Back in the day, I loved a good drugstore beauty product. Maybelline was my favorite brand and I loved the accessibility and affordability of all the brands. Over the years though, my love of higher-end brands took over and I couldn't be bothered with anything at the drugstore.

I found that nothing was innovative or exciting and a lot of the brands had price increases; why buy a $20 foundation when I could buy a $30 one at Sephora? I just didn't see the appeal anymore. Also, I hate shopping inside the drugstore, at least in my neighborhood. I find that the displays are confusing, you can never be too sure if something has been opened/swatched, and sometimes my drugstore didn't have the most up to date collections. There's always Ulta but I'm not big on Ulta, to be honest.

However, my feelings toward all of that have started to change as I've seen the drugstore vastly improve and release a few exciting things over the past few months.

I've been experimenting with more unique drugstore brands that aren't always readily available -- they take a little more work to locate and I'm fine with that.

As of right now, these are my current favorite finds from the drugstore!

Favorite drugstore beauty products, Pacifica Foundation, Thayers toner and makeup revolution concealer

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

I was definitely a little late with this purchase but better late than never. I was in the market for a new concealer and had been meaning to try this as it's been compared to Tarte Shape Tape. I picked it up a month or so ago and have been using it very consistently. It's definitely full coverage, not drying, and has a very large doe-foot applicator. It sits beautifully under the eye and I've really been loving it. They just released a hydrating version so I will definitely be picking that up as well. The best part? It's $7. I'm also very curious about their Conceal and Define Foundation.

Thayers Rosewater Toner

I have never consistently used a toner in my skincare routine and I knew it was essential for me if I wanted to start building a true skincare routine. After watching one of my favorite Youtubers, Allie Sevdalis and seeing that she swears by the Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Toner, I immediately went out and purchased it. I've been using it for a few months and I do see that I've had fewer breakouts, less texture and my skin is smoother. I really like Thayers as a brand and its old school feels so I will definitely be trying one of their facial mists

Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation

I needed a new foundation for the summer and my semi tanned skin so when I saw a few bloggers talking about this Pacifica foundation, I immediately purchased it from Ulta. It has coconut water for balancing the skin, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin and Rose Leaf Extract for antioxidant properties. Pacifica claims that this is a foundation that will make your skin look better after wearing it which is very interesting. The packaging is gorgeous, in a slim, beautiful glass bottle and has a really nice, nourishing formula. It covers pores and blends seamlessly into the skin without settling into fine lines. I have been reaching it for constantly and will probably purchase a lighter shade for my collection.

Makeup Revolution The Wants Palette

Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel "The Wants" Palette

Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel "The Wants" Palette

To go along with my Makeup Revolution concealer, I also bought the Emily Noel collaboration, 'The Wants' palette. I have been watching Emily for years now and I love her to bits so I was so excited to get my hands on the eyeshadow palette. It's very large and I don't think I was expecting it to be as big as it is but I make due. The shades are beautiful, very unique in color and I feel like it's a palette that fits a hole in my collection. I am definitely a neutral kind of gal and this palette has a lot of colors so it's definitely nice to have it as an option. They aren't the best eyeshadows I've ever had but it's an affordable, large palette with a lot of variety and it gets the job done. The shadows do blend really well and aren't patchy at all, they're just not the smoothest but that is perfectly fine with me! I really love this palette and I try to work it into every look I create. 

Bliss What a Melon Overnight Mask

Bliss What a Melon De-stressing Overnight Mask

Bliss What a Melon De-stressing Overnight Mask

I've developed a weird obsession with the Bliss brand. I think they do an incredible job on social media, and they have pretty cool and innovative products. I spotted this overnight mask on their Instagram and then saw it in my CVS -- who knew CVS carried Bliss? I immediately picked it up and have been loving it. I love the idea of using watermelon in skincare and it's definitely a trend a lot of brands are realizing. The mask is supposed to revive and destress skin so I like to use it when I've been wearing a lot of makeup or if my skin just feels particularly finicky. It says to wash it off in the morning and after I do, my skin feels so refreshed and smoothe. It has the strangest, most interesting texture of a gel-cream and it feels so cooling on the skin. I cannot wait to try more Bliss products in the future! 

What are your current favorite drugstore products?

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