Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you enjoy the sunshine, BBQs, and beach days with your friends and family but make sure you take a minute to say a prayer and give thanks to those soldiers who show what Memorial Day is all about!

Like I promised last week, my blogging schedule would return to normal because even my first post grad summer deserves some routine.

I really need to get my head together because last week was such a hectic time so for now, here are some musings to start off the week!

1. Mad Men: It's that time of year again, it's summertime so it means that Neflix is in full force. There is nothing else to do besides lay around all day and binge watch a television show that your friends have been watching for years. This time around, I decided Mad Men would be a good choice because I've been told I'd probably enjoy it. As I write this at 11:30pm on Sunday night, I've watched the entire first season in about 26 hours. That's an issue but I'll disregard it. It's seriously an amazing television show; it has everything you could want: the 1950s, beautiful people, humor, drama, sex, lust, and love. I'm kind of addicted. If you haven't watched it, I advise you too. There's no way there could be a person who doesn't like the show. 

2. New blog design: If you've stumbled along Royally Pink for the past few days, you would notice the new branding/design that's come along. I knew that with graduation and post grad life, I was going to need a new feel and look to the blog. This is all owed to the lovely Nicole Rose of Nicole Rose Designs; I answered a few of her questions and her creativity ran wild. I'm amazed at how she basically read my mind and came up with this beautiful design. I'm obsessed! Tell me what you think in the comments, I'd love to hear your opinions!!

3. 2014-2015 Lilly Agendas: I've been busting for a new planner for my post grad life (Let's count how many times I could say 'post grad' in a blogpost) and I've kind of ruled out the Lilly agenda because I feel like I need something more mature, a little more organized and sophisticated. Just because I feel like that doesn't mean that I can't lust over the "alleged" new Lilly designs. I don't think there is a pattern I don't like. I might need to get a mini one and keep it for the blog because they're too pretty to not have!

4. 19 Interntal Debates A Girl Has When Deciding if She Should Stay In or Go Out: I struggle with this decision on a weekly basis. There are days when I'm dying to go out and others when I know that I want to stay in but there are those in-between nights where it's a tough call. This article makes that all very clear. 

I'll be spending Memorial Day running errands and chilling out. What are your plans on this Monday off?

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