Little Problems was the first company I ever featured on my blog so I'll always have a special place in my heart for the sorority girl run company. 

Lauren is such a gem and such a business woman, I'm always impressed with her work so when an email from Ms. Lauren popped up in my inbox this week, my ears immediately perked up.

Little Problems recently relaunched this week with a brand new design, logo and some new products for the sorority girl in your life.

If you don't know, Little Problems is a company that sells accessories for your Big or Little with cute little slogans and sayings. The story of Little Problems is simple: it started off as a Twitter account, using the hastag #littleproblems with "problems" relating to being a sorority Little sister. 

It soon developed into a webstore and now it's a sorority phenomenon. The ladies of Little Problems are well educated, well respected and have a work ethic like no other. They're passionate about what they do and it shows through their work. I'm obsessed!

This time around, Little Problems has new products such as new koozie designs, stadium cups, and even sunglasses. They're perfect for your big or little, they'll be sure to adore them!

If you haven't checked out Little Problems, be sure to do so now!

Being back in my hometown with some money in my bank account is a recipe for disaster. I'm bored, it's beautiful outside and I have nothing to do but shop.

I have been very good though, not spending money too frivolously but a trip to the drugstore is the worst thing I could do with a full bank account. I needed a few new make-up products because it's me and I'll always find an excuse to buy new makeup.

The three products I bought were not things I was in dire need of but that I had seen got positive reviews from beauty bloggers and thought I'd try them out.

I really wanted new brow products because I didn't have anything that I was in love with so I chose the Milani Brow and Eye Highlighters along with the Milani Clear Brow Gel. Both were around $4 each which I think is a real steal, especially for drug store products which have gotten heftier in price over the years.

I'm obsessed with the Brow and Eye Highlighters; the brown end of the thick pencil fills in my brows perfectly and goes on smooth while the highlighter end creates a beautiful glow and arches my brows. I'm in love with them!

The brow gel works wonders at keeping my brows in place. The gel is light weight but at the end of the day while taking off your makeup, you can feel the flakiness of the gel but it's nothing too terrible. I really love this product because it keeps all unruly hairs in place.

I've been in the market for a new blush; I have my Bouncy Blush from Maybelline and also my NARS Orgasm but I wanted something a little less shimmery and something not cream based so it could be used for everyday. 

There is really a lack of great, cheap blushes in the drugstore and I was going to leave empty handed until I saw the NYX display. I have one NYX blush that I forgot about until I saw the display and remembered how much I loved and adored the blush. I knew that I had to pick up another one.

I chose the shade 'Pinched' which is a slightly shimmery, pinkish coral color--perfect for the summer months. The consistency and texture of the blush is great because it goes on super smooth. It also doesn't crease and the color stays on all day. I might have to pick up another one of these soon; it was super cheap also, ranging at around $5.

Makeup is my weakness and I'm mature enough to admit that.

Gimme, Gimme

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It's no secret that I've been lusting after the Kate Spade Beau Bag for MONTHS but I never had the money and it was always just too dam expensive.

Last night, I was browsing the Kate Spade website just because and I found that the white Beau Bag is ON SALE. It just so happens that I have a bunch of graduation money sitting in my bank account waiting to be used.

My mother would actually kill me if I ordered it, therefore I'll get her permission before purchasing, if I muster up the courage to ask her. 

I know I won't end up ordering it because it's still too much money and I could buy a whole new wardrobe for that amount but's SO pretty.

Beau Bag
Isn't it just the perfect work bag?

I've been in the market for new sunglasses for a while now. Some of my better pairs have went out of style and my cheap Forever21 ones just aren't cutting it anymore. I decided that with some of my graduation money, I was going to treat myself to a nice, semi expensive pair of shades.

I knew the minute I decided that, that I wanted to try Warby Parker. I've been dying to own a pair ever since I found out about the brand last summer. I just love all the styles, different colors and the brand as a whole. 

I don't really have the head to go to Manhattan and go to the Warby Parker store so I decided the at home try on system they had would be my best bet. 

