This is it... my last Friday of unemployment. It has been a really difficult few months and I will be doing an entire post on it soon, as well as some advice I can offer to anyone else going through a career shift. But the day I never thought would come is coming on Monday! A new job, a fresh start, it's going to be good!

I spent the week getting my ducks in a row, trying to train myself to wake up earlier than I have been, and trying to get into work mode! This weekend will be lowkey with some family and boyfriend time and I'm going to make sure to get a good night's sleep on Sunday. I feel like a child going back to school after a summer off!

What are your tips for the first day at a new job? I definitely have a few but I would love to hear yours! 

I'll get to the links and all the usual stuff but just in case you missed it -- I opened an Etsy shop! It'll be focusing on art printables right now (plus a bookmark or two!). Head there to pick up something for Fall!

If you don't have a bkr bottle, you need one! 

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