After a long, rough month, I am super happy for it to be over. March 2016 will forever be the worst month of my life, for the sole reason that I lost my first love: my dad.

I don't want to get into that, as vulnerable as I'm feeling. This is a happy post, talking about favorites!

With all the bad that has happened, a lot has good has happened in my professional life, which can't help but feel like a major Godwink from my dad.

All that being said, March was filled with lots of shopping because I felt like I deserved it, but when don't I feel like I deserve it?

1. Too Faced Eyeshadows: I talked about the two new palettes Peanut Butter & Jelly and the Sweet Peach Palette this month and I haven't really used anything else. These are both limited edition and have been extremely difficult to get your hands on but if you love Too Faced shadows and love collecting makeup, you NEED these palettes. If you could get your hands on it, jump at the chance.

2. Clinque Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick: I've always been a fan of stick foundations so when I saw the chance to get a deluxe sample of this foundation at Sephora with a $25 purchase, I jumped at it. Well, what I didn't know was that I was going to fall in love with this formula. Like I said, I'm a fan of stick foundations and stick products in general, but I think this is my all time favorite. It's not cakey AT ALL, it applies & blends like a dream, and the finish is basically full coverage (on me). After I apply and blend, my skin looks near perfect. This has quickly become my go-to everyday, easy to apply foundation and I will 100% be buying the full size.

3. Kylie Lip Kits: Alright, I'm obsessed. I am not afraid to stand up and say I love the Kardashians. They are smart business women and I just love to look at them. Judge me all you want, disagree with me, but you can't deny that the Kardashians have changed a lot of things, including beauty. I have 3 of Kylie's kits: Dolce K, Koko K, and 22. I am addicted. They are by far my favorite liquid lipstick formula: nondrying, they last all day, don't flake off, and don't leave a weird ring around your lips as it fades. If you could get these, definitely buy them. My goal is to get all of the colors *that I like*, but we'll see what happens!

4. Chloe + Isabel: Shameless plug but I'm a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser which I announced last month. It's been an awesome 30 days since joining the program and I'm learning a lot about myself and what it takes to run a successful business. This is a favorite for a few reasons, mainly being the jewelry is BOMB and the fact that I'm running a business - something I've always wanted to do! I host my first party tonight and I hope it goes well. If you're in need of fabulous, gorgeous, inexpensive jewelry, look no further! (PS: Here's a post I did last summer all about Chloe + Isabel before I became a merchie)

5. BeautyBox: My beauty collection has since grown since getting my Alex IKEA drawers last year and I needed more space. A few months back I bought a small, clear drawer set from Amazon to keep on top of my Alex Drawers but I've outgrown those too. That's when I found this larger, similar to more expensive mainstream versions, beauty box. I have never been more obsessed with a set of drawers.  They are super spacious and hold a ridiculous amount of product. I love that they're clear so I can see everything and all my products are neatly organized. It has changed my life and I think everyone who has a large beauty collection needs one!

Honorable mention: I traded in my old iPad 2 this month for an iPad Mini 2. I'm ADDICTED AND OBSESSED. I thought having a smaller iPad was stupid

What were your favorites this month?

I'm always looking for new books to read, whether they're fiction, nonfiction, memoir, or a genre I've been particularly passionate about as of late: self help. Now, when I say self help I don't mean what you think I mean. I feel as though self help books have a bad reputation but they are so far from that.  Anything that is along of the lines of helping you with an issue, or something inspirational, I consider self help.

So a book I recently read called When God Winks On Love may not be classified as self help, but it's in my own category. Leave Your Mark isn't self help but to me it is because it's helping me with my career. The same goes for The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up or The Happiness Project.

See? They all kind of go together.

I've really been into these books lately, over the past year, because I feel like your twenties is the perfect time to read them. They are there to guide you and offer you advice on topics you didn't even know you needed help with.

With that being said, I've really enjoyed career & "finding your way" (especially post grad) books lately. That's why when Amba Brown reached out to me and said she had written her own book (!!!!) about finding your way after graduating college

"Finding Your Path: A Guide to Life & Happiness After School" is an incredible book to help you do exactly what it sounds like: find out what you should do after graduating. We were all defined by school. For years, we were defined by our grades, our activities, studying, going to class, etc. Now all of that is gone and what are we supposed to do? Where do we go from here?

