Over the past few months, I feel like the True Crime obsession in society has taken a huge turn. It's all anyway can talk about, think about, or watch/listen too. Between the Ted Bundy Tapes, Abducted in Plain Sight, and all the true crime podcasts available, there is never enough true crime.

I've always been into the crime/mystery genre when it comes to books... sometimes the genre is even referred to as domestic thrillers because women are usually at the center of the novels. Books I haven't explored were nonfiction crime so when I saw that the daughter of the BTK Killer wrote a memoir/autobiograhy, I knew I'd have to read it eventually.

I scored this ARC on NetGalley and I was so excited when it kit my Kindle app! I finished this book probably within a week because it was very addictive. The story of the BTK is particularly gruesome but you don't get that from this book.

"A Serial Killer's Daughter" focuses on the story of Kerri Rawson and her normal childhood life, with her mother, father, and brother. However, her father carried a sick secret -- he was the BTK Killer but no one ever knew. No one even suspected that there was anything off about Denis Rader. He was a good father, a good husband and the president of his Church. He was the last person that would ever have been suspected of being a violent serial killer.

The book starts off with an adult Kerri being confronted by the FBI and revealing that her father was under arrest for being the BTK Killer. We go off from there and Kerri takes us through her childhood, talks a lot about her finding God, her beautiful relationship with her father and the struggles she had in her teenage years when her cousin passed away tragically.

We get to a point in the book when the story changes and we're seeing Kerri deal with the after effects of her father being convicted and serving consectuive life sentences. It's a wild ride and you feel for Kerri because I don't think any of us would be able to deal with finding that news out about one of our parents.

The book was incredibly well written, heartfelt, and intense. You felt all the emotion that Kerri was feeling and you really see a different side of a serial killer. By no means am I defending BTK, let's be real, but it's really strange to see him being a normal, loving, caring father when you know he had this  disgusting secret and was a cold-blooded murderer. It definitely can be confusing to see both sides to someone you know is a killer so I can't even imagine what Keri went through.

I thought this was an amazing book, one that I would even read again because there is so much information, so much raw emotion, you can't even grasp it all in one sitting.

It's not scary either... at least to me it wasn't. I think if you're someone who is interested in true crime, or even just want to get your feet wet with the genre, I recommend checking this book out. Even if you're someone who just loves memoirs, this one was very interesting.

Would you read a book about a serial killer's daughter?
I can't tell if February went by fast or slow... maybe somewhere in the middle? I'm not really looking forward to March because of a few things; it's my anniversary of my dad's passing, March feels like a filler month and it starts the spring season. I'm just not ready to let go of winter yet!

February was rough in a few ways because of my own personal issues; a lot of change happened at work, I struggled with being content in what I have in my life, and just felt like I was in a weird place. I'm putting on a more positive attitude and so far, it's working!

I don't feel like rambling for too much today so let's get into my favorites!

Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner

I mentioned the dry shampoo in my January favorites and now I'm all about the Amika dry conditioner! I have a travel size that I keep in my work bag and it has come in handy so much this month! I felt like my hair has been kind of flat, frizzy and staticy and the dry conditioner takes all of that away! It's makes my hair silky soft while adding the tiniest bit of texture. I think I much prefer this dry conditioner to the Drybar one!

Kiss Instawave

I mentioned this in my "Current Beauty Favorites" youtube video but I have to talk about it here too! I did a post on this many moons ago and while I always loved using it, I never used it as much as I did my flat iron. Now, I've gotten into the habit of washing my hair, blowing it and then using the Kiss Instawave right after. I haven't used my flat iron to straighten my hair in a solid two months; I just love how I look with my hair curly and I find that my hair stays cleaner longer when my hair is curled! This is the easiest curling iron I've ever used and takes the guessing game out of doing your hair. If you don't know how to use a regular curling wand/iron, please pick this up!

Ponte Pants

I talked about how I needed to stop wearing leggings everyday earlier this month and I said that I purchased two pairs of pants from J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. Well, I have become obsessed! I've said goodbye to wearing leggings to work everyday and found the BEST PANTS EVER. I ordered the Anyday Pant which have a zipper in the back and feel just like a light weight legging and then the Gigi Pant which is much thicker and a pull on pant. Both are super comfortable, fit like a glove, and feel like leggings but look like dress pants. I haven't stopped wearing them and once I find a few other similar pants, I'm doing a full post on them!

