Since I came out of the womb, I was a hair accessory girl. My mom used to put hats, headbands, barrettes, and bows on my head with every outfit, and I was an exceptional child because I kept them on the entire time.

This continued well into childhood and my teenage years because I loved headbands. I wanted to wear a headband with every outfit, even if it didn't look right. Funnily enough, my mom grew to dislike my headband fascination but I blame her wholeheartedly for being this way.

Eventually, headbands went out of style and I needed to hang mine up. It wasn't until Gossip Girl premiered and Blair Waldorf reintroduced headbands to the fashion world that I felt comfortable rocking my favorite hair piece.

blair waldorf-royally pink-hair accessories trend 2019

After a few years the trend faded once again but late last year, we saw the rebirth of it and I couldn't be more excited.

I actually was ahead of the game because this summer I purchased a pack of printed headbands from Amazon. I love wearing my hair curly and having a headband in to keep it out of my face but also it gives a nice beachy feel to a summer look.

When I was researching the fashion and beauty trends that were going to make a splash in 2019, hair accessories were at the top of the list and I've never seen a trend take the world by storm so fast.

Everyone is wearing barrettes, every fashion company is releasing headbands, and stylish scrunchies are making waves. I've already started stockpiling headbands and I need to find a few barrettes that will keep my unruly locks in place.


Pearls were everywhere last year and I'm still completely obsessed with them, so it's no wonder I've been trying to find the perfect pearl headband. Lele Sadoughi has the most gorgeous pearl headbands and wraps, but they clock in at a whopping $150. I'm not going to lie, I'm very tempted to get myself one and I might in the near future but for now, I found an incredible dupe on Etsy! I've been wearing it for a week or so and it definitely hurts a bit but you just have to get used to it; it's so beautiful, goes with every outfit and I'm really in love.

I also picked up this pearl headband from Nordstrom and it's so beautiful and very comfortable! It's definitely a little dressier than the Etsy one but I still love it. Below are other picks for my favorite headbands! 


My hair was always a little thick for barrettes and I felt like they always looked a little silly. However, now everyone is wearing thicker, more statement clips and I think I might try my hand at it.


Scrunchies have been making their way back into the style lexicon for a while and I'm personally very here for it. I've talked about my love of Slip Scrunchies before, the big and small ones, and I continue to spend money I don't have on overpriced hair ties. However, retailers are releasing cheaper ones that are just as adorable. The 90s are officially back!

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