We are slowly but surely coming to the end of August and this week I had my first PSL of the season. Dunkin Donuts released their pumpkin goodies on Wednesday and on the way to my boyfriend's house, I picked up an iced PSL. I only had a few sips before it gave me a stomachache but it was so worth it. I almost walked into Bath and Body Works today too but I refrained.

In other news, I got a haircut in the salon for the first time in years (my friend usually cuts my hair in the house) and wow, I don't remember being this emotional about my hair. They cut it way too short and now my hair which used to be in the middle of my back is shorter than my shoulders. I did NOT want it that way and told him to just cut off a few inches, to give me a good, healthy trim but he did not listen. I didn't realize he was going that short until he got to the front of my head and then it was too late. I cried hysterically when I left the salon and didn't look into the mirror until hours later.

Hair is really emotional for me and I remember the last time I got my hair cut a little too short, I was a child and had the same reaction. I really like my long hair and am very attached to my 'hair routine' of being able to style it however I want. Thankfully my hair grows like a weed so, within two weeks, it'll probably be back to normal. It was just a rough day for me.

It was also rough on Wednesday when news broke that my favorite housewife of all time, Bethenny Frankel, was leaving the RHONY cast. I was with my boyfriend when I found out and I literally couldn't focus on anything else but being upset that my favorite boss was no longer going to provide epic one-liners every week. SO SAD. 

However, the good part about today was Taylor Swift's new album, Lover, was released. It definitely is a different Taylor Swift sound but more similar to 1989 than Reputation was. Red is forever my favorite album of all time but this is a really great one. Taylor Swift's music makes me feel 16 years old and I love it.

I'm currently binging Disney Youtube videos on a Friday night and plan to crash soon as I have a busy weekend ahead!

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What I Bought This Week

I also bought a Lilly Pulitzer pen case and some diamond pens-- all for my new job that I start in a few weeks! I'm also on a huge Disney kick and BoxLunch had a 30% off flash sale so I picked up a Tinkerbell t-shirt and a princess cardholder.

Have a great weekend! 
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