Essie recently released a collection called "Gorge-ous Geodes" which was inspired by the earth's core. I thought that in itself was interesting but when I saw the shades, my breath was taken away.

These are some of the most dazzling polishes I've ever seen and definitely some of the most unique. Sometimes nail polish can look the same from brand to brand but once in a while, Essie knocks it out of the park. This is exactly what the 'geodes' collection did.

Essie describes the colors as 'brilliant holographic metallic nail polish shades'. The colors are all semi-precious, earthy tones but with that extra dazzle of sparkle which is reflected in all the metallic finishes.

The colors in the collection range from brown and beige to grey to red and brown. There is variety but also, they all look very similar in the bottle or in an online swatch. My eye was immediately drawn to the namesake shade of 'gorge-ous geode' because it looked the most unique and the most seasonally universal.

"Gorge-ous Geode" is a holographic copper shade that has coral overtones. I picked the shade up a few weeks ago but haven't used it until now, thinking that the first week of September was a good time to try out a copper nail polish color.

I was definitely skeptical of trying it out because the last time I tried a glitzy shade from Essie, it didn't work out so well. I was scared the texture of this polish was going to be gloopy and thick. That wasn't the case though!

"Gorge-ous Geode" was thicker than a regular Essie polish but not overly goopy which gave it the perfect texture. Two coats applied beautifully overtop each other without any unevenness or spreading. The finish of the polish seems to be a traditional cream; it doesn't have a gritty glitter texture which makes sense since it is described as a metallic nail color. For my top coat, I used the Essie Gel Couture which has been my go-to lately.

My thoughts on this polish? 

I love it! It is so beautiful and it reflects so insanely in the sunlight, I have never seen anything like it. When I went outside after painting my nails, the sun caught the polish and created almost a rainbow effect. It was pretty sick and looked like the sun was catching on a diamond ring. 

I love the color of the polish and it looks really good on but is almost a little too close to nude so it sort of blends it instead of standing out. However, the metallic effect really adds something special to the finished look.

The downside is that the polish chipped after a day but it was pretty minimal. I haven't taken it off yet so we'll see if it's a pain in the butt like glitter polish is. 

After seeing how this shade plays out, I would definitely pick up another color; perhaps 'You're a Gem' and 'Of Quartz'.

Have you tried any of the Gorge-ous Geodes polishes?


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