I have extremely frizzy, unruly hair. It used to take me 2 hours to blow and straighten my hair; trying to tame my mane is quite the hassle and I hate doing it.

Sometimes it's not even worth it because the minute I step foot outside, my hair frizzes up and poofs out.

It's quite annoying.

I have been trying to find something that will tame my hair or at least assist me in keeping the frizz down.

I've tried a lot of different oils and serums but nothing quite sticks; John Frieda's Frizz-Ease has worked wonders on me so his products are always a good go too product.

About three months ago, I was in CVS, there to just pick up some stuff I needed. I saw that a lot of John Frieda products were on sale so I skimmed the shelves and saw something called a "Finishing Creme". It was pretty cheap on sale so I picked it up, used it, and fell in love.

The finishing creme is cream based and you apply a dime sized drop to your dry, finished hair. It will help style the hair and makes it shine.

The frizz in my hair diminished greatly and it stays nice throughout the day. I have gotten SO many compliments on my hair since I've been using it; my hair stays smooth and shiny and beautiful.

If you have hair issues like myself and are searching for your dream product, go pick this up.

This is SUCH an amazing product and I could safely say I will be using this constantly in the future.
I'm a teenage girl who loves TV drama so naturally, I love Gossip Girl! I love the glamour and the scandal and the wonders of the Upper East Side.

I love the characters and their stories and their relationships.

My favorite couple on Gossip Girl and one of my favorite television/movie/book couples in the world are none other than the King and Queen of Scandal and Mischief, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

They are positively perfect together; they have so much baggage and so many issues when it comes to their individual personalities but when they come together, they are perfect.

They might hurt each other, like when Chuck gave Blair up for the hotel or when Blair went to marry Prince Louie, despite the fact that she loved Chuck more but it doesn't matter. They will always love each other and they will always be there to pick the other up when they fall.

This post has been inspired by a video I found on youtube, a montage of some of the greatest, most loving, most heartbreaking Chuck and Blair moments throughout five seasons of Gossip Girl.

This showcases all the great moments and memories and here are a few of my favorites:

1. When Chuck finally tells Blair he loves her in the Season 2 finale. It had been a long time coming, an entire season's worth. Chuck leaves NYC to travel across Europe but returns early with some of Blair's favorite gifts from her favorite countries, including Paris. And right there, on a Manhattan sidewalk, Chuck says those three words, eight letters, and Blair is his.

2. The moment that started it all: the first time Chuck and Blair do the deed. It will go down in Gossip Girl history, when Blair was dancing on the Burlesque stage and Chuck finally saw the light. Back in the limo, they have sex for the first time. It wasn't without drama though, but what else is new? At the time, Blair was dating Chuck's best friend Nate, who Waldorf later faked her virginity for. Confused?

3. Blair went to NYU in Season 3 and she had a hard time being a small fish in a big pond. She tries to get in with some girls to make them her minions; she tries to join a high society of women by buying obnoxiously rich paintings. Our beloved Blair Waldorf loses herself for a minute but Chuck reminds her of exactly who she is, "So next time you forget that you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass, and I love you."

4. Our hearts broke when Blair agreed to marry Prince Louie (and that blew up in her face) so we were dying when Eleanor wanted Chuck to come to the wedding for one reason, TO STOP IT. He puts it simply, he doesn't want Blair to marry Louie. And in a speech that melts everyone's hearts, Chuck does his best to convince Blair that they belong together, that it should be them standing at the altar.

Blair admits to loving Chuck more than Louie, to her love for Chuck growing more and more every day but she cannot be with him. WHY, I YELL AT THE TV, WHY?

5. The original: The White Party in the Hamptons in Season 2, right after Chuck leaves Blair to fly off the Europe for the summer. He is trying to convince her not to leave with Marcus. She asks him why, "Three words, eight letters, say it and I'm yours." But Chuck cannot say the words Blair longed to hear. 

6. One final moment; the Season 5 finale where Blair FINALLY leaves Dan Humphrey and goes to find Chuck; he has just lost Bass Industries to his newly alive father. Blair tells him that she loves him, that she chooses him, but in true Gossip Girl/Blair and Chuck ways, he tells her that they cannot be together. Blair, like the powerhouse she is, follows Chuck to Europe (shit, they love Europe, don't they?) and finds Mr. Bass at a casino. She tells him that she's going to fight for him, just like he fought for her and that she's all in.


The point is that Chuck and Blair have a fairytale love; yes, there have been many bumps along the road but they love each other with their entire souls, their entire beings and it warms my heart whenever they pop up on my screen.

