I mention this every year but I never have gotten on board with Valentine's Day. I thought it was silly and stupid and unnecessary... and just a holiday to make single girls feel bad about themselves.

However, this year I might be changing my tune. I am currently in a relationship, a new one at that and it's my first real Valentine's Day. I'm not sure what we have planned -- I told him I wanted to be surprised so we'll see what happens. I'm excited to be with someone this Valentine's Day and actually not hate seeing all the lovey-dovey stuff.

I went to Target the other night to shop for my boyfriend and pick up some stuff and it was so nice to be excited about the holiday. I also love giving gifts and picking up little, festive items to make the most of the holiday.

Target, along with so many other retailers have the most adorable Valentine's Day items and I really think that this year, everyone has stepped up their game... or maybe I'm just noticing it more and more into it.

There's so much you can buy for yourself, your girlfriends, your family... for your boyfriend, I have some other things in mind!

valentines day-target-royallypink

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