The Perfect Tank Top

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I have an issue with wearing tank tops under every item of clothing that touches my body. I feel weird not having a tank top or camisole on underneath my clothes.

About six years ago I discovered a brand of tank tops that were one size fits all (and they really were) and sucked you in like spanx, making lines and fatty bulge undetectable. They were called Sugarlips and came in every color imaginable.

Then I got kind of sick of them; after a number of washes and wears, they become too tight and you could barely breathe in them. I then moved onto American Eagle camisoles; they aren't as stretchy or long but they worked.

Then, this week I went shopping and found my new favorite camisole.

They are Sugarlips brand so they are one size fits all and very stretchy but not too tight like the other ones. It's not a tank top but a camisole so it's the best of both worlds.

When I put it on under my work shirt, I fell in love. It's so soft and so stretchy but comfortable beyond words.

I bought one in white and beige but I need to get more. They're perfect for everyday wear but you could also dress it up to wear under a sheer shirt or another dressy top.

It's the perfect camisole!
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