Finding Your Path is different than other books. The layout is really unique and interesting. There are inspirational quotes at the start of each chapter (which I always appreciate), charts and diagrams throughout the book to spark inspiration and helpfulness. The illustrations throughout the book make it really different and just gives a different vibe than any other book I've read of this type.

What I appreciate most is Amba's advice. She is just like us -- she was finding her way after school and it lead her to this book. She doesn't tell you to follow the traditional path, she gives you the advice you need in order to follow your own path. Whether that is a career, travel, more schooling. This book gives you the power and advice you need to do what is right for you.

I really do also enjoy how this isnt' laid out like a traditional book. There are lots of lists and bullet points, and questions throughout it. It's easy to read and I appreciate that.

Whether it's how to set goals, the importance of travel, or if you should go back to school after leaving school-- this book covers everything.

It was an easy, quick read and I think it's something that everyone in their twenties, whether you're just out of school or a few years, should read. It's helpful beyond words and I'm so thankful I stumbled upon it.

Thank you, Amba!

Head to her website to buy the book!

I'm on a shopping hiatus because I went crazy this month, with good intent. Retail therapy does wonders for the soul and I don't care what anyone says!

There were lots of beauty releases this month and I fell in love with every single one of them. I've been reorganizing my beauty collection, making room for all the new items.

I just enjoy beauty from all ends of the spectrum. It's my career, it's my hobby, it brings me joy. Everyone needs a hobby in my opinion ;)

Some of these products are brand new, some are just new to me.

1. Too Faced Peach Palette: If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you saw this in today's email. I was one of the lucky few who got this when it was released on & literally broke the website. It sold out on,, and it will soon be available in Ulta stores & on Sephora's website. It's Limited Edition & I've been wanting this palette for months. It smells like peaches and it's super heavenly. All the shades are super creamy & pigmented. It could use 1-2 more matte shades, in my opinion and the shades Peaches & Cream and White Peach are a little patchy but otherwise, this is my new favorite palette. I tend to stick to more browns & neutrals so I'm really glad to have bright pops of peachy pinks and greens, along with my favorite neutrals. If you can get your hands on this, and you love Too Faced, definitely pick this up!

Middle is Echo Park; bottom is Get Paid Liner; top is limited edition Poppin Matte X Lipstick
2. ColourPop Satin Lip: I placed an order with Colourpop a few weeks ago and I took this as a time to try their Ultra Satin Lip Lipstick. I hated their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick because they were so drying-- I ended up just throwing them out because I never, ever wore them. These Ultra Satin Lips got really good reviews and the good thing is, they aren't matte so they never dry so they aren't drying. I got the shade Echo Park, which is a beigy, pinkish nude and I love it. It's really comfortable, not drying, and the color is gorgeous. I may try more, I may not, but they are really great alternatives for those who don't like liquid lipstick.

3. Becca Best of Becca Blushed Radiance: I don't have a lot of Becca products. I only have Champagne Pop, AquaLuminous Foundation, and the Jaclyn Hill Holiday Palette. I have been meaning to try more because I know Becca is an incredible brand. I saw this set at Ulta and knew it was a great deal. I decided to be adventoruous and silly and place a stupidly big (big for me) Ulta order and this was in it. I am obsessed! It comes with a mini size Mineral Blush in Flowerchild, mini size Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, Shimmering Skin Perfector Wand in Moonstone, and a mini Backlight Priming Filter. I've worn the primer (and it's amazing: full size, I'm coming for you!) and the Mineral Blush (full size, I'm coming for you!) and I have fallen head over heels. I already know I love the highlighters but this is a great little set if you're looking to try more Becca products.

How cute is the packaging & the stickers?!

4. Glossier Balm Dot Com: This is the best lip balm in the history of the world. I know it feels like I say that a lot but this is the best. I've been meaning to try it FOREVER and I finally bit the bullet. It's a thicker salve that can be used other places like your cuticles, elbows, or ankles. I put it on at night since it's a thicker formula and I wake up the next day to smooth, hydrated, and moisturized lips. It's so thick I still feel remnants of the balm the next morning. It's INCREDIBLE.

There are definitely a few more items that I've collected but these are my top favorites at the moment!

What are your new beauty buys that have been in your top drawer?

I was convinced this new nail color (new to me) was from the Spring 2016 Essie Collection but when I went to write this blog post, I was sadly mistaken.

I picked up Stones n Roses last week after falling in love in the drugstore beauty aisle (haven't we all fallen in love in that aisle?) and immediately put it in my basket. I couldn't leave without this pinkish coral color.

