It's my favorite weekend of the year! The last weekend of summer! This summer was really rough for me. I was unemployed, trying my hand at freelancing and still looking for a full-time gig. I was challenged mentally, emotionally, and professionally so the fact that the summer is over and I start a new job in two weeks sounds pretty great.

It's not a surprise to me that I would start a new, incredible job at the start of my favorite season just as if I was starting school! The harmony involved in this is really satisfying to me.

I made my annual trip to Bath and Body Works and Target today to stock up on Fall scents and pumpkin/apple-flavored things. Everything is falling into place!

On another note, I was very absent from the blog this week and truthfully I just needed a break. I've been preoccupied and I was just moody this week; the last thing I felt like doing was writing. I think I have to admit that I have been suffering from a bad case of writer's block but I'm hoping a sense of routine will whip me back into shape.

For now, let's dive into the week!

PS: If you have not, you need to try the Nude Lips fragrance from KKW x Kylie. It is vanilla, musk, amber, and more warm notes that will make you want to cozy up in a blanket.

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