This has been a long and fast month. It seems like so much has happened in such a short time. I cannot believe it's already June. How is the year half over? How is that possible? Wasn't Christmas, uhhhh yesterday????

It's very scary how time goes by and if this is growing up, I don't like it... at all.

I'm currently writing this sitting in bed, watching Harry Potter on MDW. Strep Throat is not fun, as I mentioned yesterday and I'm in so much pain, I can't even speak. SOS.

Trying to think of my favorites this month is a tad difficult. I feel like I discovered a lot of new products but nothing that I'm obsessing over. That's a change for me... not obsessing over things.

I have been loving some trends, that I want to talk about in a different, more in depth blog post. I've been addicted to cream beauty products. Cream foundations, cream blushes, bronzers, and highlights. ALL THE CREAMS, PLEASE! It could be a cream or a liquid, just not powder. I think cream is amazing for summer and I can't wait to share my favorites -- I'm still testing some products out!

As for my other favorites...

-InvisiBobble Traceless Hair Ring: I've been obsessed with my hair lately. I just want it to look good, clean, and healthy. I'm getting a keratin treatment this week so I've been trying to maintain my hair however I can. These hair ties I found at Sephora are everything. They look like a slinky, in a way, and at first glance you think "Those are NOT going to fit in my head" but then you receive them and they're super stretchy and keep your hair in place. My hair is super thick, curly, and unruly and these are the best hair ties I've ever used. The best part? They don't leave a dent in your hair after using. That is my biggest feat when it comes to hair ties -- they always leave a mark. Since using these I haven't had any trouble and my hair has never looked better (so my co-workers say!)

Rebecca Minkoff Avery Tote: I talked about this bag a few weeks ago. I scored it in the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale and I have not stopped using it. It's the perfect year round color (a stone griege if you will) and it's the perfect size for everyday use. It's not too big, or too small. It fits just right. It comes with a long strap to wear as a cross-body or on the shoulder but I'm not a fan of that. I like just carrying it on  my arm. I can't find this bag anywhere but here is a similar style.

Alterna Scalp Facial: I've suffered from dry scalp since I was around 12 years old. I've tried everything in the books and while things have worked in the past, my head usually starts to reject it after a few weeks. It really was getting to me this month so I did some research and found this little gem. It's pricey but my goodness, it's incredible. It's a pre shampoo treatment that you massage into your scalp to get the product buildup and dry flakes off your head. I wet my head, start scrubbing, and start to feel the particles leave your head. It's REALLY GROSS and REALLY WEIRD but I am addicted and will never be without it ever again. It does make my hair look and feel cleaner, while also keeping my dry scalp at bay one or two days longer than without it. I've only used this three times but I'm excited to see how it keeps up.

DryBar: On the subject of hair... I'm having a love affair, a love affair with The DryBar. You can read about my experience here but not only am I obsessed with the salon, but the products are incredible. They have been helping keep my hair shiny, gorgeous and clean. Take a look below at what I've been loving!

What are your favorites this month?

I can't believe this week is 4 years since I started Royally Pink and I can't believe how fast time flies. I was going into my junior year of college and felt like I needed something extra to do. I knew I was going to be busy with my sorority, my education, my activities in school, and an internship but I felt that this blog would be beneficial to my future.

And it has been... in so many ways.

It's expanded my writing, expanded my horizons in terms of what I like to write about, and has helped my career. I got my first "real" internship from using my blog, which introduced me to my mentor, who got me my first job out of college.

It's funny how things turn out, isn't it?

This blog has made me realize what I love... beauty, writing, giving people advice. It's made me realize I'd be very happy being a freelance writer/blogger and that ultimately, that is my goal.

I am so beyond grateful for my readers, my friends who make fun of me for being 'on the blog' but ultimately support me 100%.

Royally Pink started out as something fun to do on the side, to help my career, but it's been the one constant for the past 4 years. It's been with me throughout my last years at college, graduation, my first horrible year of post grad, and some of the toughest & happiest times of my life.

None of this would be possible without people who read, subscribe, and comment along the way. I may not be the biggest blogger but I'm very grateful that I've come this far.

I have a long way to go but it's been an exciting journey so far, and I hope to continue forever.

To celebrate YOU and Royally Pink, I want to give away some of my favorite things: BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I've been hoarding both bags of skincare, haircare, and makeup for months and just filling them up as I went.

