ruiz and Adriana Marques and why. But she may not like the answers she finds--not just about those she loves, but about herself.

My Thoughts

When I first started the book, I wasn't sure what to expect. Before actually reading I hadn't re-read the summary so everything was a shock, which is exactly what I wanted. 

Let's start at the beginning... Nell goes home to Long Island after her father dies and she gets more than she bargained for. The reader gets more than they bargained for as well because I didn't expect this to turn into more than a typical murder mystery. This is so much more than a domestic thriller, in so many ways. Aren't those the best books, though? The ones that start off as one thing and quickly become something else?

Throughout the book, you are taken on this journey with Nell as she is brought in on this serial killer case, but then you see everything start to unravel; Nell discovers that this isn't just a typical serial killer mystery but something deeper, with powerful men, sex workers, and a hidden secret about her father. 

Nell wavers off on her own to solve the case, without the help of anyone because she can't trust anyone besides herself. What she finds out about the place she's lived her entire life, the men she grew up with, and the murder of her mother is not what she expected and truthfully not what I expected either.

There were times throughout the book where I thought I knew what was going on or what would happen but then Alger pulled the rug out from under me. This book is a true journey and you're constantly rooting for Nell to figure things out. 

There are multiple endings to "Girls Like Us"; what I mean by that is that when you think the book is over and everything is calm, something else explosive happens. Then, after that ending, something else is revealed that ties everything up in a neat little bow. 

One of the things I liked most about this book was the setting. That definitely won't be true for everyone but I live in Queens, right on the border of Long Island and I'm there all the time/grew up going there frequently. While I'm not 100% sure if all the places mentioned in the book are real, a lot of the locations are and it was interesting to hear a story that takes place so close to my home. 

I loved the character development of Nell and everyone around her, especially because it made everything that happens so much more exciting and unexpected. As I mentioned before, I was truly addicted to this book. I was about 10 chapters in and then just finished the rest in one sitting over the weekend. I couldn't move until I knew how this story ended and I finished the book feeling totally satisfied. 

I'm confident in saying "Girls Like Us" is going to be one of my top books of the year and I highly advise you all to read it! 

If you haven't been paying attention, Fall is my favorite season. I will say that phrase in at least five more posts so be prepared. There is something about it that makes me incredibly happy.

I don't know if it goes back to my childhood when I was so excited to go back to school or if it's the fact that my birthday is in November. Maybe it's because I love being chilly and the first smell and feel of a cool, Fall breeze are one of the most incredible feelings in the world. Perhaps it's because Fall is the start of the holiday season and it's always an exciting four months.

My love of Fall has only grown in recent years and maybe it's just because of my basicness. Either way, there are certain things I always feel like I need to have a really great Fall season. They are my Fall essentials if you will... and I wanted to share them with you today!

Aside from the typical Fall items such as pumpkin decor, pumpkin coffee and a Fall outing at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch, these are the things that I need to have the perfect season.

*I just realized I did a similar post last year and most of it is still true + below are a few new items!


This is a new essential but it's a must-have. I've been obsessed with headbands, particularly Lele Sadoughi ones, and I knew when the fall started I was going to have to get a few headbands that felt cozy. She recently released her new collection and my jaw dropped when I saw how pretty the new headbands were. I picked up the orange houndstooth headband and I can't wait to wear it all season long. I also have the pink silk leopard which feels seasonal.


Is it truly Fall (or any holiday season) without a collection of candles? I purchased two Bath and Body Works candles at the end of August (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple) and soon picked up a few of my favorites from Evil Queen. I've talked plenty about Evil Queen and this season's candles are probably my favorite yet. I purchased Spooky Shit (which will be lit on October 1st), Get Toasted, and Basic Witch. Truthfully, any Evil Queen fall candle will set the seasonal mood. 

Phone Cases

Until last year, I never really thought of my phone cases as a seasonal accessory but after picking up a Caseify case last year, I fell in love with making my phone match the seasons. This year I purchased a Hocus Pocus Halloween case from Pixie Cases and I can't wait to rock it all October long.


There are few things I love more than a decorative mug. I have so many mugs that my mom made me go through them and throw a few out. I've put myself on a no-buy for mugs for the next few years (LOL) but the minute September hits, I break out my fall mugs.  One of my favorites is this Hocus Pocus mug. This year, on Instagram, I saw the most adorable travel mug from Target and you bet I broke my no-buy to pick this up in the dollar section! I'm using it as decor but I'm sure coffee or tea will make its way into it at some point.

