Spring is officially here and I couldn't be happier. I've been in such a better mood since the weather got nice and it's just wonderful.

The one thing I like about Spring is the ability to wear a bright colored nail and not have everyone look at you as if you are wearing shorts in December. 

The last Manicure Monday I did, I showed one of Essie's resort collection polishes called "First Timer". Since then, I have been craving more crazy, bright polishes and I found my new favorite that I'm going to abuse this Spring and Summer season.

Essie's "In the Cab-ana" is one of the most beautiful polishes I have ever seen. Sometimes Essie makes me wonder how they create these gorgeous colors because I just don't understand how a color can be this appealing to the eye.

It's a wonderful mixture turquoise blue and teal, making it pop and stand out against any skin color. How beautiful is this color going to be on your nails when you're tan during the summer? I cannot wait to see.

I hate re-using polish within weeks of each other, I like to keep my nail polish on a rotation system so I don't have the same color for too long but I couldn't resist repainting my nails with this color two weeks after originally painting them.

I cannot stop staring at my nails, this is definitely my new favorite color!

What is your favorite spring and summer nail?

Fun Vs Work

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I've been in a very college mood lately. When I say college mood, I mean I would rather be sitting outside with my friends than inside doing work. I mean that my weekends have been better spent going out instead of doing work.

This entire semester I have been plowed with work and meetings and responsibilities... now I'm getting sick of it and the nicer the weather becomes, the more I want to be a slacker. 

I am never one to leave homework, papers, or studying for the last minute but lately, I've been having too much fun to think about my work.

I am never irresponsible, I am never one to forget things but in the past month or so, I don't care about anything but enjoying my last few weeks of Junior year.

Is that bad?

To some people it may be but to me, I think it is well deserved. I have worked my butt off all semester, I always work hard and if I want to slack off a tad bit, don't I deserve it?

This isn't the greatest attitude I have right now, I get that but I just can't help it.

I've been having SO much fun making new friends and enjoying my time here at college. It's limited and I'm finally getting that message--I won't be able to do this forever. Eventually, I am going to have to grow up, get a real job, and be a real person.

All semester I've been a ball of stress, completely wound up with everything that I had to deal with. I barely had any fun because I was consumed with my work, meetings, and other campus responsibilities. 

I focused a lot on my "future", making sure my resume was perfect, applying for internships, worrying about completing my current internship, and blogging my butt off to make sure it was good enough for employers.

All semester I focused on my career, I was preparing myself for the real world when I still had so much time to kill. Now, that day is looming closer, the day when I will leave school forever and it's scaring me. 

I don't feel like being an overachiever in these last two weeks of my junior year.. I just want to have fun. If that makes me a bad person or a bad student, then so be it.

I look at it this way, I have my entire life to perfect my resume and do things for my career. I've gotten a pretty great head start, now I just want to enjoy the time I have at school because these are days I could never re-live.

I have become a beauty fanatic and jumped on the bandwagon of every new beauty product there is out there. Whether it's a BB cream, concealer, or the latest lip trend, I am right there to try it out and add it to my collection.

Whenever I'm shopping in Sephora, the local drug store, or looking to burn some money online shopping, the amount of beauty products out there is outrageous. I don't know which brands to pick, which products are best, or what is good for my skin--the beauty product world is totally overwhelming and it keeps getting worst.

I'm always trying to research products before I try them out to see what other people are saying or to just see what's out there. It's always a long, drawn out process that never works out in my favor. There is just too many products and too many places to look for reviews.

Well, we finally have answers to beauty prayers!

Pampadour is a new social media outlet that is there for you to store all your beauty wants and needs. It's basically Pinterest for strictly beauty products; throw some Facebook and twitter aspects in there as well and you've got a social media explosion.

On Pampadour, you can save the products that you want to buy to your account. Also, everything on Pampadour's website is linked back to the retailer's website, which will make the shopping process easier.

There are a few different features on Pamapdour that will make your experience better.

Pamp It: When you PAMP something, you are sharing it with whomever you want, whether it's on Pampadour or another social media site.

Tag It: With the TAG IT feature, you can upload a picture of yourself wearing your best make up and then tag the products you used.

Clip It: With Clip It, you can upload a photo or product to your Pampadour profile for future reference.

Adour It: This is simple; when you ADORE something on Pampadour, just click the "heart" or "like" button to save it for later.

Pampadour is really a wonderful site and it's one of my new favorite social media outlets. It makes the life of a beauty guru so much easier and simpler.

Because Pampadour is pretty much the greatest site ever, they are going to award TWO lucky Royally Pink readers a basket worth $100 of beauty products! Enter to win the beauty products below !

College Bucket List

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In the past, I wrote an article for my campus newspaper, The Ionian, about the things freshmen should do at Iona College; everything from the places they should eat, the clubs they should join, and the late night experiences they should have.

The past two weekends for me have been glorious. I finally feel like I'm having a real college experience and it sucks that it's happening at the end of my junior year. Because of all the fun I'm having and the other part of college, the school work, other responsibilities have taken a back seat but I wouldn't change it for anything.