Feel free to join BOTH giveaways or just one.

Thank you everyone! Royally Pink would NOT be possible without you. Cheers to another four years :) 

Would it be the official unofficial start of summer if I didn't kick off the day with a manicure Monday? It also wouldn't be a summer holiday if I wasn't sick...yes, I have strep throat AGAIN. It's the 3rd time in 15 months so I think it's safe to say I may have to get my tonsils taken out... and that is a scary thought. That's a whole different blog post!

I haven't really bought too many new polishes for summer but when I went into my collection Friday night to pick something, I knew I had to go with Bikini So Teeny. It is the most classic summer shade in my opinion and it makes me so happy when I wear it.

There was no better choice for Memorial Day.

I did want to spice it up a little and I knew exactly how I'd do that. Sephora recently (and it's still going on) had a huge sale and I went to town! I picked up this little nail art set for $5 because I always want to switch up my manicures but never have the right tools.

I decided to create some polka dots for my first try and used Peach Side Babe to create the polka dots and honestly, I'm not the best at creating designs but I'm pretty happy with how this came out.

I used the fat end of the nail art set, dipped it in the nail polish bottle, and applied it to my semi dry nails. The dots are perfectly round or neat but like I said, I love how fun it is.

I will for sure be using this nail art set again and if you love doing your own nails but are easily bored, I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. It's $5, you cannot beat it.

Links to Love

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Another slow week on Royally Pink... I apologize. I don't have a good excuse other than the week got away from me. Doctors appointments, photoshoots at work, a HUGE sale on Thursday (First one in the office, last to leave!), and finally, Memorial Day Weekend.

Give or take a few stressful breakdowns, we're finally at the uber long weekend.

I never mean to make excuses or complain so much; I want this to be a positive place but Links to Love is my weekly round up and I like to keep it real; I've talked about my anxiety issues on here a lot and they're slowly creeping back up. This week was stressful more than anxious and it just got me worked up. I'm hoping that the long weekend will recharge my batteries and I'll be good to go.

A few work trips got canceled this week so I won't be going to Los Angeles in July and won't be heading back to PA this month. I'm grateful because I needed some down time; we have the big move coming up and I CANNOT WAIT. I haven't been this excited about something in so long and I'm so looking forward to it. I wish it was July 1st right now.

The good news about this week? The Champagne Collection by Becca & Jaclyn Hill released this week and OMG IT'S BEAUTIFUL. I have the Face Palette & the Eyeshadow Palette and I'm hoping to get the Creme & Liquid ASAP. I have a post on my editorial calendar about it in 2 weeks so look for that.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me: joining the gym, getting a pedicure, returning some items at Ulta (I'm returning the Alice in Wonderland palette; as much as I love it, I don't need it and there are other eyeshadow palettes I'd rather have. I'm super OCD about having too many eyeshadow palettes), and I'll be doing other random blogging/writing/odd things.

If you missed my one and only post this week, it was about my first time at the Drybar.

Read that, and then click on the links I loved!

Jawbone is stopping it's production of fitness trackers & I'm confused and sad

Pack these beauty products for MDW. You won't regret it.

The rap battle between David Schwimmer & James Corden is everything and more

Why am I seeing more Kardashians than usual?

Who else had these stretchy Steve Madden sandals when they were younger? Who wishes they had them now? *raises hand*

As much as I wished I could work from home and make my own schedule, I love my 9-5 so I wish I could just live life how I please. #ThankYou

This article on missing Oprah is pretty much my every thought.

Microneedling? I kind of want to try it.

What did you love this week? Have a Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I have a weird obsession with being fancy, chic, and the most basic blogger gal in the universe. My friends mock me on a daily basis for my Instagrams, for my love of being "fancy" and just enjoying girly things. I love being part of a good trend and I don't like to miss out on something trendy.

I make no issue of this though -- I've always been a super girly girl and I love that part of me. I don't apologize for it.

For the past few years, I've seen everyone talking about Drybar and how incredible it was. I saw the Instagrams, followed them on every social media platform, and longed for the chance when I would sit in that chair.

There are no Drybars in my neighborhood but since I work in Manhattan, they are all over the place. I never found the right excuse to spend $45 on a blowout when I could get one in my neighborhood for $15, but with my cousin's wedding this past weekend, it felt like the perfect time to treat myself.