Wall Art

I've always seen gallery walls on Pinterest and Instagram so when I moved three years ago and had my own room again, I knew that was something I wanted. Every year, for every season I change the wall art out, sometimes using the art I previously purchased but sometimes I splurge on Etsy and download new prints. I think it really adds a special touch to your home decor and puts me in the spirit. I love seasonal wall art so much that I opened my own Etsy shop this year so you can download your own art! 

What are your fall essentials?
Happy first day of Fall! It's officially THE best season around and what better way to honor this holy day than with a Manicure Monday! I teased last week that I was going to be talking about the Essie Fall 2019 collection this week and here we are!

When the collection was first released on Instagram I screenshotted it and patiently waited for it to be released anywhere. It took a very long time for Ulta to get the shades in stock and I ordered my two first picks immediately. I would've gotten the shades sooner if my local drugstores or Target had them but alas, I had to pay to ship and get them from Ulta.

I do love buying my nail polish from Ulta.com because I feel as they are fresh and brand new. Sometimes my drugstore's nail polish selection looks as if it's been sitting on the shelves for a while (even if it's a new collection) and I could never be too sure if they have been used.

My package arrived last Wednesday and I immediately painted my nails using what I consider the star of the collection "On the Bright Cider".  This is the color that I fell in love with at first glance and I don't remember the last time I was so excited about nail polish.

On the Bright Cider is described as a warm, creamy caramel nude with red undertones. It also has a cream finish making it a traditional Essie color. This color screams Fall; it is like wearing a cozy sweater and drinking pumpkin coffee. It gives me all the feels.

I know I say it every mani Monday but the new brushes Essie is using really make all the difference. I pretty much loathe using my old Essie shades because of the dingy, thin brush.

For this shade, two coats made it super opaque and the cream finish is simply stunning. However, they did chip after less than a day of wear so maybe it's not the best formula but it's something I can look past.

On the nails, On the Bright Cider looks a little bit like peanut butter (according to my boyfriend) but to me, it truly is the ideal nude shade for the season. It makes me so happy and makes me feel incredibly cozy. I love this shade so much I'm tempted to remove it this week and apply a fresh coat. I've never felt this way about a polish LOL.

What is on your nails this week??

TGIF! My second week of work is complete and wow, it really feels incredible to get back into a routine. I was definitely a little more exhausted this week as I try to get my body back into the swing of things.

I have to say there is something so invigorating about going into Manhattan every day, especially downtown where there is so much hustle and bustle, the Stock Exchange and the Freedom Tower. It's truly amazing and I am so happy to work and live in such a wonderful city.

The next few weeks are going to be busy with a wedding, a weekend trip with my family, and hopefully some fun fall activities. Monday is the first day of Fall and this week I was able to break out sweaters without sweating my butt off.

To honor that momentous day, my favorite day of the year, I cleaned my room tonight and lit a Bath & Body Works "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" candle. I'll probably finish decorating the house and perhaps bake some pumpkin bread. I am fully immersing myself in the season this weekend.

I won't ramble too much longer -- here's everything from the week!

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What I Bought This Week 

In addition to the things in the widget, I picked up this new Lele Sadoughi headband and the Danielle Nicole Tinkerbell makeup bag.

Have a great weekend!
I've read two other Megan Miranda books (I only have a review for "All the Missing Girls" that I adored so when I saw that she was releasing another mystery novel, I was so excited. "The Last House Guest" is Miranda's latest book that was released over the summer; it was also a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick for August. I bought it the first day it was available and read it in 2-3 days... it was that good.

Publisher's Summary

Littleport, Maine, has always felt like two separate towns: an ideal vacation enclave for the wealthy, whose summer homes line the coastline; and a simple harbor community for the year-round residents whose livelihoods rely on service to the visitors.

Typically, fierce friendships never develop between a local and a summer girl—but that’s just what happens with visitor Sadie Loman and Littleport resident Avery Greer. Each summer for almost a decade, the girls are inseparable—until Sadie is found dead. While the police rule the death a suicide, Avery can’t help but feel there are those in the community, including a local detective and Sadie’s brother, Parker, who blame her. Someone knows more than they’re saying, and Avery is intent on clearing her name before the facts get twisted against her.

Another thrilling novel from the bestselling author of All the Missing Girls and The Perfect Stranger, Megan Miranda’s The Last House Guest is a smart, twisty read with a strong female protagonist determined to make her own way in the world.