A few honorable mentions that I've talked your ear off about before: Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Louis Vuitton MM Agenda, Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, and Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lipstick.

What did you love this month?

Since I came out of the womb, I was a hair accessory girl. My mom used to put hats, headbands, barrettes, and bows on my head with every outfit, and I was an exceptional child because I kept them on the entire time.

This continued well into childhood and my teenage years because I loved headbands. I wanted to wear a headband with every outfit, even if it didn't look right. Funnily enough, my mom grew to dislike my headband fascination but I blame her wholeheartedly for being this way.

Eventually, headbands went out of style and I needed to hang mine up. It wasn't until Gossip Girl premiered and Blair Waldorf reintroduced headbands to the fashion world that I felt comfortable rocking my favorite hair piece.

blair waldorf-royally pink-hair accessories trend 2019

After a few years the trend faded once again but late last year, we saw the rebirth of it and I couldn't be more excited.

I actually was ahead of the game because this summer I purchased a pack of printed headbands from Amazon. I love wearing my hair curly and having a headband in to keep it out of my face but also it gives a nice beachy feel to a summer look.

When I was researching the fashion and beauty trends that were going to make a splash in 2019, hair accessories were at the top of the list and I've never seen a trend take the world by storm so fast.

Everyone is wearing barrettes, every fashion company is releasing headbands, and stylish scrunchies are making waves. I've already started stockpiling headbands and I need to find a few barrettes that will keep my unruly locks in place.


Pearls were everywhere last year and I'm still completely obsessed with them, so it's no wonder I've been trying to find the perfect pearl headband. Lele Sadoughi has the most gorgeous pearl headbands and wraps, but they clock in at a whopping $150. I'm not going to lie, I'm very tempted to get myself one and I might in the near future but for now, I found an incredible dupe on Etsy! I've been wearing it for a week or so and it definitely hurts a bit but you just have to get used to it; it's so beautiful, goes with every outfit and I'm really in love.

I also picked up this pearl headband from Nordstrom and it's so beautiful and very comfortable! It's definitely a little dressier than the Etsy one but I still love it. Below are other picks for my favorite headbands! 


My hair was always a little thick for barrettes and I felt like they always looked a little silly. However, now everyone is wearing thicker, more statement clips and I think I might try my hand at it.


Scrunchies have been making their way back into the style lexicon for a while and I'm personally very here for it. I've talked about my love of Slip Scrunchies before, the big and small ones, and I continue to spend money I don't have on overpriced hair ties. However, retailers are releasing cheaper ones that are just as adorable. The 90s are officially back!

Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 8

, by RoyallyPink, 7:28 PM
TGIF friends! Weeks where Monday is a holiday and you're off always go by much slower. It was a rough one, I'm not going to lie; between massive train delays, snow storms, and all around angst, I'm so happy to see Friday night!

I'm writing this a little later than usual because last night I came home in a very depressed mood, threw myself in my bed and finished reading "Daughter of a Serial Killer". The thought of opening my computer made me ill and sometimes you just need one of those days.

The weekend ahead is sure to be blissful, hopefully, and I'm looking forward to some relaxation but really, when am I not?

The Oscars are on Sunday and I'm super excited for that -- I'm sure I'll be live tweeting the entire thing so follow me over on Twitter at @bribrilukes.

That's it for now, let's get into everything from the week!

Links I Loved

I 100% fell off the no shopping/minimal shopping bandwagon this week. I was feeling down and used my debit card to heal me.

Sometimes I stop and think about the things I do in everyday life and wonder if other people have the same quirky habits that I do. I wonder if the things I do are weird or totally normal. As I've grown up, I realized that a lot of the things I do are in fact a little weird but everyone has their thing. 

When it comes to beauty habits, I've realized that a lot of people do things very differently; whether it's applying eyeshadow before or after foundation, conditioning your hair before or after you wash your body, and so on and so forth.

I started to think about the things that I do in my beauty routine that could be a little odd, or just different from the traditional ways of doing things and wanted to share them all with you!