I made an appointment at one near my workplace for Friday night after work and was super excited and a tad bit nervous. I have an issue with going out (ANYWHERE) after work because I have a weird desire to just get home on time but I sarcified that for the sake of pampering.

When I walked into the Drybar at the Le Parker Meridian Hotel, I was met with this warming feeling. Everything was so clean and cute. The yellow accents mixed with the smell of hair products was unique and just so inviting.

The staff was SO NICE and attentive; I gave them my name, they offered me some champagne (to which I gladly accepted) and I waited for my appointment. I arrived pretty early (15-30 minutes before my appointment) and was seated with my stylist only 10 minutes after my appointment time. I am used to waiting a good half hour to an hour for any hair stylist which is pretty annoying... I was surprised at this because for a Friday night in Manhattan, the Drybar was pretty crowded.

I met with my stylist Stephanie, she sat me in her chair and asked what I wanted. I told her I had a wedding and that I had looked in their lookbook (the book in their salon & online that has all the different hairstyles & blowouts they can do for you) and I picked a Mai Tai, loose beachy waves & curls.

She brought me into the back to wash my hair & offered 2 shampoos (I gladly accepted only one) and if you've ever been to a hair salon, you know the washing portion is the most relaxing thing in the universe. I am obsessed with getting my hair washed.

She sat me back in the chair and started on my hair. I think the entire process took around 30-45 minutes because I have insanely thick, unruly, curly hair so this was actually fast for me.

While she did my hair, I looked through magazines, watch the movie they were playing on the television in front of me, and played around on my phone.

The place was beautiful and just so nice & fun. I love a nicely decorated place and the Drybar was beautiful, with the flowers, hair products, yellow accents and just the entire layout of the place. It is the ultimate girly getaway.

After Stephanie was done with my hair, I paid and left the area. It's the day after the wedding, 2 days after I got my hair done, and the curls are still in tact. I reserved them with the help of a few drybar products *linked below along with the other products she used on me in the salon* but my hair usually holds a style for a few days.

My hair selfie after I got out of the chair
All in all, I was incredibly happy with the way my hair came out, with the experience and staff. It's safe to say that I am addicted to the drybar, have downloaded the app, and already booked my next appointment.

I will 100% spend $45 after a hard week (or day) at work to get pampered and have someone blow my hair while I sip on champagne.

Isn't that every girls' dream?

Have you ever been to the drybar? What is your favorite pampering activity?

Another week has come & gone. I'm getting ready to head to my cousin's wedding today (it's raining and just not good wedding weather) and I haven't been to a wedding in over 10 years. I'm pretty excited to eat & drink... Millennial complex, ladies & gents.

I hate feeling rushed & hectic but that's what this morning is: I went to the Drybar for the 1st time last night and it was epic. More on that later... but this morning I need to paint my nails, shower, pack up and get out of the house by 2 PM.

The good news is that next week is Memorial Day Weekend which means the start of summer fridays at work so I'll have off every other Friday. I am SO HYPED.

This was also a week of highs & lows. I got published on Elite Daily again but was also passed over for a freelance position and another Elite Daily article got rejected. You win some, you lose some but I'm getting used to all writers & everyone else should. Take it with stride!

Also -- the Champagne Glow Collection by Becca & Jaclyn Hill releases next week (I already have the face palette that was released in limited quantities this week) and I'm planning on buying everything because JH is QUEEN and I'm so excited.

That being said, here's what I loved this week:

What did you love this week?

I have a lot of favorites. I'm a girl who has always loved things: books, accessories, stationery, websites... I've just always really liked to be well rounded and I loved discovering new things.

I've always been into technology, websites, and the internet. Ever since I was a child, I've been very in tune with the internet and how technology worked. It's just something I've had a knack for and I guess it makes sense that I'm in social media and blogging.

I'm just an internet gal: I was one of the first of my friends to have a screenname on AOL, one of the first with Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I know how to fix computers, how to operate social media, and the ins and outs of all things web. I'm not tooting my own horn, just stating facts. I find it interesting and I'm simply obsessed.

All of that being said, I have racked up my fair share of favorites when it comes to tech. I've rounded up my favorite apps before but now I want to go to the other side of the spectrum: websites.


Of course I have my favorite shopping websites, news websites, and informational sites but in this post, I want to talk about sites that combine all of those.