My Review

I love the way Megan Miranda writes; it's so creative and flowy but filled with suspense and mystery. She does a great job of telling the story without revealing too much and without really letting the reader figure out the mystery at large. Throughout "The Last House Guest", there were a lot of directions the story could've taken and it was hard for me to figure out what exactly was going to happen.

The entire plot surrounds Sadie's death and how Avery plays into it; as the summary states, she is very concerned with figuring out how her friend really died and wants to solve the case before anyone could point the finger at her because all evidence really does scream Avery. 

As most thriller novels, "The Last House Guest" alternates between past and present, so we see how Avery and Sadie met all the way through the night Sadie dies. Throughout the novel, we see how different people could become involved in Sadie's death, what might've led her to actually commit suicide and get glimpses of all the weird things that have been happening in this small beach town since her death. 

There were a few major key points that made my jaw drop, including what really happened to Sadie and an intense secret the Loman family was holding close to their chest. When you find those two key secrets, everything else makes sense. At the ending, I did feel satisfied which is a relief because sometimes these types of books don't tie everything up in a neat little bow. 

I really did enjoy this book and I flew through it, which is always nice, but it wasn't my favorite out of the other two Megan Miranda books. It felt a little dull and slow to build; also the characters weren't that likable which I guess is really give or take. I did really enjoy reading in Avery's POV as I thought she was a really strong protagonist.

I think if you're looking for an easy to read but an interesting thriller, you might be better off reading "All the Missing Girls" or "The Perfect Stranger"

What are you reading this week?

Little Loves, Vol 6

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My last Little Loves was in June where I was just getting comfortable being unemployed and freelancing my way through the summer. Now, as we enter a new season and I started a new job, I figured it was a great time to do another update!

Fall-target-apple cider cupcakes

Over Labor Day weekend I went and purchased all my usual Fall suspects. I haven't made the Apple Cider cupcakes yet but I am really excited to try them! 

hocus pocus-target t-shirt

I am very tempted to put on Hocus Pocus right now, on September 15th. The thought brings me so much joy but the type A, crazy lady in me freaks out at the idea of not waiting for October 1st. I will just have to get my fix from this Target t-shirt I bought! 

I've already talked about the Summer Fridays mask a lot but if you want the ultimate hydration cocktail, add in the Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum. It is glorious and I can't get enough. I love the Hangover RX primer so when I saw that Too Faced was releasing a skincare line, I waited with bated breath. I finally picked it up and have been enjoying every bit of it. A larger review is coming but if you have been curious, it gets my seal of approval. 

If you follow me on Instagram stories you saw that I had a meltdown when I received this huge PR package from Makeup Revolution. I have been dying to try more from this brand and I have to say, it is the best at the drugstore. I will be doing a huge roundup post but I have been loving every single thing I've tried so far. 

little loves

A peek from my Instagram stories from a few weekends ago; I looked over on a Saturday morning and saw this mess but it's a mess that made me so happy. It has all my favorite things; coffee, books, hair accessories, and my Slip Silk Eye Mask. 

twilight-little loves

Another peek from my Instagram stories; the weather was a bit chilly one night and I had such a craving to re-read Twilight. I might do a newsletter on this but Twilight was the book in young adulthood that changed my life. Everyone has things to say about the story and the writing but my goodness, this book means everything to me. I've read it over 20 times and read it so much that I covered it with contact paper to hold it together (it was literally falling apart at the seams). I used to read it, finish it, and immediately start reading it again. It brought back so many memories and I would love to read the entire series over.

I hope you enjoyed this month's little loves! 


I previously did a review of one of the polishes from this collection, a light pink called 'Into the A-Bliss' but now that we're diving headfirst into the fall season, I finally broke out my second polish from the collection.

"Rocky Rose" is the shade I used this week and it is described as a terracotta nude with red and yellow undertones. Essie is usually spot on with their descriptions and this is no exception. Rocky Rose is a shade that truly screams chilly sweater vibes and feels like a 'rocky rose', a rose that has a bit of something else.

essie rocky rose-manicure monday-essie polish

I was holding off on using it until the weather got a little chillier and last week was the perfect time to rock it. It applied like every other great Essie polish and I have to say again how much I love the new flat, thicker brushes. It makes all the difference when applying polish.

