Little Loves, Vol 6

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My last Little Loves was in June where I was just getting comfortable being unemployed and freelancing my way through the summer. Now, as we enter a new season and I started a new job, I figured it was a great time to do another update!

Fall-target-apple cider cupcakes

Over Labor Day weekend I went and purchased all my usual Fall suspects. I haven't made the Apple Cider cupcakes yet but I am really excited to try them! 

hocus pocus-target t-shirt

I am very tempted to put on Hocus Pocus right now, on September 15th. The thought brings me so much joy but the type A, crazy lady in me freaks out at the idea of not waiting for October 1st. I will just have to get my fix from this Target t-shirt I bought! 

I've already talked about the Summer Fridays mask a lot but if you want the ultimate hydration cocktail, add in the Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum. It is glorious and I can't get enough. I love the Hangover RX primer so when I saw that Too Faced was releasing a skincare line, I waited with bated breath. I finally picked it up and have been enjoying every bit of it. A larger review is coming but if you have been curious, it gets my seal of approval. 

If you follow me on Instagram stories you saw that I had a meltdown when I received this huge PR package from Makeup Revolution. I have been dying to try more from this brand and I have to say, it is the best at the drugstore. I will be doing a huge roundup post but I have been loving every single thing I've tried so far. 

little loves

A peek from my Instagram stories from a few weekends ago; I looked over on a Saturday morning and saw this mess but it's a mess that made me so happy. It has all my favorite things; coffee, books, hair accessories, and my Slip Silk Eye Mask. 

twilight-little loves

Another peek from my Instagram stories; the weather was a bit chilly one night and I had such a craving to re-read Twilight. I might do a newsletter on this but Twilight was the book in young adulthood that changed my life. Everyone has things to say about the story and the writing but my goodness, this book means everything to me. I've read it over 20 times and read it so much that I covered it with contact paper to hold it together (it was literally falling apart at the seams). I used to read it, finish it, and immediately start reading it again. It brought back so many memories and I would love to read the entire series over.

I hope you enjoyed this month's little loves! 


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