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Manicure Monday: Essie Fall 2019 "On the Bright Cider"

Happy first day of Fall! It's officially THE best season around and what better way to honor this holy day than with a Manicure Monday! I teased last week that I was going to be talking about the Essie Fall 2019 collection this week and here we are!

When the collection was first released on Instagram I screenshotted it and patiently waited for it to be released anywhere. It took a very long time for Ulta to get the shades in stock and I ordered my two first picks immediately. I would've gotten the shades sooner if my local drugstores or Target had them but alas, I had to pay to ship and get them from Ulta.

I do love buying my nail polish from Ulta.com because I feel as they are fresh and brand new. Sometimes my drugstore's nail polish selection looks as if it's been sitting on the shelves for a while (even if it's a new collection) and I could never be too sure if they have been used.

My package arrived last Wednesday and I immediately painted my nails using what I consider the star of the collection "On the Bright Cider".  This is the color that I fell in love with at first glance and I don't remember the last time I was so excited about nail polish.

On the Bright Cider is described as a warm, creamy caramel nude with red undertones. It also has a cream finish making it a traditional Essie color. This color screams Fall; it is like wearing a cozy sweater and drinking pumpkin coffee. It gives me all the feels.

I know I say it every mani Monday but the new brushes Essie is using really make all the difference. I pretty much loathe using my old Essie shades because of the dingy, thin brush.

For this shade, two coats made it super opaque and the cream finish is simply stunning. However, they did chip after less than a day of wear so maybe it's not the best formula but it's something I can look past.

On the nails, On the Bright Cider looks a little bit like peanut butter (according to my boyfriend) but to me, it truly is the ideal nude shade for the season. It makes me so happy and makes me feel incredibly cozy. I love this shade so much I'm tempted to remove it this week and apply a fresh coat. I've never felt this way about a polish LOL.

What is on your nails this week??