I've been in the market for new sunglasses for a while now. Some of my better pairs have went out of style and my cheap Forever21 ones just aren't cutting it anymore. I decided that with some of my graduation money, I was going to treat myself to a nice, semi expensive pair of shades.

I knew the minute I decided that, that I wanted to try Warby Parker. I've been dying to own a pair ever since I found out about the brand last summer. I just love all the styles, different colors and the brand as a whole. 

I don't really have the head to go to Manhattan and go to the Warby Parker store so I decided the at home try on system they had would be my best bet. 

What you do is you create an account, select 5 pairs of glasses you'd like to try on and put them into your cart with the option "At Home Try On". What will happen is you're able to try these glasses for free for 5 days to see which ones you like best. Your credit card will be charged $1 for insurance but it's no big deal. 

I love the idea of having the sunglasses in your own house to try on as many times as you want with different outfits and hairstyles just to make sure you really love them before purchasing.

I ordered my At Home Try On on Wednesday and they were in my mailbox when I got home yesterday. I immediately ripped open the package and was impressed with how it was all put together. All the glasses are in separate bags, in separate compartments with a little label on each so you know which is which. 

Also, Warby Parker gives you a packing slip and label to make returns free and easy...bonus!

The minute I opened my box, I knew which glasses I was going to choose. It was the first pair I tried on and I was immediately in love. 

I took pictures of all of them, though; they were all really beautiful glasses but some just weren't my style or too small for my face.

These are my favorite and the ones I'm definitely purchasing
Banks in Sea Smoke Tortoise

Raglan in Pearled Tortoise
I liked these and they were my second choice but I really just loved the Banks shades.

Reilly Marzipan Tortoise 

Madison Whiskey Tortoise 

Everett Gimlet Tortoise
What are your favorites from these 5 pairs? Which ones do you think look best? Let me know in the comments! I want your opinion :)

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