On the nails, it has the most gorgeous reddish-brown undertones more than yellow but maybe the yellow contributes to the brown color. It is super shiny and has a true beautiful cream finish. It's a shade that made me so incredibly happy and put me in the best spirit. Nail polish truly has that effect on me and that's why I do these Manicure Monday posts -- sometimes I get a polish that just makes my heart happy and I want to share it with everyone.

There was nothing unique about the application aside from the fact that it went on smoothly. This polish also didn't chip too fast but I started to pick it off after 3 days because I do that when I'm nervous and starting a new job last week made me nervous.

If you are looking for a great darker polish for Fall but don't want anything super vampy, I think you'll really like Rocky Rose. I also got a pedicure two weeks ago and used this color. It is a great pedicure shade to wear right now especially since you might still be wearing sandals but don't want to rock a neon color.

I know this is going to be in heavy rotation this season but I did just order two polishes from the Essie Fall 2019 Collection so stay tuned for those posts in the upcoming week.

What is on your nails this week?

I was a bad blogger this week but I have a good reason! I started my new job as a social media coordinator at a beauty/skincare brand and I'm so excited!

As you know I've been unemployed for the past few months (full story coming soon) and it was amazing to get back into the office environment and feel like I have a purpose! It was a long but short week filled with a lot of change, getting back into the swing of commuting and absorbing a lot of new information.

It was a really great week and I'm so happy -- I don't remember the time I felt this happy in a job and it's only week one! Because of all of this, I was super tired and not in the mood to blog so here we are.

This was also the first week where it felt semi Fall-like, especially in Manhattan -- it was so cool! I went to Trader Joe's today and got so many Fall/pumpkin items. It is really starting to feel like my favorite season!

I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things and blog for the week on the weekends so hopefully, I'll have more posts next week!

Here's the round-up from the week!

My new Evil Queen candles arrived yesterday on Friday the 13th

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I also purchased a few things from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale and a few Disney centric orders; first from Belle and Park where I got the villains scrunchie, Mickey Pumpkin pullover, and Mickey jack-o-lantern cup. I also scored a Hocus Pocus phone case from Pixie Cases! Starting a new job means shopping to treat me! LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

*This week's review comes early because tomorrow is September 11th and I like to commemorate the day without a blog post. 

This is another book that I received in my InfluencHer Collective Essentials box. I picked it up immediately after finishing "Where The Missing Go" but was a little skeptical about it. "Some Choose Darkness" didn't seem like my type of thriller but I was sadly mistaken.

Publisher's Summary

The truth is easy to miss, even when it's right in front of us. As a forensic reconstructionist, Rory Moore sheds light on cold-case homicides by piecing together crime-scene details others fail to see. Cleaning out her late father's law office a week after his burial, she receives a call that plunges her into a decades-old case come to life once more. 
In the summer of 1979, five Chicago women went missing. The predator, nicknamed the Thief, left no bodies and no clues behind - until police received a package from a mysterious woman named Angela Mitchell, whose unorthodox investigation skills appear to have led to his identity. But before they could question her, Angela disappeared. 
Forty years later, the Thief is about to be paroled for Angela's murder - the only crime the DA could pin on him. But the cryptic file Rory finds in her father's law office suggests there is more to the case, and Angela Mitchell, than what was fed to the public, the details of which have been buried for four decades. 
Rory's talents are tested as she begins reconstructing Angela's last days. Making one startling discovery after another, Rory becomes helplessly entangled in the enigma of Angela Mitchell and what happened to her. Drawing connections between the past and present, Rory uncovers dark truths about the reclusive victim, her father, and the man called the Thief that sends her down a twisting trail where things may not be as they appear. 
As she continues to dig, even Rory can't be prepared for the full, terrifying truth that is emerging

My Thoughts 

This book was incredible. Let me start off by saying that. It was very easy to follow and even when it was slow at times, I knew it was going to pick up... I just didn't know how much and how quickly. It was truly a wild ride, more so than any other book -- more than Where the Missing Go. Once things get going, the book flies by and I finished the entire thing within a few days because I just couldn't put it down.

I enjoyed the past and present flip-flopping, as I usually do when it comes to thrillers and especially in this one. I felt like it added so much to the story and you were really able to understand what was happening as Rory was trying to solve the case. There was also so much happening in this book; between the Thief, Rory's father, and another case that Rory was helping with, it was never boring.

