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In the past, I wrote an article for my campus newspaper, The Ionian, about the things freshmen should do at Iona College; everything from the places they should eat, the clubs they should join, and the late night experiences they should have.

The past two weekends for me have been glorious. I finally feel like I'm having a real college experience and it sucks that it's happening at the end of my junior year. Because of all the fun I'm having and the other part of college, the school work, other responsibilities have taken a back seat but I wouldn't change it for anything.

I never want college to end.

(not actually, just a lyric from a song)

It got me thinking (in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion) what are some things that young, college students should experience while away at school.

1. Stay out all night

It might sound so cliche but I feel like every student should stay out till sunrise at least once, if not every weekend of their college career. Okay, maybe not sunrise but party till the bar closes, go hard or go home. This is the only time of your life where it will acceptable to partake in these activities.

2. LND

When you're out till 3am with your best friends, there is nothing better than some LND (late night diner). You would be surprised to see the faces around in the wee hours of the morning, swallowing chicken fingers and fries in the booth next to you.

3. Do something worthwhile

Your time in college is not just meant for partying; this is a time to find yourself and see what life is really about. Make your time at college memorable in the daytime activities you do; join a service project, go on a mission trip, partake in something meaningful that you will look back on with a smile and a warm heart.

4. Join a Greek organization

I am the poster child for Greek life; being on two Greek executive boards will do that to do. Greek life is the best thing to ever happen to me. I am grateful every day for my sisters and the wonderful people I have met through my organization. Greek life isn't for everyone but there is usually a place for you in some organization. You'll never know if you don't try.

5. Daydrink

Here we go again, typical college lifestyle; you haven't lived until you've gotten out of bed at 11am, got dressed, and went out drinking by noon. It's not the most unusual thing on a college campus but it usually ends in some sort of disaster but an awesome story. 

6. Study abroad

My time for studying abroad has passed but a lot of my friends have done it and they have fully enjoyed it. They said it was unlike anything they have ever experienced in their life and advised everyone to follow in their footsteps. You don't have to go overseas for an entire semester, a summer program of one month will do just fine.

7. Go to a themed party

Toga, high school sterotype, preppy, ABC--it doesn't matter the theme, just plan something outrageous with your friends, dress up, get sloppy and look at the regretful pictures on Facebook the next morning. It will all be worth it.

I've come to realize in the past few weeks that college is unlike anything in the entire world. It is not your normal experience; no one understands college the way we do. We live on our own, go to class, party, go to meetings, and go to work. 

We are adults living in a bubble of our own where we make the rules and we run the world. We can do whatever we want, while abiding by the rules of the school of course. 

I just can't believe that I have two semesters left of living out this fantasy life. I am making the most of it and everyone else should too.

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  1. Some awesome stuff on this list! I've still got a few things to accomplish before I graduate next year though!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out the details on my blog!