Frizzie Be Gone!

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I have extremely frizzy, unruly hair. It used to take me 2 hours to blow and straighten my hair; trying to tame my mane is quite the hassle and I hate doing it.

Sometimes it's not even worth it because the minute I step foot outside, my hair frizzes up and poofs out.

It's quite annoying.

I have been trying to find something that will tame my hair or at least assist me in keeping the frizz down.

I've tried a lot of different oils and serums but nothing quite sticks; John Frieda's Frizz-Ease has worked wonders on me so his products are always a good go too product.

About three months ago, I was in CVS, there to just pick up some stuff I needed. I saw that a lot of John Frieda products were on sale so I skimmed the shelves and saw something called a "Finishing Creme". It was pretty cheap on sale so I picked it up, used it, and fell in love.

The finishing creme is cream based and you apply a dime sized drop to your dry, finished hair. It will help style the hair and makes it shine.

The frizz in my hair diminished greatly and it stays nice throughout the day. I have gotten SO many compliments on my hair since I've been using it; my hair stays smooth and shiny and beautiful.

If you have hair issues like myself and are searching for your dream product, go pick this up.

This is SUCH an amazing product and I could safely say I will be using this constantly in the future.
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