*These might seem silly but I know I have more, I just have to pay closer attention to my beauty routines.

Mascara and Setting Spray

This is a habit I only recently developed but one that I can't stop doing. I'm not sure why I started doing it but I've been applying my mascara as the true final step of my beauty routine. I always used to apply my mascara as one of the last steps in my eye routine but found that I liked it much better when it was the last thing I did. I go as far to even apply it after setting spray, that way the mascara doesn't get wet or run after setting my makeup. It's been working for me and there have been no mascara mess ups.

Not Taking Makeup Off Before Shower

When I get home from work, the first thing I do is take a shower; sometimes doing it before dinner. The subway is so disgusting and I feel filthy after coming off of the train so I cannot bear to sit around in my clothes. However, I never wash my face or take my makeup off before the shower so when I get out, my makeup is smeared and I have black eyes from my eyeliner and mascara getting wet. I don't know why I do this, but it happens every day; I think it's part lazy and a part I always forget to take it off before the shower! 

Not Using Foundation Brushes

I've always found that using foundation brushes to apply foundation is very difficult. With the invention of the beauty blender, I find no reason to try my hand at applying liquid foundation with a dense brush. I feel as if the foundation smears everywhere and just lays on top of my skin without really blending in. While the beauty blender is a little tedious to wet and wash with every use, it is the only thing I like using when it comes to creating a seamless foundation application.

Not Using Lip Liner with Regular Lipstick

This is a habit that I am trying to get better at, especially because I've become obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat liners. I always thought lip liner was an extra, unnecessary step in my lip routine; I never understood the importance of helping it shape and outline your lips until I started wearing liquid lipsticks. I always use a lip liner with a liquid lipstick but don't really do it with regular lipsticks. I love how it looks with regular lipsticks, especially when it's matching like Pillowtalk lip liner and lipstick. It makes your lip look much more pulled together and perfected. I need to get into the habit of applying it more!

What are some unique beauty habits you have? 

"The Futures" is a book I've seen around for a few years. It was always in articles of 'books to read' and I've seen it on a few blogs; the plot always interested me and I had it on my 'to read' list on Goodreads for years. Finally, a few months ago I purchased the paperback on Amazon but didn't get around to reading it until a few weeks ago.

"The Futures" is centered around a college couple, Evan and Julia, who graduate and move to New York City together. Evan goes off to work for a big financial firm while Julia doesn't really know what she wants or where she is going to work. The twists and turns of post-grad life comes at these young adults fast, and the financial crisis of 2008 comes at them even faster. Evan finds himself in hot water at work while Julia finds herself looking for fulfillment elsewhere. What will happen to the couple as they grow up and grow apart? 

What drew me into this book was the fact that it took place during one of the darkest eras of modern America, and the fact that everything Evan and Julia were feeling during their post-grad life was scarily accurate and something I could whole heartedly relate too. It was a modern millennial love story filled with tradegy, trust issues, and a lot of betrayal, on both parties.

I do think the book was very on point with the emotions of people in New York City during the housing collapse as well as finding a fulfilling job during that time. I remember what it felt like, that crippling fear when I was in high school and saw everyone around me freaking out about the recession. It made me scared for college but also gave me a bit of hope that everything would work itself out by then and I was right.

I did enjoy the book; I thought it emoted emotion well and had great character development as well as a really well written plot. I felt like by the middle of the book that I knew who the characters were and understood them... however, that doesn't mean I liked them.

Evan and Julia are the most annoying main characters I've ever read. I didn't find them even remotely interesting and honestly, they were a little annoying. I'm not sure if they were supposed to be written that way or if it's just me, but I really found them very unlikeable. I think they both knew were doing bad things but neither wanted to admit it to themselves or each other. They both did things wrong and the childish way they refused to acknowledge it made me highly annoyed.

That doesn't mean I didn't like the book because I did and I do recommend it! I think Anna, the author, got everything about millennials in 2008 correct, and how the crisis shaped the way people dealt with their issues. 

It was a long book and it might've been a few chapters too long but I don't thiknk I ever found it boring. It took me a while to read but that's not because I didn't want to read this book, I just was out on reading for a bit. 