Chuck and Blair are soulmates and hopefully, in the end, they find their way back to each other.

I love bags. Any bag, any color, any designer, any shape. 

I have an insane collection and every time I walk into the handbag department of Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, my heart melts.

I usually never buy myself a bag unless it's within my budget and I can't live without it; other than that, I always ask for a bag for my birthday and Christmas or another special occasion.

With my summer job, I've been spending a lot but not really on expensive things. Whenever I spend over $70 on one item, I have a panic attack. I just can't part with my money. Also, I'm trying to save some money so I could buy a car in the near future.

That's why this is a post all about the bags and wallets I want but just cannot afford.

The Michael Kors "Jet Set" Tote
I bought this in black for my mom for mother's day and it's an amazing bag!
It's a tote bag but not too big, it looks like a regular handbag but it's so much larger inside.
I bought it for her in black at Annie Sez so it was only around $130. At Nordstrom
this bag costs $228. 

This is a bag that I will be keeping my eye on and maybe this will be my next Christmas or birthday gift. It's just too pretty and too practical to not have!

This is the Kate Spade New York Harrison Street Wallet.
Isn't it gorgeous?! 
I'm in desperate need of a new wallet and I love the sleek look of this gold shimmer
It has over eight credit card slots, a coin purse inside with three sections for coupons,
money, and all other things you put in your wallet. 
Also what  I love is that there is an outside pocket for things you need
on the regular instead of searching through your wallet at the register.
At Nordstrom, this Kate Spade item costs $198. A little too high for my liking
for a wallet but I love it!!

Kate Spade New York Leighton Shoulder Bag
This is what love looks like.
I have fallen in love with this bag!
It's one of the most beautiful bags I have ever laid eyes on.
I love the quilted pattern and the chains over the fabric. Inside it looks like a tote 
and is a little large for an fabulous bag like this 
but I love big bags; they're perfect.
To me, this is such a sleek, fabulous bag. It's such a luxury bag 
and I adore it. At Nordstrom, it costs $468; definitely pricey
so I most likely will never see it in my future but a girl can
dream, right?

I have never been obsessed with skincare products or having the perfect skin, probably because I have never had serious skin issues.

I use whatever face wash I feel like buying that day and it just works.

I have always had a strange attraction and curiosity about one particular product; the Neutrogena Wave.

Whenever I saw it on commercials and in magazine advertisements, its always looked so awesome! I mean, it vibrates and deep cleans your face; it's a pretty cool concept.

I never bought it before because I just stuck to what I knew and I thought that it would be too expensive. Then I realized it was only $10 and the refills of packs of 30 deep cleansing pads were the same price as the facial wash I was buying.

I had the extra cash so I thought why not, I'll try it out.

And let me tell you, GO BUY THIS RIGHT NOW. It's a pretty amazing product.

The package comes with the wave, 14 deep cleansing pads, and a AA battery to get you started; you put the pad on the velcro face of the Wave, put the battery in, click the power button and there you go!

You have to wet the cleansning pad to activate the soap but that's it! You just rub it all around your face, letting the soap out and then just wash the cleanser right off.

After I used it for the first time, my face was extremely soft. I have never had softer skin. It's really good also in a sense that you aren't using your hands to wash your face so you're not getting all the oils and dirt from your hands on your face.

The Wave gives you a close wash, soft skin, and a wonderful glow. I've been using it the past three days and I've noticed a difference in my skin. It's just a better way to keep your skin clean and fresh.

It's very simple, very practical and definitely worth the one time $10 purchase.

The Perfect Tank Top

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I have an issue with wearing tank tops under every item of clothing that touches my body. I feel weird not having a tank top or camisole on underneath my clothes.

About six years ago I discovered a brand of tank tops that were one size fits all (and they really were) and sucked you in like spanx, making lines and fatty bulge undetectable. They were called Sugarlips and came in every color imaginable.

Then I got kind of sick of them; after a number of washes and wears, they become too tight and you could barely breathe in them. I then moved onto American Eagle camisoles; they aren't as stretchy or long but they worked.

Then, this week I went shopping and found my new favorite camisole.

They are Sugarlips brand so they are one size fits all and very stretchy but not too tight like the other ones. It's not a tank top but a camisole so it's the best of both worlds.

When I put it on under my work shirt, I fell in love. It's so soft and so stretchy but comfortable beyond words.

I bought one in white and beige but I need to get more. They're perfect for everyday wear but you could also dress it up to wear under a sheer shirt or another dressy top.

It's the perfect camisole!