While writing this post and searching online for Stones n Roses, I realized that this polish was from the Spring 2015 Resort Collection *le gasp*.

I don't even care that it's an older polish, it is so beautiful and perfect for Spring. I switched my polish collection from winter to spring and my goodness, I forgot how much I loved bright colors.

This shade screams flowers and sun and springtime goodness. It's definitely pink but has the slightest bit of coral in it, which makes it really bright.

The formula is really good too -- it stayed on with minimal chipping for at least 4 days, if not 5. I probably could've gotten away with another day if I didn't start picking at my nails.

It was a really smooth application and two coats were more than enough. Essie polishes always vary in formulation and I think this color was one of the better ones. It wasn't sheer or clumpy and it didn't run onto my cuticles, which I'm always grateful for.

Stones n Roses will definitely be one of my favorite, go-to colors this spring!

What spring nail polish colors are you loving?

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Another week has came and gone... and in a few days, March will be over. This can definitely go down as the worst month of my life and I'll be happy when it's over.

Losing a parent is truly the most heart wrenching experience and I may write a philosophical blog about it because my goodness, I'm feeling a lot of things. Grief is something that can't be explained, but I just feel like I'm riding waves in the ocean. Some waves are high, some are really low. This week was a really low wave.

I was really upset and unhappy and anxious and just didn't feel right. There was something wrong that I couldn't put my finger on, besides my dad. I just felt really off, and I hate feeling off.

I didn't feel well all night, so it's a sick day for me which I really needed. It's also Easter weekend which should be fun, as much fun as holidays could be now.

Aren't I so fun and uplifting? I mean, jeez Briana, lighten the mood!!

My Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette came in the mail yesterday and I got it at 6 AM on the Too Faced website last week, after the site crashed and people lost their minds. The palette is Limited Edition and is sold out on the Too Faced website (and won't be coming back), but it goes on sale on today (if it's still in stock) and you need it. I'll be doing a full review of this but spoiler alert: it's amazing & smells like peaches.

As for other things, there will be lots of product round ups over the next few weeks because I've been a shopping crazy lady. That will also come to an end. I really think I have a shopping problem because I just can't control myself so I made a pact with my mom to stop online shopping for a few months. I need self control!

So we've covered death, my mood swings, a new palette, and my shopping addiction. I think it's time to get into links.

Hate everyone? Me too

I've been wanting to try a juice cleanse (for at least a day) but a soup cleanse sounds interesting 

Stress relieving beauty products? YAS

Are you a blogger/influencer? Think about traveling for FREE

I'm not a huge eBay lover but this article was really interesting and helpful

Spring clean everything, including your makeup

What you missed on Royally Pink:
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What was one of your favorite links this week?

I used to hate getting newsletter emails and would unsubscribe from everything in my inbox. I liked an inbox that was clean, neat, and easy to look through. I still do really enjoy a clean inbox, and I achieve that with UnRoll Me which helps you unsubscribe from any junk in your inbox. Unroll me also keeps all your emails organized in one huge email so if you subscribe to online shopping emails, you'll have all the promotions, deals, and sales in one neat little email.

With that being said, as I've gotten older I've enjoyed a few newsletters to read in the morning. Most of the newsletters I read have to do with news or career articles. I really have enjoyed being informed at the start of a new day, and having articles I want to read in one neat place. I've found a new newsletter that I've been obsessed with and inspired this post.

1. TheSkimm: This is the original mackdaddy of newsletters in my opinion. It's where I get most of my news in the morning, and I think at this point, a lot of people are subscribed to theSkimm. It is the best newsletter I've discovered and I'm obsessed. If I don't read theSkimm in the morning, whether it's in bed, on the train, or when I get to work, I feel like my day is completely thrown off. If you're clueless on what theSkimm is, it is a daily newsletter that sums up the biggest news stories of the day in fun, short snippets in language that everyone can understand. I think the biggest part about the news, a few years ago, was that I really couldn't grasp what an article was truly talking about but now theSkimm has helped me be more informed on EVERYTHING.

2. The Newsette: This is the newsletter I talked about at the beginning that inspired this post. When I saw this I thought it was a complete rip off of theSkimm but boy was I wrong! It is totally different! The Newsette is more based on lifestyle; it definitely has a news section but it gives you beauty, skincare, sleep, lifestyle, etc advice; it rounds up sales & fashion advice. It's difficult to explain, you just need to sign up because it is so unique and I'm obsessed!

