In my opinion, red nails are just as classic as red lips and sometimes I just get in the mood to rock a beautiful red nail. Red is proven to make you feel confident and more powerful so it's not a surprise that it puts me in a really good mood when I have red nails.

While I don't need an excuse to wear red nail polish, Valentine's Day is just another week out of the year where it is perfectly acceptable and trendy.

I have a lot of red nail polishes in my collection, thanks to all my OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's polishes and some other random colors. Red is a color that can be worn so many different ways and there are so many hues you can wear; from red oranges to a classic, true red to burgundy. When it comes to red, everything is a classic and the possibilities are truly endless.

I have a few glitter reds that I could've worn and the new Essie Valentine's Day collection was very tempting but after some bouts with glitter, I wanted a break.

I love nail polish but never claimed to be a manicurist

I chose my OPI "Case of the Mean Reds" which is probably the most classic true red I own. It's a beautiful, smooth formula that does bleed a little onto the fingers, even if you are very, very careful.

I wanted to feel beautiful and timeless this week so there was really no other choice when it came to choosing my nail polish.

Some other classic reds are Essie A-List, Forever Yummy, and Paint the Gown Red.

What are you wearing on your nails for Valentine's Day?

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