I think if you're looking for a not so love story with a very interesting and real subplot, or want to read something that is weirdly educational and relatable, I do recommend picking up "The Futures".

What have you been reading?
I've been doing better with my shopping, or so I tell myself, but I still cannot kick my handbag addiction. There are so many bags that have been coming out and I want them all; I can't get them out of my head and this was one that started it all.

The Rebecca Minkoff Edie Flap Bag was released in early Fall and when I saw it, I fell in love. I don't remember the last time I fell in love with a bag the way I fell in love with this one. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I logged onto the Rebecca Minkoff website at least once a day to stare at it. I'm not joking, I had dreams about it... that's how obsessed I was.

While the Edie comes in a variety of colors, I fell head over heels for the grey one. I didn't have a grey bag in my collection and grey is one of my favorite neutrals, so it was no surprise that this one sang to me.

The silhouette, the grey hue (grey isn't available anymore in the large but is available in the small), the silver double chain, and the quilting all drew me in. While I know this isn't necessarily a 'dupe' for Chanel, it definitely reminds me of Chanel and that is one of the reasons I needed to have it. I wanted that gorgeous, quilted bag so badly and I finally bought it for myself around my birthday.

I've been using it for a few months and I can wholeheartedly say, this is one of my new favorite bags. It's very spacious, comfortable to wear, and versatile. It's made of very soft material and looks just gorgeous with everything because like I said, grey is definitely a neutral.

I did a full review and what's in my bag video a few weeks ago to take a full look at everything this bag has to offer!

Rebecca Minkoff has expanded the range of Edie to include metallic finishes, backpacks (which I also have and a review will be coming soon), belt bags, mini shoulder bags, and clutches. I love the entire line because of the gorgeous quilting and the classic look and feel of the bag!

Will you be picking up one of the new Edie bags?
Wellness has been a trend for a little bit but you know it's been cemented into our society and culture when Essie creates a collection around it.

Essie recently released a 'Serene Slates' collection which was created around being zen, being calm, and being in tune with yourself. The collection is filled with light and dark greys, some blue hues and lighter pink and grey shades. Every shade in the collection is beautiful and I honestly don't remember the last time I wanted to purchase a full collection of nail polish.

The names of the polishes are things like 'mindful meditation', 'wireless is more', 'gadget-free' and 'cause and reflect', which is exactly what you get from the colors. They are calming, easy, and beautiful nail colors. It also self explains the idea behind the collection...sometimes we need to put our phones down, do a detox, and take in the world around us. It all comes down to serenity.

I had been putting off purchasing some of these polishes because I like to order them online at Ulta Beauty. I find that when I try to buy Essie in my local drugstores, the polishes look old, bad, and as if they've been sitting there for a while -- even if I know it is a new collection. However, when I saw Serene Slates in my local Rite Aid, they were in perfect condition.

One coat

Last weekend I picked up 'On Mute' which is described as a hushed charcoal grey. I feel like I didn't have a great charcoal grey color in my collection and it's one of my favorite colors to wear.

Just as other new Essie collections, 'On Mute' has a thicker, flatter brush and it is truly my favorite addition to the Essie polishes.

This formula is super smooth and applied so evenly, without a lot of excess bleeding onto my cuticles and fingers. The color is also really beautiful -- it's definitely a dark grey but I also feel like it has a touch of blue/green. It's super shiny on its own, even without a top coat and looks so nice on the nails.

The one downside? As I'm typing this I've had the polish on for 24 hours and already have a chip, but I do think that I have easily chippable nails

 I know I say this about a lot of polishes but I think this might be my new favorite... from the idea behind the collection, the name, the color, and the finish, it's nearly perfect. I cannot wait to get my hands on some other colors in the Serene Slates collection!

What are you wearing this Monday?
Happy Friday! It was a strange, short week for me and I have a beautiful, long weekend ahead of me! Today I'm working from home, yesterday I was off and this weekend is filled with family and friend time.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day -- I did; it was lowkey and just like any other day with an abundance of flowers, cupcakes, and chocolate!

For tonight, I'm oddly excited about staying in (as if I don't do that every Friday night) and watching the 20/20 special on Ted Bundy. I think I have to do an entire blog post dedicated to my love and obsession with true crime. Tomorrow I have my baby cousin's Christening and then might hop over to my friend's house for a Galentine's Day party. Sunday, I'm headed out for brunch to celebrate my friend's birthday and Monday is a nice day off! What will you be doing this weekend?

