Wellness has been a trend for a little bit but you know it's been cemented into our society and culture when Essie creates a collection around it.

Essie recently released a 'Serene Slates' collection which was created around being zen, being calm, and being in tune with yourself. The collection is filled with light and dark greys, some blue hues and lighter pink and grey shades. Every shade in the collection is beautiful and I honestly don't remember the last time I wanted to purchase a full collection of nail polish.

The names of the polishes are things like 'mindful meditation', 'wireless is more', 'gadget-free' and 'cause and reflect', which is exactly what you get from the colors. They are calming, easy, and beautiful nail colors. It also self explains the idea behind the collection...sometimes we need to put our phones down, do a detox, and take in the world around us. It all comes down to serenity.

I had been putting off purchasing some of these polishes because I like to order them online at Ulta Beauty. I find that when I try to buy Essie in my local drugstores, the polishes look old, bad, and as if they've been sitting there for a while -- even if I know it is a new collection. However, when I saw Serene Slates in my local Rite Aid, they were in perfect condition.

One coat

Last weekend I picked up 'On Mute' which is described as a hushed charcoal grey. I feel like I didn't have a great charcoal grey color in my collection and it's one of my favorite colors to wear.

Just as other new Essie collections, 'On Mute' has a thicker, flatter brush and it is truly my favorite addition to the Essie polishes.

This formula is super smooth and applied so evenly, without a lot of excess bleeding onto my cuticles and fingers. The color is also really beautiful -- it's definitely a dark grey but I also feel like it has a touch of blue/green. It's super shiny on its own, even without a top coat and looks so nice on the nails.

The one downside? As I'm typing this I've had the polish on for 24 hours and already have a chip, but I do think that I have easily chippable nails

 I know I say this about a lot of polishes but I think this might be my new favorite... from the idea behind the collection, the name, the color, and the finish, it's nearly perfect. I cannot wait to get my hands on some other colors in the Serene Slates collection!

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