I have never bought a Valentine's Day present for a boy. I'm 26 years old and I have never even celebrated Valentine's Day. This year that changes and truthfully, I was stumped as to what to get my boyfriend as a Valentine's Day gift. Birthdays and Christmas are easy and a little different -- for Valentine's Day, you want to make it a little more special in a unique way.

Finding a balance between something your significant other could use but also holds some special meaning and having some thought behind it is tough. I like to think I'm good at gift giving but I don't want every holiday to be lumped together -- does that make sense?

I finally decided on something luxurious and nice, something I definitely could've gotten him for his birthday or Christmas but when it's a Valentine's Day gift, it's just a little sweeter, right? Also, candy, alcohol and baked goods go without question on a sweet, romantic holiday.

On my journey to finding a good, simple Valentine's Day gift I found a few things that I thought could work, so I figured I'd help my girls out in case you were stumped on what to get your guy for cupid's holiday.

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What are your go-to gifts for him on Valentine's Day?

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