I don't have too much to ramble on about so let's get into what I loved this week!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I'm still doing really good with not shopping, despite what this section has looked like over the past few weeks. I'm joining a new gym and looking to up my fitness wear game so I picked up a few things from Nordstrom Rack and then couldn't resist looking at J.Crew's New Arrivals

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! The once cynical single girl turned girl in a relationship is now celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time and into it. I feel so silly, like the typical girl who just flip-flopped her mind because she has a boyfriend but hey, we all do it at some point in our lives.

I still believe that you don't need a holiday to celebrate love but it is nice...

My Erin Condren planner layout for V-Day week!

Originally for today's blog post, I was going to talk about lowkey date night ideas but that doesn't sound like me and just really felt inauthentic. I thought it was much more on brand for me to ramble about my thoughts on Valentine's Day!

Tonight, I'll be headed to my boyfriend's house because he is going to cook me dinner, and we'll probably just watch a movie... and that sounds great to me! I'm not someone who loves to go out and would much rather just spend a nice little night at home, with him and relaxing.

I think if done right, done in a way that celebrates you as a couple, Valentine's Day is really special. It's when you feel the need to go over the top and out-do other couples that Valentine's Day becomes ridiculous and pointless. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be extravagant, beautiful, or overly planned. Sometimes, simple is best and when it comes to spending time with your significant other, or just your friends and/or family that's what matters.

It was hard being single on Valentine's Day and, to be honest, sometimes I forget that I'm not single anymore because it just feels normal. However, I always tried to make the best of it! In college, my friends and I would drink, watch movies, and craft because Valentine's Day always fell around Big/Little reveal so it was a good excuse to combine both holidays!

After I graduated, I'd buy myself something special, treat myself to a pastry and just try to act like it was a normal day.

No matter what, celebrate yourself and love yourself today because without self-love, no other love matters.

Also, candy is 50-75% off tomorrow so make sure to go to CVS and stock up!

When I heard that Michelle Obama was coming out with a book, I was very excited. As a public figure, I think she is incredible. She has held herself with grace and elegance but never takes herself too seriously. I mean, what other FLOTUS does carpool karaoke with James Corden? I think that is so cool.

I knew that I was going to read it, but I figured I would listen to it instead. When it comes to biographies and memoirs, there is something really special about listening to the person who wrote the book tell you their story. It makes it so much more authentic and beautiful.

"Becoming" is Michelle Obama's biography by nature, but it is really so much more than that. It tells the story of her life, growing up in Chicago, her family and how she got to be the First Lady of the US. It also has an underlying message of how she lived her entire life never feeling like she was enough and how she finally became enough; for herself, for her children and really for the entire country.

She is an incredible storyteller and even though I didn't think I would like learning about Michelle Obama's childhood, I was enamored with it. You were able to learn so much about her little quirks and how her family lived, and what kind of life she had growing up. It seemed like a very nice, quiet childhood that made her very happy. It was so interesting to hear how she decided she wanted to be a lawyer, how she got to college and her life there.

However, the hopeless romantic in me awaited the moment that she met Barack. Well, when I Michelle described the moment she met him, I started crying and had chills because I just knew what was about to happen. It was incredible... and you'll definitely see it coming which makes it even better.

I loved learning about the road to the White House, what their life was like behind the campaign and behind closed doors. Without giving too much away, it was really interesting and showed you that things are definitely not always what they seem.

This book was not overly political and I think, despite your political beliefs, would be able to appreciate it. It's a book about a young woman who grew up in Chicago, who wanted to be a lawyer and ended up being the First Lady of the United States. It's the story of a woman who found herself in the world of politics, without really wanting to be; the story of someone who found a way to have a voice that was powerful and meaningful and wanted to change the world for her children.

I will say that I cried a few times throughout this book; a lot of the times were personal to Michelle's story, others were more political like when the news broke about the shooting at Newton. It was very gut-wrenching at moments, to hear the inside story of these national tragedies.