  • ShopStyle: If you've ever clicked on a link that I've shared on this blog, you'll know I use the ShopStyle affiliate program. It's such a great little tool for bloggers so if you haven't signed up, Well, did you know that the website attached to the affiliate program can be used by ANYONE? is the best shopping website you could ask for. It is basically Google for shopping; all you do is type in what you're looking for and it'll give you that particular product at every retailer. You can get sale alerts on certain designers & items, filter your search by brand, retailer, price, color, etc, and so much more. I was looking for a dress for my cousin's wedding and I used this to find the dress. It was much easier than going onto a bunch of retailers websites to find what you're looking for.
  • Elite Daily: I don't have to go into hardcore detail with this one. I'm a contributor to the website and I've loved it for the past 2 years. I think Elite Daily has great advice, makes you think differently, and is kind of like your best friend. It's one of my favorite websites when I just need a little reassurance. 
  • Refinery29: This is another "news" site but it is SO MUCH MORE than that. It has news, fashion, beauty, opinion pieces, sale alerts... it's pretty much the go-to for anything and everything in the world. 
  • Levo: This is something else I've talked to death about. I interned here in 2013 and it was amazing. This career website is my go-to whenever I have a career question. It will never let you down in terms of career advice and I'm simply addicted.
  • Brit + Co: This is a newer website I've discovered and fallen in love with. It has a lot of design tips, but also takes on a lifestyle feel with career help, beauty, fashion, and all things in between.
As you can tell, I like news sites. I like websites that give me the information I need, the information I want, and the information I didn't even realize I needed or wanted. ShopStyle is definitely the most unique website on the list, and I'm sure there are some that I'm missing but for now, these are my favorites at the moment.

What are your favorite websites? Give me suggestions!

Eyeshadow is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. I don't buy a lot of palettes because how much eyeshadow can one person have. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday so I can have self control when it comes to shadows.

I've gone even as far to return palettes after I've bought them because I find myself not using them. I mainly stick to my Too Faced palettes.

However, there are certain palettes that I'm drawn too. The Sweet Peach Palette was probably my first love... I couldn't stop thinking about it; the packaging, the colors, everything about it was calling my name.

Well, it's happened again. 

When Urban Decay released it's Alice In Wonderland palette, I was awestruck. I fell in love but then when I took a closer look, it seemed a little much for me. I didn't think I'd use the colors because that bright blue & bright green can scare neutral lovers off.

But the packaging! The fact that it's limited edition! It kept calling me back. I kept looking at it and finally just bit the bullet.

I'd be lying if I said I don't imagine this palette displayed on a shelf in my new room and that it wasn't a factor in me purchasing this. A silly reason to buy a $60 palette but after opening it, my decision was very, very good.

These shadows are incredible.

I've never used any other Urban Decay shadows aside from the Naked3 and I think that these shadows are a lot smoother, more buttery, and more pigmented that the shadows in the Naked palettes. 

There are 20 shadows in the palette and really only 3 of them are super, duper bright. The rest are extremely wearable and I'm so excited to dive into the palette. 

First let's start off with the packaging. The design is stunning, very much gives the Alice in Wonderland feel. When you first open it, you have a large mirror and a stunning Alice quote. You would think that the eyeshadows would be underneath the flaps, but when you open the flats, there is a gorgeous 3D butterfly. It's SO COOL.

The actual eyeshadows pulls out from a drawer underneath the main compartment and it comes with a classic Urban Decay brush which is super nice.  

Almost all the shadows are stupid pigmented. I've never felt an eyeshadow like this. They feel almost like a cream shadow because that's how soft they are.

First row 
Second row
The only shade that is a disappointment (and I'm super sad to say this because it's one of the more beautiful, shades in the palette) is "Dream On"; a glitter, purple shade that has barely any pigmentation and is very stiff. 

My favorite shades all come from the 3rd row of the palette (pictured below)

Third row
Dormouse, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum, and Chronosphere are all neutral shades but they are by far the most pigmented and softest out of the bunch.

4th Row
This is by no means a travel friendly palette but if you have some space in your makeup collection, this is a nice palette to own. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish there were a few more matte shades. 

This palette is for sure a makeup collector's item. It's so intricately designed and just absolutely beautiful. I do think that these shades are unique. Formula wise, I don't have anything else like it, and color wise, I think most of these shades are unlike anything else in my collection. 

The possibilities of looks that you can create with this palette are simply endless. 

