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This is another book that I received in my InfluencHer Collective Essentials box. I picked it up immediately after finishing "Where The Missing Go" but was a little skeptical about it. "Some Choose Darkness" didn't seem like my type of thriller but I was sadly mistaken.

Publisher's Summary

The truth is easy to miss, even when it's right in front of us. As a forensic reconstructionist, Rory Moore sheds light on cold-case homicides by piecing together crime-scene details others fail to see. Cleaning out her late father's law office a week after his burial, she receives a call that plunges her into a decades-old case come to life once more. 
In the summer of 1979, five Chicago women went missing. The predator, nicknamed the Thief, left no bodies and no clues behind - until police received a package from a mysterious woman named Angela Mitchell, whose unorthodox investigation skills appear to have led to his identity. But before they could question her, Angela disappeared. 
Forty years later, the Thief is about to be paroled for Angela's murder - the only crime the DA could pin on him. But the cryptic file Rory finds in her father's law office suggests there is more to the case, and Angela Mitchell, than what was fed to the public, the details of which have been buried for four decades. 
Rory's talents are tested as she begins reconstructing Angela's last days. Making one startling discovery after another, Rory becomes helplessly entangled in the enigma of Angela Mitchell and what happened to her. Drawing connections between the past and present, Rory uncovers dark truths about the reclusive victim, her father, and the man called the Thief that sends her down a twisting trail where things may not be as they appear. 
As she continues to dig, even Rory can't be prepared for the full, terrifying truth that is emerging

My Thoughts 

This book was incredible. Let me start off by saying that. It was very easy to follow and even when it was slow at times, I knew it was going to pick up... I just didn't know how much and how quickly. It was truly a wild ride, more so than any other book -- more than Where the Missing Go. Once things get going, the book flies by and I finished the entire thing within a few days because I just couldn't put it down.

I enjoyed the past and present flip-flopping, as I usually do when it comes to thrillers and especially in this one. I felt like it added so much to the story and you were really able to understand what was happening as Rory was trying to solve the case. There was also so much happening in this book; between the Thief, Rory's father, and another case that Rory was helping with, it was never boring.

Hearing Angela Mitchell's story firsthand really set the tone for her entire case and you were able to attempt to figure out where it was going and who was actually the Thief. Rory starts to unravel the case of The Thief but what she finds out about herself along the way is just so much more. As usual, I thought I knew what was going to happen and while I was right about one or two things, no one could've predicted the ending of the book.

When it came to the climactic twists, I had to put my book down. I was so overwhelmed and so shocked, I actually needed a break. 

I want to say one thing that may seem a little controversial. I haven't read a lot of books by men. I usually gravitate toward women authors because I think I just like their stories better... or maybe there are just a lot more women writers out there that have a mainstream presence. However, I could really tell that this was written by a man. The voice and tone of the novel were so different than anything I have ever read in my life. There wasn't a huge focus on Rory as a women detective, she was just a detective. It wasn't overly flowy or descriptive, it was kind of straight to the point. There were no frills and I loved that! I'm not trying to pigeonhole or bad mouth women because duh, I am one and I love all women/feminism... it was just interesting. Halfway through the book, I was like 'something is different about this' and when I realized it was written by a man, that's what clicked in my head.

If you're looking for a really good domestic thriller, please read this. I know I say that a lot and I usually really like all the books I read but I'm pretty sure this will be on my list of favorite books of the year. I would honestly read it again because there was so much happening I feel like I definitely missed something, or just want to relive that adrenaline rush.

Forget everything else I've ever said and go read "Some Choose Darkness".

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