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Welcome to Royally Pink. I'm Briana; I've been running Royally Pink for the past 9 years and have loved every minute of it.

I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from August, 2019

Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 36

It's my favorite weekend of the year! The last weekend of summer! This summer was really rough for me. I was unemployed, trying my hand at freelancing and still looking for a full-time gig. I was challenged mentally, emotionally, and professionally so the fact that the summer is over and I start a new job in two w…

Monthly Muse: August 2019 Favorites

It is my time! August is over, summer is over and next week unofficially starts Fall. This is when I shine and this year is going to be a better Fall than all the rest. It's a truly fresh start for me! After a long 4-5 months of unemployment (storytime on that coming soon), I will be starting a new job in two week…

Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 35

We are slowly but surely coming to the end of August and this week I had my first PSL of the season. Dunkin Donuts released their pumpkin goodies on Wednesday and on the way to my boyfriend's house, I picked up an iced PSL. I only had a few sips before it gave me a stomachache but it was so worth it. I almost walk…

Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 34

Oh, Friday this week is so sweet! It was a wild week filled with so many different events and emotions so I am happy to say hello to the weekend! I got super exciting news today that really just made my entire week/month/year/life and I will share that soon but I can say that I won't be home 24/7 anymore ;) I…

Career Podcasts You Should Listen To

Since my junior year of college, I have become obsessed with all things career. I loved reading career books and articles and just trying to better myself and be prepared for the real world. I was always really curious about learning about other women's career paths and how they became successful. It's a topic…

My Power Lipstick

I've always read articles about how powerful a red lipstick was or how women have a particular outfit that makes them feel comfortable. Both items hold the idea that something you wear can give you confidence and make you present the best version of yourself.  I never felt this way about anything in my fashion …

Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 33

Happy Friday! I am excited for the weekend after what seemed like a relatively short, uneventful week. I've been really unproductive the past few weeks because I was getting out of a funk and now I'm trying to get myself back on track. Everything has been lacking from blog content, I was behind on my emails an…

Current Favorite Beauty Products - Drugstore Edition | August 2019

Back in the day, I loved a good drugstore beauty product. Maybelline was my favorite brand and I loved the accessibility and affordability of all the brands. Over the years though, my love of higher-end brands took over and I couldn't be bothered with anything at the drugstore. I found that nothing was innovativ…

Beauty in Review: Top 4 Favorite Lipglosses

I haven't enjoyed wearing lipgloss since I was around 12 years old because every formula out there was goopy, sticky, and super tacky. It got stuck in my hair and would make my lips feel really gross. I could never find a gloss that worked but that is probably because lipgloss wasn't really on-trend for a whil…

Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 32

Happy Friday! It was another wild week here in my life and sure to be another wild weekend. I have my best friend's casual engagement party tomorrow and my Godson's birthday on Sunday -- a weekend with family and friends is definitely the best way to spend it. I am super excited that Mercury is out of retrog…