It was a very long book but every bit of it was interesting. I was never bored, I was never wishing for it to be over -- I found it very relaxing, having Michelle soulfully read to me.

There are always books that could be read and listened to but if you're considering getting into audiobooks, I HIGHLY recommend having this be your first.

If you know audiobooks aren't for you, just read this! No matter how you consume it, I think everyone should read "Becoming".

Have you read this book? What did you think?
In my opinion, red nails are just as classic as red lips and sometimes I just get in the mood to rock a beautiful red nail. Red is proven to make you feel confident and more powerful so it's not a surprise that it puts me in a really good mood when I have red nails.

While I don't need an excuse to wear red nail polish, Valentine's Day is just another week out of the year where it is perfectly acceptable and trendy.

I have a lot of red nail polishes in my collection, thanks to all my OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's polishes and some other random colors. Red is a color that can be worn so many different ways and there are so many hues you can wear; from red oranges to a classic, true red to burgundy. When it comes to red, everything is a classic and the possibilities are truly endless.

I have a few glitter reds that I could've worn and the new Essie Valentine's Day collection was very tempting but after some bouts with glitter, I wanted a break.

I love nail polish but never claimed to be a manicurist

I chose my OPI "Case of the Mean Reds" which is probably the most classic true red I own. It's a beautiful, smooth formula that does bleed a little onto the fingers, even if you are very, very careful.

I wanted to feel beautiful and timeless this week so there was really no other choice when it came to choosing my nail polish.

Some other classic reds are Essie A-List, Forever Yummy, and Paint the Gown Red.

What are you wearing on your nails for Valentine's Day?

Happy Friday! This week felt incredibly long even though it was kind of short since I'm working at home today. I'm excited for the weekend and even more excited for a long weekend next week. It's so sad that I'm daydreaming about next weekend and this one hasn't even really started yet!

Last weekend I finished binging YOU and finally finished watching The Vampire Diaries. I started VD way back when it first premiered in 2009 but after the 4th season, I became uninterested. However, I really wanted to finish the entire series so for the past few years I've been on and off watching. I finally finished it on Sunday and wow, it was super sad and I cried my eyes out but it was a great finale!

YOU, on the other hand, I started after everyone was talking about it. I found it interesting when it was on Lifetime but never tuned in. Just one episode in and I hated it but found it intriguing. I really dislike Penn Badgley, I can't say why but I find him incredibly annoying and always have (mostly as Dan Humphrey) so his character annoyed me to the max.

I don't think I'm going to tune into season 2 because I hated the character Joe so much and don't really understand how anyone found him attractive.

Ok, I'm done with my TV rants and ready to get into the links of the week!

Links I Loved

I bought three bags (I know, don't judge). I scored this new Rebecca Minkoff Edie Flap Backpack from Poshmark for 50% off the original price. I then bought these two Chanel dupes (1 and 2) from SheIn but they feel very fake and I'm kind of grossed out by them so I'm returning.

I've also been on a huge headband kick and purchased this pearl one from Etsy. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ever since I saw the previews for "A Simple Favor", I was intrigued by the film. Then, I found out that movie was actually based off a book and it has been on my 'to read' list ever since. I finally used an Audible credit toward it last month and finished it within a few weeks.

It's important to note that I haven't seen the movie because I usually like to read the book before seeing a film, however, I still imagined Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively as the main characters while listening.

a simple favor-book review-royallypink

"A Simple Favor" is centered around Emily and Stephanie, two best friends with two little boys who share everything... or so they thought. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie is left with a ton of questions and the secrets slowly start to unravel. What Stephanie finds out about her so-called best friend leaves her stunned and unable to understand why Emily lied about her life.

So... I'll start off with this, I really enjoyed the book. I thought it was well written, an interesting story and I liked how present times with social media and blogging played into it. It's nice to see a book weave in current technology to a plotline.

From the book summary and movie previews, I didn't know too much about the plot but once I was about halfway through, I kind of figured out what was going to happen. It was a little predictable if you paid attention and when the secret twist was revealed, you weren't surprised. However, I was still shocked which is weird, like the reveal was not anti-climatic in the slightest which I can always appreciate.

There were definitely times throughout the book where I was surprised by where the book headed, even the ending was shocking but I was nodding my head along, knowing everything made sense.

