I have never been obsessed with skincare products or having the perfect skin, probably because I have never had serious skin issues.

I use whatever face wash I feel like buying that day and it just works.

I have always had a strange attraction and curiosity about one particular product; the Neutrogena Wave.

Whenever I saw it on commercials and in magazine advertisements, its always looked so awesome! I mean, it vibrates and deep cleans your face; it's a pretty cool concept.

I never bought it before because I just stuck to what I knew and I thought that it would be too expensive. Then I realized it was only $10 and the refills of packs of 30 deep cleansing pads were the same price as the facial wash I was buying.

I had the extra cash so I thought why not, I'll try it out.

And let me tell you, GO BUY THIS RIGHT NOW. It's a pretty amazing product.

The package comes with the wave, 14 deep cleansing pads, and a AA battery to get you started; you put the pad on the velcro face of the Wave, put the battery in, click the power button and there you go!

You have to wet the cleansning pad to activate the soap but that's it! You just rub it all around your face, letting the soap out and then just wash the cleanser right off.

After I used it for the first time, my face was extremely soft. I have never had softer skin. It's really good also in a sense that you aren't using your hands to wash your face so you're not getting all the oils and dirt from your hands on your face.

The Wave gives you a close wash, soft skin, and a wonderful glow. I've been using it the past three days and I've noticed a difference in my skin. It's just a better way to keep your skin clean and fresh.

It's very simple, very practical and definitely worth the one time $10 purchase.
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