Hearing Angela Mitchell's story firsthand really set the tone for her entire case and you were able to attempt to figure out where it was going and who was actually the Thief. Rory starts to unravel the case of The Thief but what she finds out about herself along the way is just so much more. As usual, I thought I knew what was going to happen and while I was right about one or two things, no one could've predicted the ending of the book.

When it came to the climactic twists, I had to put my book down. I was so overwhelmed and so shocked, I actually needed a break. 

I want to say one thing that may seem a little controversial. I haven't read a lot of books by men. I usually gravitate toward women authors because I think I just like their stories better... or maybe there are just a lot more women writers out there that have a mainstream presence. However, I could really tell that this was written by a man. The voice and tone of the novel were so different than anything I have ever read in my life. There wasn't a huge focus on Rory as a women detective, she was just a detective. It wasn't overly flowy or descriptive, it was kind of straight to the point. There were no frills and I loved that! I'm not trying to pigeonhole or bad mouth women because duh, I am one and I love all women/feminism... it was just interesting. Halfway through the book, I was like 'something is different about this' and when I realized it was written by a man, that's what clicked in my head.

If you're looking for a really good domestic thriller, please read this. I know I say that a lot and I usually really like all the books I read but I'm pretty sure this will be on my list of favorite books of the year. I would honestly read it again because there was so much happening I feel like I definitely missed something, or just want to relive that adrenaline rush.

Forget everything else I've ever said and go read "Some Choose Darkness".

Essie recently released a collection called "Gorge-ous Geodes" which was inspired by the earth's core. I thought that in itself was interesting but when I saw the shades, my breath was taken away.

These are some of the most dazzling polishes I've ever seen and definitely some of the most unique. Sometimes nail polish can look the same from brand to brand but once in a while, Essie knocks it out of the park. This is exactly what the 'geodes' collection did.

Essie describes the colors as 'brilliant holographic metallic nail polish shades'. The colors are all semi-precious, earthy tones but with that extra dazzle of sparkle which is reflected in all the metallic finishes.

The colors in the collection range from brown and beige to grey to red and brown. There is variety but also, they all look very similar in the bottle or in an online swatch. My eye was immediately drawn to the namesake shade of 'gorge-ous geode' because it looked the most unique and the most seasonally universal.

"Gorge-ous Geode" is a holographic copper shade that has coral overtones. I picked the shade up a few weeks ago but haven't used it until now, thinking that the first week of September was a good time to try out a copper nail polish color.

I was definitely skeptical of trying it out because the last time I tried a glitzy shade from Essie, it didn't work out so well. I was scared the texture of this polish was going to be gloopy and thick. That wasn't the case though!

"Gorge-ous Geode" was thicker than a regular Essie polish but not overly goopy which gave it the perfect texture. Two coats applied beautifully overtop each other without any unevenness or spreading. The finish of the polish seems to be a traditional cream; it doesn't have a gritty glitter texture which makes sense since it is described as a metallic nail color. For my top coat, I used the Essie Gel Couture which has been my go-to lately.

My thoughts on this polish? 

I love it! It is so beautiful and it reflects so insanely in the sunlight, I have never seen anything like it. When I went outside after painting my nails, the sun caught the polish and created almost a rainbow effect. It was pretty sick and looked like the sun was catching on a diamond ring. 

I love the color of the polish and it looks really good on but is almost a little too close to nude so it sort of blends it instead of standing out. However, the metallic effect really adds something special to the finished look.

The downside is that the polish chipped after a day but it was pretty minimal. I haven't taken it off yet so we'll see if it's a pain in the butt like glitter polish is. 

After seeing how this shade plays out, I would definitely pick up another color; perhaps 'You're a Gem' and 'Of Quartz'.

Have you tried any of the Gorge-ous Geodes polishes?


This is it... my last Friday of unemployment. It has been a really difficult few months and I will be doing an entire post on it soon, as well as some advice I can offer to anyone else going through a career shift. But the day I never thought would come is coming on Monday! A new job, a fresh start, it's going to be good!

I spent the week getting my ducks in a row, trying to train myself to wake up earlier than I have been, and trying to get into work mode! This weekend will be lowkey with some family and boyfriend time and I'm going to make sure to get a good night's sleep on Sunday. I feel like a child going back to school after a summer off!

What are your tips for the first day at a new job? I definitely have a few but I would love to hear yours! 

I'll get to the links and all the usual stuff but just in case you missed it -- I opened an Etsy shop! It'll be focusing on art printables right now (plus a bookmark or two!). Head there to pick up something for Fall!

