I've always read articles about how powerful a red lipstick was or how women have a particular outfit that makes them feel comfortable. Both items hold the idea that something you wear can give you confidence and make you present the best version of yourself. 

I never felt this way about anything in my fashion or beauty wardrobe until one lipstick fell into my lap. Charlotte Tilbury's "Bitch Perfect" was a color I was always intrigued by but more importantly, the name caught my eye.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect swatch

A weird fact about me is that I love the word "bitch". It's probably one of my favorite words ever. It can definitely have a bad connotation but I truly love to use it in a positive, empowering way. Bitch is just another word for powerful or standing up for yourself. Bitch isn't bad... which is why I love the lipstick name "Bitch Perfect."

My Power Lip

Bitch Perfect is one of Charlotte Tilbury's more popular shades and it was definitely the most talked-about before Pillowtalk came along. It's also the first shade I ever purchased and that's why it's my power lipstick.

This lippie is a peach toned nude that has a traditional satin cream finish. The lipstick applies like a dream and leaves the most beautiful peachy pink color behind. Before trying this lipstick, I don't know if I've ever felt this way about a lipstick.

It matches every beauty look, can be a casual or more dressed up lip, and looks good on a variety of skin tones. After a few wears, this quickly became my favorite lipstick and it became the lipstick I wore when I wanted to feel good about myself.

I almost started to think of it as a lucky lipstick. I wore it to every big day at work, every interview I went on, and whenever I just needed to feel good about myself. It made me happy, feel confident, and I always felt better whenever I applied it. I think it's a combination of the name but also how perfect it looks on me! It's not too pink, not too peach or too nude -- it's utterly perfect.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect and Pillowtalk
Bitch Perfect and Pillowtalk

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect and Pillowtalk
Bitch Perfect (L)
Pillowtalk (R)

Bitch Perfect is still my power lipstick to this day but I definitely switch it up with Charlotte Tilbury's "Pillowtalk" because that is the most universally flattering shade, although it does tend to lean a little more brown nude than pink so sometimes I reserve it strictly for the cooler months. However, despite everything, Charlotte Tilbury produces my favorite lipsticks, my power lipsticks and I can't wait to continue to find new shades that make me feel powerful and confident!

Do you have a power lipstick shade?
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