If you're someone who loves limited edition pieces, loves Alice in Wonderland, and loves a good eyeshadow palette, you NEED this bad boy. You won't regret it.

I revealed a few weeks ago that I'm moving SOON.. probably July 1st. I'm very anxious (in a good way) to get out of this house and into my new one. I live with my mom & sister, and while our apartment right now is very quaint and cute, I share a room with my 20 year old sister and well, we're out growing this arrangement.

I've never shared a room with my sister, we always had our own rooms. I vaguely remember when I was around 8 years old, and she was 5, we wanted to share a room so we made our parents move her bed into my room.

That lasted for about a week.

My sister and I are complete opposites in all ways... we're so different I can't even put it into words. That being said, we've been butting heads a lot more while sharing a room and I'm just really excited to have my own space again.

I'm probably most excited for the fact that I'm going to have my own space and can decorate it to my liking. Right now my room is on the beige, orange, earthy tone side because that's what my mom LOVES and she decorated this room while I was away at school (three years ago!)

I'm definitely going for a fancy, chic vibe in my new room-- a little personal oasis that is all about relaxation, beauty, and VERY Instagram worthy. I want my new bedroom to basically look like it jumped off the Pinterest screen.

All white, from my walls to my bedding, with blush colored accents. I want to hang shelves and display beautiful little knick knacks along with a few makeup collector items. I want things neat and organized, and simply elegant.

UGH I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!

Here are some photos I'm drawing information from:

I've already been looking at furniture but since we don't have a move in day, I haven't purchased anything yet. I've become obsessed with Wayfair though, and will probably purchase a lot of my furniture from there.

Look out for another post about furniture, decorative accents, etc. 

Links to Love

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Does anyone else suffer from hayfever allergies? If so, I think this week was rough for you too. My allergies knocked me out, from making my eyes swollen, to making my body work overtime and making me beyond exhausted.

Dam you Springtime!

I'm currently sitting in my pajamas, on a Friday night, with eye gel masks on my undereyes and waiting for water to boil to make myself pasta. Ah, how times have changed in two years!

I'm slowly creeping up on 2 years since graduation and that is the most disgusting thought I've ever had. I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS since I was last a college student. Everything is still so fresh in my mind, and it's very scary how time goes so fast. I will do a post grad/adulthood (I guess I should call it adulthood now) very soon to talk about my feelings on that.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 AM to go to a work event in Pennsylvania -- I'm driving down and then driving home in the same day. Almost 5 hours in the car? Sign me up! #sarcasm

Either way, I'll have a relaxing Saturday night & Sunday and then next weekend is my cousin's wedding. It's definitely been a busy month for Briana and it doesn't seem to be slowing down soon.

This week was also a turning point because I realized the severity of my shopping problem. It took a turn for the worst this week and it was a huge wakeup call.

I will not be buying anything frivolous anymore and I'm really going to get a hold on my finances. It's time.

But... the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale was this week and as a sendoff gift, I bought this beauty

It's still available as are other items so run, don't walk to the website!

Besides the sale, here's what else I loved this week:

Riley Curry is the GOAT

This season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is the best yet... and this is why

Instagram beauty is the future'

I started drinking hot water with lemonthis week and it is life changing.

Got your 8-9 hours of sleep? Still feel like shit? This may be why.

Ugh, summer beauty is THE BEST

Too Faced is BAE

What did you love this week?

The weather in New York has been...well rather less than appealing. I love cold weather more than anyone I've ever met but to be wearing a jacket in May and having cold rain for a week straight is less than ideal.

That being said, I have not yet broken into my spring essentials. I switched my closet over a while ago but thankfully I didn't put all my winter clothes away... or better said, I didn't take all my spring & summer clothes out.

I'm hoping that the last of the bad weather is behind us because I can definitely get on board with nice weather (70 degrees & a light breeze is my ideal). If this is the case, I need some more spring clothes & accessories. I much prefer shopping for the winter and I always have more clothes for the cold months.

When spring & summer roll around, I do a nice amount of shopping for clothes and shoes. Shoes are something I'm always in desperate need of, no matter the season.

I've put off buying until now, waiting to see what I have and what I needed.

I'm looking more toward casual & chic this spring, especially things I can wear to work. Last summer was all about comfort, and I'll never let go of that, but I want to be slightly more fashionable.

We'll see if I end up getting any of these items!

What are you looking to buy this season?