If you don't have a bkr bottle, you need one! 

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What I Bought This Week

At the beginning of the summer, I received an InfluenceHer Collective Essentials Box (IHC is the influencer network sponsored by Her Campus and I've been part of it since it's inception in 2012). Inside the box were three books in the domestic thriller category and if you read Royally Pink regularly, you know how excited I was for this.

It also helped fuel my 'real book' obsession that I went through over the summer.

The first book I chose to read was "Where the Missing Go" by Emma Rowley. I was intrigued by the summary and the story that laid ahead of me.

Publisher's Summary

The missing don’t always want to be found. 
Kate Harlow recognizes this painful truth, even as she keeps searching for her daughter, Sophie, who disappeared two years ago. The police have stopped investigating—after all, Sophie has sent postcards home, insisting that she’s fine. To fill the space in her increasingly empty days, Kate volunteers at Message in a Bottle, where runaways can leave messages for loved ones, no questions asked.
Then one evening, a call comes in from a voice Kate instinctively recognizes, even through bursts of static and beyond the sudden dial tone that breaks their connection.
Those closest to Kate worry she’s cracking under her grief, imagining that it was Sophie. But Kate knows—that it was her daughter on the phone. And that a stranger has been inside her house. Watching her.
Sophie is out there. And Kate has to find her, even if someone will try anything to stop her . . .

My Thoughts

When I started this book I was kind of already predicting the ending... girl goes missing, mom doesn't believe she's really gone, mom works hard to get some answers.

That is pretty much the gist of the book but it is definitely so much more than that. 

Kate's life has fallen apart since Sophie left; her husband left her, her friends aren't around and her family has even started to distance themselves. They want Kate to get help, to learn to grieve for the daughter she no longer has but Kate refuses. Kate can feel that Sophie is still out there and maybe it's because of the postcards she received, motherly instinct, or the voice on the other end of the phone at the help hotline that Kate volunteers at.

Kate spends the majority of the book begging police to look into a few different leads after she gets the phone call but she quickly learns that the cops aren't on her side. 

There are a few characters that Kate interacts with throughout the novel, such as her neighbor, her doctor, her father and sister, the top detective on the case who also aren't necessarily on her side about Sophie being out there and wanting to be found.

Kate does not give up and does her own investigation into Sophie's disappearance --eventually, she finds out the truth. 

I will stop there with my summary since I don't want to give everything away. 

If you've ever read one of my domestic thriller reviews before you know how much I love a good twist that just blows my socks off. Well, "Where the Missing Go" has one of the most intense, climatic endings I've ever experienced. You think you know what's happening and then BOOM, twist. Then you have a grip on that aspect of the novel but BOOM, another twist. I don't even know how Emma Rowley thought of everything in this book! 

What I thought was going to happen did happen but just not the way I thought it would -- does that make sense? 

 I will admit that the book was slightly slow at first and a little boring but once the story actually starts and things get moving, you can get whiplash for how fast things change.

"Where the Missing Go" might be one of my favorite books of the year and if you love thrillers, I highly recommend this one! 


Exciting Announcement!

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So I did something over the weekend that I actually have been wanting to do for a while... I opened an ETSY SHOP!

I am by no means an artist but I have big ideas and always loved inspirational quote images. My Pinterest and Myspace obsession is showing! I've always been the type of person who can look at a quote image and feel instantly at ease.

Also for the past few years, I've been really into illustrations and decorating my room/house for the holidays and have loved being able to download art from Etsy to fill my gallery wall. Ever since discovering this online world I wanted to release something myself and after so much thought but not a lot of action, I took action last week.

I tried starting an Etsy shop last year with some planner printables but I wasn't really focused on it. This time around I decided to release some quote images and even bookmarks (because who doesn't love a good bookmark?). I figured Fall was the perfect time to do so since I still have a week of unemployment left and Fall is my favorite season! What better to release than Fall art printables?

I'm always looking for quote images for my wall but sometimes I can't find exactly what I'm looking for... so why not just make them?!

For now, I'm working on some Fall decor, then will probably go straight into Christmas/New Years. I will definitely be throwing in some random non-holiday pieces and already have!

Eventually, I'd love to offer planner printables and printables for bloggers/influencers/entrepreneurs. Please let me know if you have any requests and I'm more than happy to add something to the shop :)

Please head over to the shop and see if there's anything that you might fancy for your Fall decor this year and stay tuned -- more is coming!