Fun Vs Work

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I've been in a very college mood lately. When I say college mood, I mean I would rather be sitting outside with my friends than inside doing work. I mean that my weekends have been better spent going out instead of doing work.

This entire semester I have been plowed with work and meetings and responsibilities... now I'm getting sick of it and the nicer the weather becomes, the more I want to be a slacker. 

I am never one to leave homework, papers, or studying for the last minute but lately, I've been having too much fun to think about my work.

I am never irresponsible, I am never one to forget things but in the past month or so, I don't care about anything but enjoying my last few weeks of Junior year.

Is that bad?

To some people it may be but to me, I think it is well deserved. I have worked my butt off all semester, I always work hard and if I want to slack off a tad bit, don't I deserve it?

This isn't the greatest attitude I have right now, I get that but I just can't help it.

I've been having SO much fun making new friends and enjoying my time here at college. It's limited and I'm finally getting that message--I won't be able to do this forever. Eventually, I am going to have to grow up, get a real job, and be a real person.

All semester I've been a ball of stress, completely wound up with everything that I had to deal with. I barely had any fun because I was consumed with my work, meetings, and other campus responsibilities. 

I focused a lot on my "future", making sure my resume was perfect, applying for internships, worrying about completing my current internship, and blogging my butt off to make sure it was good enough for employers.

All semester I focused on my career, I was preparing myself for the real world when I still had so much time to kill. Now, that day is looming closer, the day when I will leave school forever and it's scaring me. 

I don't feel like being an overachiever in these last two weeks of my junior year.. I just want to have fun. If that makes me a bad person or a bad student, then so be it.

I look at it this way, I have my entire life to perfect my resume and do things for my career. I've gotten a pretty great head start, now I just want to enjoy the time I have at school because these are days I could never re-live.

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