What you do is you create an account, select 5 pairs of glasses you'd like to try on and put them into your cart with the option "At Home Try On". What will happen is you're able to try these glasses for free for 5 days to see which ones you like best. Your credit card will be charged $1 for insurance but it's no big deal. 

I love the idea of having the sunglasses in your own house to try on as many times as you want with different outfits and hairstyles just to make sure you really love them before purchasing.

I ordered my At Home Try On on Wednesday and they were in my mailbox when I got home yesterday. I immediately ripped open the package and was impressed with how it was all put together. All the glasses are in separate bags, in separate compartments with a little label on each so you know which is which. 

Also, Warby Parker gives you a packing slip and label to make returns free and easy...bonus!

The minute I opened my box, I knew which glasses I was going to choose. It was the first pair I tried on and I was immediately in love. 

I took pictures of all of them, though; they were all really beautiful glasses but some just weren't my style or too small for my face.

These are my favorite and the ones I'm definitely purchasing
Banks in Sea Smoke Tortoise

Raglan in Pearled Tortoise
I liked these and they were my second choice but I really just loved the Banks shades.

Reilly Marzipan Tortoise 

Madison Whiskey Tortoise 

Everett Gimlet Tortoise
What are your favorites from these 5 pairs? Which ones do you think look best? Let me know in the comments! I want your opinion :)

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you enjoy the sunshine, BBQs, and beach days with your friends and family but make sure you take a minute to say a prayer and give thanks to those soldiers who show what Memorial Day is all about!

Like I promised last week, my blogging schedule would return to normal because even my first post grad summer deserves some routine.

I really need to get my head together because last week was such a hectic time so for now, here are some musings to start off the week!

1. Mad Men: It's that time of year again, it's summertime so it means that Neflix is in full force. There is nothing else to do besides lay around all day and binge watch a television show that your friends have been watching for years. This time around, I decided Mad Men would be a good choice because I've been told I'd probably enjoy it. As I write this at 11:30pm on Sunday night, I've watched the entire first season in about 26 hours. That's an issue but I'll disregard it. It's seriously an amazing television show; it has everything you could want: the 1950s, beautiful people, humor, drama, sex, lust, and love. I'm kind of addicted. If you haven't watched it, I advise you too. There's no way there could be a person who doesn't like the show. 

2. New blog design: If you've stumbled along Royally Pink for the past few days, you would notice the new branding/design that's come along. I knew that with graduation and post grad life, I was going to need a new feel and look to the blog. This is all owed to the lovely Nicole Rose of Nicole Rose Designs; I answered a few of her questions and her creativity ran wild. I'm amazed at how she basically read my mind and came up with this beautiful design. I'm obsessed! Tell me what you think in the comments, I'd love to hear your opinions!!

3. 2014-2015 Lilly Agendas: I've been busting for a new planner for my post grad life (Let's count how many times I could say 'post grad' in a blogpost) and I've kind of ruled out the Lilly agenda because I feel like I need something more mature, a little more organized and sophisticated. Just because I feel like that doesn't mean that I can't lust over the "alleged" new Lilly designs. I don't think there is a pattern I don't like. I might need to get a mini one and keep it for the blog because they're too pretty to not have!

4. 19 Interntal Debates A Girl Has When Deciding if She Should Stay In or Go Out: I struggle with this decision on a weekly basis. There are days when I'm dying to go out and others when I know that I want to stay in but there are those in-between nights where it's a tough call. This article makes that all very clear. 

I'll be spending Memorial Day running errands and chilling out. What are your plans on this Monday off?

For the past year or so, me and my sorority sisters have seen on Pinterest that the graduating class of sororities always do a fun photo-shoot. 

Being the classic ladies we are, we thought this would be such a fun, different idea. No one on our campus had ever done anything like this before and we're such a close grade that we thought it'd be the perfect addition to our graduation celebrations.

My fabulous sorority sister Emma is an insanely talented photographer so we recruited her to take our pictures. The weather wasn't great leading up to the photo-shoot so we had to cancel a few times but even in the cloudy, rainy weather, the pictures came out wonderfully.