I never want college to end.

(not actually, just a lyric from a song)

It got me thinking (in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion) what are some things that young, college students should experience while away at school.

1. Stay out all night

It might sound so cliche but I feel like every student should stay out till sunrise at least once, if not every weekend of their college career. Okay, maybe not sunrise but party till the bar closes, go hard or go home. This is the only time of your life where it will acceptable to partake in these activities.

2. LND

When you're out till 3am with your best friends, there is nothing better than some LND (late night diner). You would be surprised to see the faces around in the wee hours of the morning, swallowing chicken fingers and fries in the booth next to you.

3. Do something worthwhile

Your time in college is not just meant for partying; this is a time to find yourself and see what life is really about. Make your time at college memorable in the daytime activities you do; join a service project, go on a mission trip, partake in something meaningful that you will look back on with a smile and a warm heart.

4. Join a Greek organization

I am the poster child for Greek life; being on two Greek executive boards will do that to do. Greek life is the best thing to ever happen to me. I am grateful every day for my sisters and the wonderful people I have met through my organization. Greek life isn't for everyone but there is usually a place for you in some organization. You'll never know if you don't try.

5. Daydrink

Here we go again, typical college lifestyle; you haven't lived until you've gotten out of bed at 11am, got dressed, and went out drinking by noon. It's not the most unusual thing on a college campus but it usually ends in some sort of disaster but an awesome story. 

6. Study abroad

My time for studying abroad has passed but a lot of my friends have done it and they have fully enjoyed it. They said it was unlike anything they have ever experienced in their life and advised everyone to follow in their footsteps. You don't have to go overseas for an entire semester, a summer program of one month will do just fine.

7. Go to a themed party

Toga, high school sterotype, preppy, ABC--it doesn't matter the theme, just plan something outrageous with your friends, dress up, get sloppy and look at the regretful pictures on Facebook the next morning. It will all be worth it.

I've come to realize in the past few weeks that college is unlike anything in the entire world. It is not your normal experience; no one understands college the way we do. We live on our own, go to class, party, go to meetings, and go to work. 

We are adults living in a bubble of our own where we make the rules and we run the world. We can do whatever we want, while abiding by the rules of the school of course. 

I just can't believe that I have two semesters left of living out this fantasy life. I am making the most of it and everyone else should too.

Formal Hair

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My sorority's spring formal is tomorrow and everything is set in place: date, dress, shoes, and a guaranteed good time. 

There is one piece I am severely missing in this equation: my hair.

I have no idea how to style my hair for formal and I have limited experience; I could straighten my hair with a flat iron and throw it up in a ponytail but doing formal styles is not my forte. I am not even be able to take a curling iron to my hair.

I've asked around and no one has any idea what to do with my hair; therefore, I go to the next best place to get inspiration for pretty much anything.


Here are some of my favorite hairstyles that seem pretty doable (some more than others):

What are your favorite "formal" hairstyles?

I think this month's Birchbox is definitely in my top 5 favorite months ever! I peeked inside the box before I received it (as usual) and wasn't that thrilled with everything. Although, when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. Almost everything was full sized!

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health Magazine to bring us subscribers products that will instill healthiness and I'm pretty in love with it all.

1. Jouer Moisture Tint: I'm pretty sure I have received this item before in a previous month, or it was the same company and just a different product. I don't care though because I love this tinted moisturizer. It is wonderful as a base to make up, making your skin look silky soft or it's great as a stand alone bronzer type product. The tube is a nice sized sample also so it'll last a few uses.

2. W3LL PEOPLE Nudist ColorBalm: This lip balm is a tad bit tinted; it's a normal sized lip balm, as if you would buy in a drug store although I'm pretty sure Birchbox sells them in a large size. The balm has an odd smell but it really hydrates your lips and has a tingly feeling when you put it on, so you know it's working.

3.TIGI Catwalk Session Series Styling Cream: I am obsessed with this and I haven't even tried it yet! I was expecting a small tube of cream but this is a hefty sample, which will surely last me a few months. I'm going to try this tonight and see how it works when I apply it to my wet hair but I'm sure if its in the Birchbox, and it's a true sample size, it'll be wonderful!

4. Yes TO Cucumber Facial Towelettes: I've been wanting to try these FOREVER and never got around to buying them. Birchbox threw three of these lovelies in for this month and I was so happy, I was assuming that I was going to get one so it was a pleasant surprise. I used one already and they're so soft and smell fantastic. They worked wonders on getting my make-up off!

5. Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub/Color Corrector: This was the smallest sample of the bunch which is fine; It's a small packet of the facial scrub and another small packet of the color corrector. I haven't used them yet but I'm excited to try to the color corrector; I've noticed my skin is splotchy in areas and discolored so it'll be nice to try out a product to fix that.

All in all, I was really happy with this month's box. If you haven't subscribed like I told you too, do it now!

The entire sorority, preppy, and colorful world we live in was mourning yesterday as we got news that our queen had passed away.

