The weather in New York has been...well rather less than appealing. I love cold weather more than anyone I've ever met but to be wearing a jacket in May and having cold rain for a week straight is less than ideal.

That being said, I have not yet broken into my spring essentials. I switched my closet over a while ago but thankfully I didn't put all my winter clothes away... or better said, I didn't take all my spring & summer clothes out.

I'm hoping that the last of the bad weather is behind us because I can definitely get on board with nice weather (70 degrees & a light breeze is my ideal). If this is the case, I need some more spring clothes & accessories. I much prefer shopping for the winter and I always have more clothes for the cold months.

When spring & summer roll around, I do a nice amount of shopping for clothes and shoes. Shoes are something I'm always in desperate need of, no matter the season.

I've put off buying until now, waiting to see what I have and what I needed.

I'm looking more toward casual & chic this spring, especially things I can wear to work. Last summer was all about comfort, and I'll never let go of that, but I want to be slightly more fashionable.

We'll see if I end up getting any of these items!

What are you looking to buy this season?

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