Here are some of my favorites.

My favorite :)

Also, I forgot to post this but here is my nicely decorated graduation cap!

My regular blogging schedule will return next week once I'm settled but for now....

I'm a post grad. 
I'm an alumnae. 
This isn't real.

Graduation was a truly surreal day and I have to say, I was so incredibly proud of myself. I know that a lot of people don't get to have the honor to attend college and I had this blessed privilege to be able to graduate from someplace as amazing as Iona College. 

It was a great day to spend with my friends, classmates, and family. We all took the train in together, drank mimosas and ran through Manhattan as people applauded us in our caps and gowns. I felt like I was having an outer-body experience. It didn't feel real, it didn't feel as if it were happening to me.

When I got to Madison Square Garden, I couldn't believe I was there. I was about to walk across the stage at MSG and accept my college diploma. It was insane. 

While in the hallway, waiting with my friends to walk into the ceremony, I couldn't believe it. I felt incredibly sick and nervous. Then we heard the graduation march and walked into the theater; as soon as I walked in, I saw my family and my emotions hit me.

The ceremony wasn't terribly long or boring, it was actually kind of beautiful.

Before I knew it, my name was being called and I was walking across the stage to shake the President of my college's hand and getting my fake diploma. 

Afterwards, pictures were taken, tears were shed, and I went to brunch with my family before heading off to the bars for a splendid, fun night out with the Class of 2014.

I didn't cry at all on Saturday but on Sunday, when the goodbyes started, that's when it all hit me. Saying goodbye to my friends, both who live near and far, was really tough. I have full faith that I will stay in touch with everyone close to me but it'll never be the same. We'll never be in the same place at the same time, we have to make an actual effort to be friends. It's going to be weird but I know it'll be okay.

I'm home now, post grad living, and it's definitely going to be an adjustment. I need a job, need to learn to live with my mom and sister again, and learn to be an adult. It's going to be interesting, fun, scary and exciting so please take the ride with me.

This new chapter is going to be quite the page turner. 

PS. Here are some pics from graduation! (I wore my FIRST Lilly Pulitzer dress! How exciting!!) 

Mimosas on the train #gradlife

Selfies during the ceremony
Me and my pledge sissy

Dear 17 Year Old Briana,

Hold on tight little girl because you're about to be in for the awakening of a lifetime. You've left Queens behind and you're in New Rochelle with no one but yourself and 899 other freshmen who are just as scared as you. Don't be nervous though, I promise it'll be okay. 

It's okay to be scared and look around at this big(but not so big campus) with a deer in the headlights type of glare. You'll understand the layout of this place soon and you'll know it like the back of your hand.

Walk into your freshmen dorm with confidence and know that the other nine girls that you'll be living with are just as nervous as you are. You guys are strangers and soon enough, you'll become great friends. Some of you will have friendships that will last all four years while others will drift apart but cherish the time you are spending together. In four years, you'll be praying for move in day again.

Say hello to people, Bri. Don't be shy or nervous. Keep your dorm room door open and say hello to the girls across the hall. Everyone is looking to make friends and no one is going to side eye you...well maybe a few people will.

Go out to the parties, even the ones that you would roll your eyes at senior year aka rugby and frat parties. If you go to those parties, you'll be forced to make small talk and get out of your shell but that's the point.

Tropicana Thursdays will become your new best friend so take advantage of all of them. Tropicana won't be a thing in a year so put on a sparkly shirt, take a four loko to the face and have the time of your life.

Pay attention to the people around you because boys and girls you don't know or "know of" will become your best friends senior year...they may even become your family.

Go to all the events on campus, even if they seem kind of silly. You'll be grateful that you went and had those experiences. 

Your first round of recruitment will be rough but don't get discouraged. You may not get a bid but that just means you have some growing to do. Go back out sophomore year and your bids will be there. Everything happens for a reason and senior year, you'll be sorority women of the year. It'll all be worth it.

Keep up with your writing, take your education seriously, and learn to figure out the nights that you really need to get work done between the nights that you're just making excuses.