I think the character development was really good, for such a short book (it seemed short to me, at least). Stephanie started off as a typical suburban mom, very focused on her kid and doing everything for him; however, she had many secrets that made me cringe along the way and that was definitely unexpected. It was a weird twist that added more layers to the story. It showed a different side to Stephanie and that added a lot of depth.

At the start of the story, you think Emily is one person but by the end, you can understand why she does the things she does while also thinking she's a bit crazy.

The best way to describe "A Simple Favor" is chick lit mixed with the dark, true crime novels I love so much. If you're in the market for a light, easy read mixed with a bit of drama and mystery, I think you'd like this book a lot.

Did you read "A Simple Favor"? What were your thoughts?
I have never bought a Valentine's Day present for a boy. I'm 26 years old and I have never even celebrated Valentine's Day. This year that changes and truthfully, I was stumped as to what to get my boyfriend as a Valentine's Day gift. Birthdays and Christmas are easy and a little different -- for Valentine's Day, you want to make it a little more special in a unique way.

Finding a balance between something your significant other could use but also holds some special meaning and having some thought behind it is tough. I like to think I'm good at gift giving but I don't want every holiday to be lumped together -- does that make sense?

I finally decided on something luxurious and nice, something I definitely could've gotten him for his birthday or Christmas but when it's a Valentine's Day gift, it's just a little sweeter, right? Also, candy, alcohol and baked goods go without question on a sweet, romantic holiday.

On my journey to finding a good, simple Valentine's Day gift I found a few things that I thought could work, so I figured I'd help my girls out in case you were stumped on what to get your guy for cupid's holiday.

valentines day for him-valentinesdaygifts-royallypink

What are your go-to gifts for him on Valentine's Day?

I mention this every year but I never have gotten on board with Valentine's Day. I thought it was silly and stupid and unnecessary... and just a holiday to make single girls feel bad about themselves.

However, this year I might be changing my tune. I am currently in a relationship, a new one at that and it's my first real Valentine's Day. I'm not sure what we have planned -- I told him I wanted to be surprised so we'll see what happens. I'm excited to be with someone this Valentine's Day and actually not hate seeing all the lovey-dovey stuff.

I went to Target the other night to shop for my boyfriend and pick up some stuff and it was so nice to be excited about the holiday. I also love giving gifts and picking up little, festive items to make the most of the holiday.

Target, along with so many other retailers have the most adorable Valentine's Day items and I really think that this year, everyone has stepped up their game... or maybe I'm just noticing it more and more into it.

There's so much you can buy for yourself, your girlfriends, your family... for your boyfriend, I have some other things in mind!

valentines day-target-royallypink

Happy Friday! I spent yesterday at the doctors after I couldn't talk because my throat hurt so bad. I'm very susceptible to strep throat so, after three days of pain, I took myself to Urgent Care. I don't have strep or the flu but I do have a little virus meaning I just have a really bad sore throat. I feel so much better after they gave me some liquid steroids so I'm all good.

It's also been super cold in New York, and most of the country this week. I think Chicago was colder than Antartica at one point which is the scariest thing I've ever heard in my life. In New York this week it was -15 degrees and I don't think I've ever been this cold in my life. My legs were numb waiting for the train yesterday, which probably didn't help my sore throat.

I do love a good excuse to cozy up with a good TV show and some soup, which is what I did most of the week.

I don't have anything super fun planned this weekend, just some errands and maybe a movie with my boyfriend (I keep hinting at my relationship and soon I might tell a full story but I'm not ready yet)

Here's what I loved this week:

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I've been really good with not buying too much but this week, I freaked out because I couldn't wear leggings anymore. I wear my Zella leggings every day and this week, it just made me angry. I can't explain it but I was super uncomfortable, felt dirty and was just completely over them. However, I don't like wearing anything else at work because I'm uncomfortable.

I was on a mission to find pants that feel like leggings and found a few that seemed promising. I bought the Gigi Pants and Any Day Pants from J.Crew. I have a few others on my radar and will probably buy them, test them out and do a post for all my other legging girls! 

I also bought this cashmere sweatshirt from J.Crew and restocked my Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask

Have a great weekend everyone!