I haven't enjoyed wearing lipgloss since I was around 12 years old because every formula out there was goopy, sticky, and super tacky. It got stuck in my hair and would make my lips feel really gross. I could never find a gloss that worked but that is probably because lipgloss wasn't really on-trend for a while.

That is, until a few years ago when lipgloss made a huge resurgence and beauty brands were starting to release some incredible formulas. 

While working for Laura Geller, I got to experience a few different lipgloss formulas and gently dipped my toe back into the trend. I really loved the Color Luster Hi-Def Top Coat glosses; they are sparkly, not sticky and add the perfect amount of shine.

The key to a perfect gloss for me is not something too opaque. I want it to feel like a gloss, not a goopy, shiny lipstick! Over the years I've tried my fair share of lipgloss formula but these have been my top three and I don't know if I'll ever find anything as incredible.

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Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss

When I saw Kylie release High Glosses, I wasn't overly impressed. I did think the packaging was interesting and I like the big doe-foot applicator but I thought they were too sheer. Eventually, I was worn down and purchased the shade "Daddy's Girl". Oh boy... this is an amazing lipgloss. I love that it's sheer, has a little glitter to make your lips look juicy and very shiny, and has just enough tact that it lasts on the lips. I don't find this gloss sticky at all and it's very comfortable on the lips. Right now I only have the "Daddy's Girl" shade which is described as a baby pink with copper shimmer but I don't feel that it's overly pink, which is good in my opinion.  

Bite Beauty French Press Lipgloss

I've talked on and on about these glosses before and over a year later, I still cannot get enough. I first saw these on Samantha Ravndahl's channel and as soon as she uttered the word 'coffee' I was sold. I love a good caffeine-infused beauty product but also love a good coffee-inspired! I have four of the Bite Beauty French Press Lipgloss shades: Vanilla Latte, Salted Caramel, French Press, and Dirty Chai. They are insane and my go-to lipgloss in the Fall (I just feel like these are fall colors/products). They are by far my favorite gloss ever because they are opaque enough for you to really see the color but very shiny. These are also the most comfortable to wear -- I almost feel like it has more of a lip balm texture than traditional lipgloss. If you're going to pick up anything on this list, make it be a French Press gloss. 

Laura Geller Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lipgloss

When we released the Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lipglosses at Laura Geller last year, I fell in love. 16 shades of your perfect nude, ranging from light to dark? Sign me up! There were two different finishes: cream and sparkle but don't let the sparkle fool you, it was a nice sheen but nothing too over the top. These glided on your lips without a bit of tackiness. They're very creamy and make your lips look very full. Plus, with 16 shades you are bound to find at least three that work great for you and your look! 

Buxom Lip Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

This is probably the only lipgloss I used consistently for years before finding the other three. It was the only gloss I could stand because of its thin formula. It's also super shiny, applies like a cushiony dream and isn't overly sticky or tacky. Also, the plumping formula feels really nice and cool on the lips. I have the shade Dolly which is a neutral pink shade but I would love to get my hands on more -- there are just so many shades it's almost a little overwhelming. 

What are your favorite lip glosses? 
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