I've posted about Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw quite a few times on the blog but lately, I've been feeling very much more 'Carrie' like. Maybe it's because in less than three months I'll be living the post grad life and trying to find my way, aspiring to be Carrie Bradshaw.

Or maybe it's because the internet has suddenly rediscovered Carrie and Co. There have been so many articles/discussions about 'Sex and the City' lately, I can't even keep up! I think most of that has to do with Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe line and the fact that it's been 10 years since the iconic show ended (February 22nd, 2004 was the last air date).

Everyone is always and probably will always analyze SATC. It was such an important show, it changed the way women viewed their careers, friendships, sex and relationships. It changed the face of television and in a way, gave women more power than ever before. It gave women a voice to talk about whatever they wanted, even if it was a bit embarrassing.

I was never allowed to watch 'Sex and the City' growing up. It was too risque so my mom would shut her door and afterwards, I was allowed back into the room. It was only four years ago, right before the second movie came out, that I watched the entire series and the first film, in only three weeks. I was completely and utterly enthralled by Carrie's lifestyle and knew immediately that she was who I wanted to be.

Yes, she is selfish and whiny at times. Yes, she cheated on Aiden with Mr.Big and at times, she wasn't a good friend but hey, no one is perfect. I connect with Carrie Bradshaw on so many levels and honestly, she is my role model. There is no one I love more than Carrie.

I think Sex and the City is such an important, iconic show for all the reasons I already listed. It put fashion in the front row, right behind sex. No other show truly goes where SATC goes and at the same time, it's so entertaining.

SATC isn't real; Girls is the real version of our four lovely NYC ladies. SATC is the dream while Girls is the reality. It's okay that Carrie is a freelance sex columnist and can afford multiple pairs of Manolos. Something doesn't have to be relatable to be true, entertaining and fun.

I think SATC is something that is going to live on forever. It has survived the past ten years and has inspired new generations of Carrie's, Charlotte's, Miranda's and Samantha's. There is something for everyone in Sex and the City. You can always find a little inspiration in every single episode, and that says wonders for a show based around the taboo topic of sex.

A lot of people criticize the show because they feel that it focuses too much on the relationships between men and women; people say that Carrie and Co rely too much on the need of a good man. I think that's totally wrong. Yes, the show revolves around the relationships between the girls and their men but most importantly, the show is about friendship and finding out who you truly are as a woman. Carrie gets her heart broken, as do the rest of the gals but in the end, in true SATC fashion, they have each other.

"Don't laugh at me, but maybe we could be each other's soul mates. Then we could let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with."

It goes places that it shouldn't, talking about topics that may make you uncomfortable if you watch an episode with your dad. But it's also so glamorous, enthralling and inspiring. It has a quote for every mood or situation, Carrie gets a book deal and writes for Vogue, Miranda is a powerful lawyer that doesn't let the glass ceiling stand in her way. This isn't just a show about sex, it's about women.

Whether you love Aiden or Mr. Big, love or hate Samantha's antics or think Carrie Bradshaw is overrated, you cannot deny that Sex and the City has totally inspired and changed the way we as women look at the world around us.

Not to mention all the shoes....

Here are my favorite articles about Sex and the City:

What are your opinions on Sex and the City?

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