I'm a teenage girl who loves TV drama so naturally, I love Gossip Girl! I love the glamour and the scandal and the wonders of the Upper East Side.

I love the characters and their stories and their relationships.

My favorite couple on Gossip Girl and one of my favorite television/movie/book couples in the world are none other than the King and Queen of Scandal and Mischief, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

They are positively perfect together; they have so much baggage and so many issues when it comes to their individual personalities but when they come together, they are perfect.

They might hurt each other, like when Chuck gave Blair up for the hotel or when Blair went to marry Prince Louie, despite the fact that she loved Chuck more but it doesn't matter. They will always love each other and they will always be there to pick the other up when they fall.

This post has been inspired by a video I found on youtube, a montage of some of the greatest, most loving, most heartbreaking Chuck and Blair moments throughout five seasons of Gossip Girl.

This showcases all the great moments and memories and here are a few of my favorites:

1. When Chuck finally tells Blair he loves her in the Season 2 finale. It had been a long time coming, an entire season's worth. Chuck leaves NYC to travel across Europe but returns early with some of Blair's favorite gifts from her favorite countries, including Paris. And right there, on a Manhattan sidewalk, Chuck says those three words, eight letters, and Blair is his.

2. The moment that started it all: the first time Chuck and Blair do the deed. It will go down in Gossip Girl history, when Blair was dancing on the Burlesque stage and Chuck finally saw the light. Back in the limo, they have sex for the first time. It wasn't without drama though, but what else is new? At the time, Blair was dating Chuck's best friend Nate, who Waldorf later faked her virginity for. Confused?

3. Blair went to NYU in Season 3 and she had a hard time being a small fish in a big pond. She tries to get in with some girls to make them her minions; she tries to join a high society of women by buying obnoxiously rich paintings. Our beloved Blair Waldorf loses herself for a minute but Chuck reminds her of exactly who she is, "So next time you forget that you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass, and I love you."

4. Our hearts broke when Blair agreed to marry Prince Louie (and that blew up in her face) so we were dying when Eleanor wanted Chuck to come to the wedding for one reason, TO STOP IT. He puts it simply, he doesn't want Blair to marry Louie. And in a speech that melts everyone's hearts, Chuck does his best to convince Blair that they belong together, that it should be them standing at the altar.

Blair admits to loving Chuck more than Louie, to her love for Chuck growing more and more every day but she cannot be with him. WHY, I YELL AT THE TV, WHY?

5. The original: The White Party in the Hamptons in Season 2, right after Chuck leaves Blair to fly off the Europe for the summer. He is trying to convince her not to leave with Marcus. She asks him why, "Three words, eight letters, say it and I'm yours." But Chuck cannot say the words Blair longed to hear. 

6. One final moment; the Season 5 finale where Blair FINALLY leaves Dan Humphrey and goes to find Chuck; he has just lost Bass Industries to his newly alive father. Blair tells him that she loves him, that she chooses him, but in true Gossip Girl/Blair and Chuck ways, he tells her that they cannot be together. Blair, like the powerhouse she is, follows Chuck to Europe (shit, they love Europe, don't they?) and finds Mr. Bass at a casino. She tells him that she's going to fight for him, just like he fought for her and that she's all in.


The point is that Chuck and Blair have a fairytale love; yes, there have been many bumps along the road but they love each other with their entire souls, their entire beings and it warms my heart whenever they pop up on my screen.

Chuck and Blair are soulmates and hopefully, in the end, they find their way back to each other.

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