Tuesday Inspiration: Grief

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I've been having a really hard time lately. I miss my dad.... a lot and I forget that he's gone at the most random times throughout the day.

I'll be making coffee at work, standing at the Keurig machine and a random thought will pop in my head and I'll say to myself "I have to tell my dad" and a wave of grief washes over me.

The worse wave of grief I've had? I was sitting in my performance review the week after he passed and my review was met with flying colors. I was so proud of myself and I thought, in the middle of my review, that I couldn't wait to tell my dad because he'd be so proud of me.

It took everything in me to not start crying in the middle of the review, in front of my boss.

When the Yankees are playing, or I hear a funny joke, or my train is delayed, I want to run and tell him. I want to tell him when I'm sick or when something good happened and it's a horrible feeling to be reminded of it constantly. 

While I don't cry every day, I have my moments. I know I'll be ok... there are people who have lost a lot more than I have and manage to get up every day.

I know I'll live with this grief for the rest of my life, and when I think about the big moments to come, it makes me miss my dad more.

I'll always miss his face, his voice, his hugs but I do know that he's here, somewhere.

Two steps forward, one step back.

I haven't done a Brand Buzz in a hot minute and after making a recent purchase, I decided it was time to  write another one.

Benefit was one of the first high end makeup brands I ever purchased from. Those purchases will be mentioned in this post because they are some of the best products I've ever used.

I didn't think I had tried a lot of Benefit products but after looking things up, I realized I definitely did have a good understanding of the brand.

Benefit is fun, funny, chic, and witty. The packaging is adorable and the products are a little kitchy. That's what makes them, them. The branding is on point: pink, feathers, cute images -- it doesn't get much better than Benefit packaging.

Although I've tried a lot of Benefit products, I haven't tried all of them. I've been wanting to try their blushes, foundation, and Hoola Bronzer forever but just have never got my hands on them.

While this list is going to get a little hefty, I have definitely tried some products from Benefit that haven't been my favorite: such as the liquid highlighters and the They're Real Push Up Liner.

For now, here are my favorite, most beloved products from Benefit Cosmetics.

1. Erase Paste: This is the first concealer I've ever tried and it's a miracle worker. It's more of a corrector than a concealer because it has a thicker, paste like consistency. It blends really well and covers all your dark circles. I haven't repurchased since but I definitely need too.

2. Boing: Another concealer that I've tried and really enjoyed. I bought the Boing/Eye Bright compact from Ulta and fell in love. Eye Bright confuses me a bit but Boing is a great all around concealer. It's stiffer than Erase Paste but still works great to cover dark circles and is also really good for blemishes.

3. Gimme Brow: I've tried a lot of brow products, but Benefit is the king of all brows. I've never tried anything like this. I've tried tinted brow gels before but this is different. The wand is very small but is easy to control. The product is evenly distributed throughout your brows without being too much or too little. It's the easiest brow product I've ever used and I need to repurchase ASAP.

4. Oo La Lift: This is one of those kitschy products that actually kind of works. This is another first makeup product I bought years ago and just repurchased last week. It's an under eye brightener that is supposed to create the illusion of light & lift your under eye area to make it brighter. I definitely do notice a different and I just love the idea of this product. It's not a necessary step but for a beauty junkie like me it's awesome.

5. High Brow: Another awesome brow product that is a little kitschy. Before I knew what highlighting was, especially highlighting the brow bone, this little thing was my savior. It's supposed to lift your brow bone while also bringing the illusion of light to the area. I swear, it actually does lift the brow, better than any highlighter I've ever used in the area.

6. RollerLash Mascara: I won't get too much into this because I've raved about it before. I received a sample of this last year before it was released & before I even knew who the brand was. Well, this has quickly become my favorite every day mascara. It isn't a heavy formula and doesn't give me overly done lashes. It coats each lash perfectly without being overpowering. I get long, separated lashes every single time.

7. They're Real Mascara: This is probably Benefit's most popular product and what most people think of when they think of Benefit. It's a cult classic, cult favorite mascara and with good reason. I didn't like this mascara when I first tried it but it has grown on me. After using this for the first time, I'd go back and use different mascaras but I found myself missing this one. It gives more volume than Rollerlash and creates a more intense look, still without being overpowering. I get really good length with this as well, making it a good mascara for everyday or special.

Without making this post too long, take a look at some other Benefit favorites of mine!

Do you have a favorite product by Benefit Cosmetics?