The entire sorority, preppy, and colorful world we live in was mourning yesterday as we got news that our queen had passed away.

I got a text from one of my sorority sisters exclaiming that "Lilly died!!" and I knew exactly what she meant. I am a walking advertisement for Lilly Pulitzer. I adore the brand and everything that it stands for.

She was such an inspiration in one way or another; whether it's her bright, business mind or her desire to live in a colorful, carefree world--something about Lilly just gets me. It gets all of us.

I have no doubt that the brand will be the same with her passing but knowing that THE Lilly isn't here anymore is heartbreaking.

Just think about it; think about the force and drive behind the brand. It all started with a juice stand and Lilly's desire for something light and fun to wear to hide the stains that adorned her clothes. That idea, that want sparked something that we can cherish for decades and beyond. 

I am a Lilly girl; I might not always be full of surprises but I've definitely lived my life more colorfully and carefree thanks to Lilly. 

I also most definitely rocked a pair of Lilly Pulitzer letters today and broke out my Lilly bag to honor one of my idols.

RIP to the Queen of Pink and Green, your legacy will live on forever!

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