I have become a beauty fanatic and jumped on the bandwagon of every new beauty product there is out there. Whether it's a BB cream, concealer, or the latest lip trend, I am right there to try it out and add it to my collection.

Whenever I'm shopping in Sephora, the local drug store, or looking to burn some money online shopping, the amount of beauty products out there is outrageous. I don't know which brands to pick, which products are best, or what is good for my skin--the beauty product world is totally overwhelming and it keeps getting worst.

I'm always trying to research products before I try them out to see what other people are saying or to just see what's out there. It's always a long, drawn out process that never works out in my favor. There is just too many products and too many places to look for reviews.

Well, we finally have answers to beauty prayers!

Pampadour is a new social media outlet that is there for you to store all your beauty wants and needs. It's basically Pinterest for strictly beauty products; throw some Facebook and twitter aspects in there as well and you've got a social media explosion.

On Pampadour, you can save the products that you want to buy to your account. Also, everything on Pampadour's website is linked back to the retailer's website, which will make the shopping process easier.

There are a few different features on Pamapdour that will make your experience better.

Pamp It: When you PAMP something, you are sharing it with whomever you want, whether it's on Pampadour or another social media site.

Tag It: With the TAG IT feature, you can upload a picture of yourself wearing your best make up and then tag the products you used.

Clip It: With Clip It, you can upload a photo or product to your Pampadour profile for future reference.

Adour It: This is simple; when you ADORE something on Pampadour, just click the "heart" or "like" button to save it for later.

Pampadour is really a wonderful site and it's one of my new favorite social media outlets. It makes the life of a beauty guru so much easier and simpler.

Because Pampadour is pretty much the greatest site ever, they are going to award TWO lucky Royally Pink readers a basket worth $100 of beauty products! Enter to win the beauty products below !

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