I haven't done a Brand Buzz in a hot minute and after making a recent purchase, I decided it was time to  write another one.

Benefit was one of the first high end makeup brands I ever purchased from. Those purchases will be mentioned in this post because they are some of the best products I've ever used.

I didn't think I had tried a lot of Benefit products but after looking things up, I realized I definitely did have a good understanding of the brand.

Benefit is fun, funny, chic, and witty. The packaging is adorable and the products are a little kitchy. That's what makes them, them. The branding is on point: pink, feathers, cute images -- it doesn't get much better than Benefit packaging.

Although I've tried a lot of Benefit products, I haven't tried all of them. I've been wanting to try their blushes, foundation, and Hoola Bronzer forever but just have never got my hands on them.

While this list is going to get a little hefty, I have definitely tried some products from Benefit that haven't been my favorite: such as the liquid highlighters and the They're Real Push Up Liner.

For now, here are my favorite, most beloved products from Benefit Cosmetics.

1. Erase Paste: This is the first concealer I've ever tried and it's a miracle worker. It's more of a corrector than a concealer because it has a thicker, paste like consistency. It blends really well and covers all your dark circles. I haven't repurchased since but I definitely need too.

2. Boing: Another concealer that I've tried and really enjoyed. I bought the Boing/Eye Bright compact from Ulta and fell in love. Eye Bright confuses me a bit but Boing is a great all around concealer. It's stiffer than Erase Paste but still works great to cover dark circles and is also really good for blemishes.

3. Gimme Brow: I've tried a lot of brow products, but Benefit is the king of all brows. I've never tried anything like this. I've tried tinted brow gels before but this is different. The wand is very small but is easy to control. The product is evenly distributed throughout your brows without being too much or too little. It's the easiest brow product I've ever used and I need to repurchase ASAP.

4. Oo La Lift: This is one of those kitschy products that actually kind of works. This is another first makeup product I bought years ago and just repurchased last week. It's an under eye brightener that is supposed to create the illusion of light & lift your under eye area to make it brighter. I definitely do notice a different and I just love the idea of this product. It's not a necessary step but for a beauty junkie like me it's awesome.

5. High Brow: Another awesome brow product that is a little kitschy. Before I knew what highlighting was, especially highlighting the brow bone, this little thing was my savior. It's supposed to lift your brow bone while also bringing the illusion of light to the area. I swear, it actually does lift the brow, better than any highlighter I've ever used in the area.

6. RollerLash Mascara: I won't get too much into this because I've raved about it before. I received a sample of this last year before it was released & before I even knew who the brand was. Well, this has quickly become my favorite every day mascara. It isn't a heavy formula and doesn't give me overly done lashes. It coats each lash perfectly without being overpowering. I get long, separated lashes every single time.

7. They're Real Mascara: This is probably Benefit's most popular product and what most people think of when they think of Benefit. It's a cult classic, cult favorite mascara and with good reason. I didn't like this mascara when I first tried it but it has grown on me. After using this for the first time, I'd go back and use different mascaras but I found myself missing this one. It gives more volume than Rollerlash and creates a more intense look, still without being overpowering. I get really good length with this as well, making it a good mascara for everyday or special.

Without making this post too long, take a look at some other Benefit favorites of mine!

Do you have a favorite product by Benefit Cosmetics?

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