Don't get down in the dumps because of something silly and irrelevant. You won't remember why you stayed in those nights but you will remember the nights you went out and had the time of your life.

Go to the Fordham bars more and socialize with people outside of your floor. Your friends will reminisce senior year on the things you missed out and it'll bring you back to that place.

You'll share drunken heart to hearts with strangers who will become your best friends, you'll go to mixers, chapter meetings, and formals. You're going to get into arguments and there will be nights when you cry yourself to sleep. There will be mornings when you wake up and feel like a truck hit you and mornings where you are deathly embarrassed by something you said or did. Take it all in though, even the bad times because you'll look back and laugh at how silly you were but they're all lessons to be learned.

Your years will get better and better. Each year will have a special moment to remember for the rest of your life. Each year here will treat you special and you'll form a new memory that will never leave you.

Be patient, in all aspects of life. You'll find your place eventually. You'll find a fabulous group of sisters, a great group of fraternity men and friends that will be your family, forever.

Cherish every single moment. Do not take one moment for granted because this place is going to nurture you and keep you sane. It will make you into the person you are and the person you are meant to be.

Your life will change here, in so many ways. 

Throw those transfer papers in the garbage because you aren't going anywhere, Bri. You are a Gael and were always meant to be a Gael. 

Iona College will be the place where you make the life you always wanted. You will become the person you always wanted to be. 

You'll find love, happiness, leadership, friendship, sincerity, and all emotions in between. You'll find yourself here, I promise, I wouldn't lie to you.

Keep your head high, little one. Things will get better and once you leave this place, you'll be fighting to get back. I would know.

21 Year old Briana

Whether it's high school, college, or grad school graduation, this milestone is a huge deal to the graduate and all their loved ones. This is a time that should be celebrated and honored because a lot of people don't get this chance. A lot of people will be the first college graduate in their family and that is definitely something to be proud of.

With this crazy celebration comes the time to be greedy and ask for lots of gifts (hehehe). I'm hoping that the gifts/money I get for graduation will ease the blow of leaving my cocoon called Iona College. 

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for what I want for graduation but in reality, I'll be happy with whatever I get. 

Here are some ideas for gift giving (and receiving) for the graduate in your life.

1. Three Jane Map Necklace: I've been lusting over this necklace for the past two years, since I started blogging. I think the idea is so great and wonderful for a graduate. You're able to engrave a little map with the coordinates of whatever place you want to remember, in this case, your college's address. Having a little piece of your school/college house with you at all times is a great memory.

2. Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown: I bought this book at the beginning of senior year but once I started reading it, I realized this was a lot better for a recent graduate. I'm sure that this will be fully read by the beginning of June to prepare me for adulthood. It's a hilarious novel with tips and anecdotes for becoming an adult. It was written by Kelly Williams Brown. The New York Times wrote an article about Brown and "Adulting" back in June 2013 and it was a great piece. I'm looking forward to reading just how to become an adult.

3. Kate Spade Beau Bag: I want this bag more than anything in the world but I know this dream will never become reality. It's a great idea for a more expensive gift, especially if you're in the market for a new, big girl bag. It's the perfect bag to hold your laptop, make up bag, planner, and everything you need throughout the day. Not to mention it's Kate Spade leather and so dam pretty!

Photo Credit

4. Big Girl Planners: I love my Lilly Pulitzer planner and it's treated me well over the past two years but I think once I enter the real world, I'm going to need something more adult like. I loved the Kate Spade planners that were released this year but I think the Russel + Hazel planners I've been seeing around would make a great graduation gift.

5. MacBook Air: Entering college is the perfect time to invest in a new laptop. I got my MacBook when I went to college and it was the greatest gift ever. It made everything so much easier and up until then, I only used PCs. Mac has changed my life and I think they make the best, really expensive gifts. If I was going to get a new laptop for graduation, I'd definitely want the MacBook Air. I love the silver color and the sleekness of this laptop. It makes traveling a lot easier and looks so much more professional.

What are your ideas for graduation gifts? Tell me in the comments!