I got a text from one of my sorority sisters exclaiming that "Lilly died!!" and I knew exactly what she meant. I am a walking advertisement for Lilly Pulitzer. I adore the brand and everything that it stands for.

She was such an inspiration in one way or another; whether it's her bright, business mind or her desire to live in a colorful, carefree world--something about Lilly just gets me. It gets all of us.

I have no doubt that the brand will be the same with her passing but knowing that THE Lilly isn't here anymore is heartbreaking.

Just think about it; think about the force and drive behind the brand. It all started with a juice stand and Lilly's desire for something light and fun to wear to hide the stains that adorned her clothes. That idea, that want sparked something that we can cherish for decades and beyond. 

I am a Lilly girl; I might not always be full of surprises but I've definitely lived my life more colorfully and carefree thanks to Lilly. 

I also most definitely rocked a pair of Lilly Pulitzer letters today and broke out my Lilly bag to honor one of my idols.

RIP to the Queen of Pink and Green, your legacy will live on forever!

This special manicure Monday is all about my favorite springtime nail colors! I love a good, dark coat of polish but when the weather is as nice as it's been the past few days, I can't help but want to break out the light greens, purples, and pinks!

Essie and OPI are doing wonderful things this Spring with their new collections and there really isn't a color I don't love!

My roommate jumped on the train ASAP because she's already purchased one of Essie's Resort 2013 polishes, a deep, almost mint green called "First Timer". 

There are some other beautiful colors that I cannot wait to get my hands on:

What are your favorite spring time colors?

I'm still on the internship hunt for the summer and it's getting a bit frustrating. I'm not the only one who feels this way; a lot of students are on the prowl for scoring an internship in the last summer semester before we're seniors. 

It's a hot topic in conversation with me and my friends; some don't care what kind of internship they have, just as long as they have something to put on their resume and others are being very picky--including myself.

In true Carrie Bradshaw style, I got to thinking... when you walk down the aisle at graduation, does the quantity of internships matter or is it the quality of one or two internships that students should take to heart?

If you dread waking up and going to your internship every morning, if you don't like the people around you or the work you're doing, and if you don't feel like you're getting anything out of the experience, is it really positive? Does it really matter if you are able to write a big time company's name on your resume if you hated every second of it?

Some students feel that they need any internship they can get--they don't care if it's at a company they hate or if the job is pointless to their career, as long as they have four or five internships at the end of the day all is right in their world. The quantity is more important to them than anything because they feel that is what will matter.

In a way they are right; the more internships you have the better it'll look to employers; you might be viewed as more of a professional but if you're miserable for an entire semester, is it really worth it?

In my own student opinion, I would much rather have one or two amazing internships that I loved going to every day than have five internships that I mostly hated. I would much rather be happy and have a positive learning experience while making incredible professional connections than be unhappy. 

I am not the type of person who can be forced to do something I don't want to do. If I hate what I'm doing, it will affect my entire mood and outlook on the experience. If I was at an internship that I hated, no matter how big the company, it would be a huge disappointment.

On my graduation day, I would much rather have a lesser number of internships that I adored than have a greater number which I hated.

What are your takes on this topic? Would you rather have the quantity or quality of internships?

I've talked about before how I gave up shopping for Lent  and successfully achieved that goal. That's why on Easter Sunday I went a tad bit crazy with purchasing online goodies (okay, I'm being dramatic, I ordered two things).

Those two items I bought happened to be Lilly!

Do you expect anything else?

I've been dying at the new patterns, especially Lucky Charms, and I was in desperate need of a new phone case. I combined those two wants and desires and allowed my mom to treat me with a new Lilly Pulitzer phone case.

I was hesitant only because the last Lilly case I ordered was a slight disappointment; I had read the reviews on the peeling paint and how dirty the case can get but purchased the first one anyway. My case did fall into that bad habit of having the paint peel off and it disappointed me.

I was hoping that the same thing wouldn't happen with this case and when I opened the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised.

Lilly obviously listened to their customer service and re did the case design. This phone case is harder silicone and not painted on like the older cases. It seems to have a protective covering that won't allow the paint to chip. It also has a thicker front border which will come in handy if my phone ever drops.

I'm pretty obsessed with my new case, it's beautiful and my iPHONE is so happy.

My other Lilly buy was their new mobile chargers. I know I'm not the only one whose iPHONE dies way too quickly and you're not always near an outlet or computer to plug in your phone to charge it up. I knew I was in desperate need of this mobile charger and I had been putting off buying it until Lent was over.

The charger is definitely smaller than I expected, which I'm fine with. I've been having some problems with it because it'll charge my phone for a few minutes and then stop. I'm thinking I just didn't charge it enough at the start so I went back to my room today to charge it for the appropriate 3 hours. I haven't tried it out yet so we'll see. 

The charger has been sold out on the Lilly website for a while now; I ordered mine
off of Amazon but Lifeguard Press still has them so check it out!

Either way, I'll figure it out and be happy with the charger; it's too cute not to work!

I'm so happy to be back to my natural habitat of online shopping but not shopping for 40 days definitely curbed my spending and I won't go as overboard as I have in the past.