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Welcome to Royally Pink. I'm Briana; I've been running Royally Pink for the past 9 years and have loved every minute of it.

I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from May, 2016

Manicure Monday: Memorial Day Edition

Would it be the official unofficial start of summer if I didn't kick off the day with a manicure Monday? It also wouldn't be a summer holiday if I wasn't sick...yes, I have strep throat AGAIN. It's the 3rd time in 15 months so I think it's safe to say I may have to get my tonsils taken out... and t…

Links to Love

Another slow week on Royally Pink... I apologize. I don't have a good excuse other than the week got away from me. Doctors appointments, photoshoots at work, a HUGE sale on Thursday (First one in the office, last to leave!), and finally, Memorial Day Weekend. Give or take a few stressful breakdowns, we're fi…

Beauty in Review: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette

Eyeshadow is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. I don't buy a lot of palettes because how much eyeshadow can one person have. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday so I can have self control when it comes to shadows. I've gone even as far to return palettes after I've bought them because…

Links to Love

Does anyone else suffer from hayfever allergies? If so, I think this week was rough for you too. My allergies knocked me out, from making my eyes swollen, to making my body work overtime and making me beyond exhausted. Dam you Springtime! I'm currently sitting in my pajamas, on a Friday night, with eye gel mas…

Tuesday Inspiration: Grief

I've been having a really hard time lately. I miss my dad.... a lot and I forget that he's gone at the most random times throughout the day. I'll be making coffee at work, standing at the Keurig machine and a random thought will pop in my head and I'll say to myself "I have to tell my d…