If you haven't been paying attention, Fall is my favorite season. I will say that phrase in at least five more posts so be prepared. There is something about it that makes me incredibly happy.

I don't know if it goes back to my childhood when I was so excited to go back to school or if it's the fact that my birthday is in November. Maybe it's because I love being chilly and the first smell and feel of a cool, Fall breeze are one of the most incredible feelings in the world. Perhaps it's because Fall is the start of the holiday season and it's always an exciting four months.

My love of Fall has only grown in recent years and maybe it's just because of my basicness. Either way, there are certain things I always feel like I need to have a really great Fall season. They are my Fall essentials if you will... and I wanted to share them with you today!

Aside from the typical Fall items such as pumpkin decor, pumpkin coffee and a Fall outing at an apple orchard or pumpkin patch, these are the things that I need to have the perfect season.

*I just realized I did a similar post last year and most of it is still true + below are a few new items!


This is a new essential but it's a must-have. I've been obsessed with headbands, particularly Lele Sadoughi ones, and I knew when the fall started I was going to have to get a few headbands that felt cozy. She recently released her new collection and my jaw dropped when I saw how pretty the new headbands were. I picked up the orange houndstooth headband and I can't wait to wear it all season long. I also have the pink silk leopard which feels seasonal.


Is it truly Fall (or any holiday season) without a collection of candles? I purchased two Bath and Body Works candles at the end of August (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple) and soon picked up a few of my favorites from Evil Queen. I've talked plenty about Evil Queen and this season's candles are probably my favorite yet. I purchased Spooky Shit (which will be lit on October 1st), Get Toasted, and Basic Witch. Truthfully, any Evil Queen fall candle will set the seasonal mood. 

Phone Cases

Until last year, I never really thought of my phone cases as a seasonal accessory but after picking up a Caseify case last year, I fell in love with making my phone match the seasons. This year I purchased a Hocus Pocus Halloween case from Pixie Cases and I can't wait to rock it all October long.


There are few things I love more than a decorative mug. I have so many mugs that my mom made me go through them and throw a few out. I've put myself on a no-buy for mugs for the next few years (LOL) but the minute September hits, I break out my fall mugs.  One of my favorites is this Hocus Pocus mug. This year, on Instagram, I saw the most adorable travel mug from Target and you bet I broke my no-buy to pick this up in the dollar section! I'm using it as decor but I'm sure coffee or tea will make its way into it at some point.

Wall Art

I've always seen gallery walls on Pinterest and Instagram so when I moved three years ago and had my own room again, I knew that was something I wanted. Every year, for every season I change the wall art out, sometimes using the art I previously purchased but sometimes I splurge on Etsy and download new prints. I think it really adds a special touch to your home decor and puts me in the spirit. I love seasonal wall art so much that I opened my own Etsy shop this year so you can download your own art! 

What are your fall essentials?
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