I previously did a review of one of the polishes from this collection, a light pink called 'Into the A-Bliss' but now that we're diving headfirst into the fall season, I finally broke out my second polish from the collection.

"Rocky Rose" is the shade I used this week and it is described as a terracotta nude with red and yellow undertones. Essie is usually spot on with their descriptions and this is no exception. Rocky Rose is a shade that truly screams chilly sweater vibes and feels like a 'rocky rose', a rose that has a bit of something else.

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I was holding off on using it until the weather got a little chillier and last week was the perfect time to rock it. It applied like every other great Essie polish and I have to say again how much I love the new flat, thicker brushes. It makes all the difference when applying polish.

On the nails, it has the most gorgeous reddish-brown undertones more than yellow but maybe the yellow contributes to the brown color. It is super shiny and has a true beautiful cream finish. It's a shade that made me so incredibly happy and put me in the best spirit. Nail polish truly has that effect on me and that's why I do these Manicure Monday posts -- sometimes I get a polish that just makes my heart happy and I want to share it with everyone.

There was nothing unique about the application aside from the fact that it went on smoothly. This polish also didn't chip too fast but I started to pick it off after 3 days because I do that when I'm nervous and starting a new job last week made me nervous.

If you are looking for a great darker polish for Fall but don't want anything super vampy, I think you'll really like Rocky Rose. I also got a pedicure two weeks ago and used this color. It is a great pedicure shade to wear right now especially since you might still be wearing sandals but don't want to rock a neon color.

I know this is going to be in heavy rotation this season but I did just order two polishes from the Essie Fall 2019 Collection so stay tuned for those posts in the upcoming week.

What is on your nails this week?

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