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Fashion Files: Lele Sadoughi Headband Review

I mentioned a while ago that I was really excited for the hair accessory trend to make a comeback in a huge way. I also mentioned in that post that I was lusting after Lele Sadoughi headbands. All the influencers and fashion editors were wearing them, they were all over my Instagram feed and gave off a very specific look/style.

I was enamored with the brand and excited to try out the most famous headbands on Instagram once the time was right. Well, a few months ago, I took the plunge and ordered my first headband.

Before receiving the headband, I was unsure of what to expect. I had heard from reviews and IRL people that the headbands were insanely comfortable and unlike anything they had ever worn before.

All the headbands come in their own individual striped pouches which protect the headbands
and are super adorable! 

I decided to pick the Black Rosebud Headband because I feel like it matched pretty much everything I have. I wear a lot of neutrals so I figured this would be a good one to start off with since it matches a lot and adds a little flair because of the rosebud design.

Since picking up my Black Rosebud headband, I bought the Sand Dollar Woven Headband and my unicorn, Black Pearl Headband. I purchased the first two from the Lele Sadoughi website but the Black Pearl from Anthropologie because it is obviously more expensive and I liked having the Afterpay option. However, right now the headband is out of stock on Anthropologie's website but I recommend checking in every so often because they come in and out very fast.

*My sand dollar headband is by far my most worn because it's white and naturally matches everything in my wardrobe but it is really dirty. It has makeup all over it (on the underside of the headband) and I need to figure out how to clean it. 

Whenever I leave the house (if I'm not going to the gym) I have one of these headbands on. They are so comfortable, don't give you a headache (which most hair accessories end up doing to me) and don't leave a dent in your hair. They're very lightweight which is something I wasn't expecting but definitely helps in not making you uncomfortable.

There are knockoffs of Lele Sadoughi floating around everywhere and I even own one, but there is truly nothing like these headbands. I will most likely never buy another headband in the near future -- I am fully converted Lele Sadoughi.

If you are someone who loves accessories, wears headbands frequently or is looking to make a statement with something other than jewelry or a bag, you need at least one Lele Sadoughi headband. You will never want anything else on your head!

What I also really love about the brand is that she is constantly releasing new prints, patterns, and sizes. It's really exciting to see so many new products being churned out and it ensures that there is really something for everyone, no matter your style!

I am confident that this headband collection will eventually have a mind of its own and I'm confident that I have created a true headband wearing monster. Like, all I want to do is spend money I don't have on headbands I don't necessarily need.

On that note, below are the other Lele Sadoughi headbands I'm lusting after!