I entered a giveaway on The Newsette's Instagram a few weeks ago &
won these lovely little stickers--how cute?!
3. Levo: Levo League has always been at the top of my favorite websites and it's no wonder their newsletters are on my list as well. They have a few different ones that center around different topics; the Brief sums up the news of the day but is published in the afternoon, unlike theSkimm & The Newsette; Beyond the Pencil Skirt centers around one women and her career mixed with fashion advice; Levo Must Reads rounds up the best articles on Levo that day/week. There are a lot of newsletters and I love them all!

4. The Coveteur: Taking a break from career & news, this newsletter (and website) has to do with fashion, beauty & lifestyle. The layout is beautiful and it's great to read on a daily basis because it has links to articles on the website that are up to date on the latest trends. It's something really different and nice to be subscribed too.

5. The Muse: Similar to The Coveteur, the Muse centers around a bunch of different topics. Between books, careers, food, and activities, the Muse (which has daily & weekly options for newsletters delivered to your inbox), summarizes everything you would want to know. It's not one I always read but it's been in my inbox for years.

Newsletters can be kind of annoying and some mornings I'm so busy I forget to read them but I've come a long way in being informed on everything going on in the world and I'm going to continue to do so!

What are your favorite newsletters?

I've been on a huge foundation kick lately. I feel like there has been a lot of different releases over the past few months and I want to try them all.

I've never been a huge foundation person--some days I skip it altogether, or just go with a trusty powder foundation (I love this one) but lately I just can't shake the feeling of wanting all the foundations!

I've especially enjoyed the trend of water serum foundations. Every brand is releasing their own version of a hydrating, water based, serum like foundation. My favorite so far is the PUR Cosmetics Hydrafluid Water Serum Foundation but another one had caught my eye around the same time.

The only product I've ever tried from Becca are the Shimmering Skin Perfectors
and I love them so much. They are the best highlighters on the market. I've always wanted to try more Becca products and when I saw that the brand was releasing a water based foundation, I immediately wanted to jump on the train.

The Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is a light weight, buildable formula that feels weightless on the skin and leaves a slight luminous finish.

I never buy high end products on a whim because they're expensive and I don't like to make rash decisions. I always turn to my trusty beauty v-loggers to see what they think of products before I buy. I watched some reviews before purchasing this and all of them were a go so I couldn't wait to buy it.

I chose the shade Light and it's a near perfect match for me. I never have had an issue with choosing foundation shades online so I'm glad this one was no different.

This foundation has a dropper applicator and I really enjoy that aspect of it. The one issue with this applicator, though, is that I can't seem to get enough product out of it. It may just be me and I don't know the proper way to work the dropper (if that makes sense) but it's such a minor con.

I love this foundation and it has quickly become my go-to. It's light to medium coverage and seamlessly melts into the skin. It feels super hydrating and light weight on the skin -- it doesn't feel like anything in my opinion.

I especially like the light luminous finish it leaves on the skin. It's not overpowering which is always appreciated because who wants to look like a disco ball before applying any bronzer, blush, or highlight?

I can't attest to staying power because a lot of things go into that-- primer, skin type, activity. I never pay attention to how long a foundation stays on my skin because in different lighting, my face looks completely different. I should really try to pay more attention to how long my makeup lasts but it's not something that is uber important to me.

I think this is definitely a foundation for dry skin. I do think it is suitable for all skin types because it's not greasy or slippery on the skin. If you do have oily skin, I recommend heading into your local Sephora or Ulta to test it out before buying.

All in all, I am obsessed with this foundation and it's my go-to every day foundation. It has really turned me onto Becca's complexion products and I'm excited to try more. I'm really curious about the Becca Backlight Priming Filter because everyone raves about it and I think my next Becca purchase will be the Best of Becca kit from Ulta so I can try the primer & one of their blushes.

What is your current favorite foundation?

Links to Love

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I guess I went MIA again and the only excuse I have is Daylight Savings Time. Monday-Wednesday I was a mess of exhaustion. It really threw me for a loop, losing an hour of sleep. I had plans to write for the rest of the week, my calendar was jam packed but I just couldn't bring myself to open my laptop.

It's been a rough, long two weeks and I'm doing my best to adjust to my new normal. It's very odd, losing a parent, and I can't help but feel completely jaded by the universe. I'm not angry, I've already explained that...but grief is just a weird feeling. One minute you're fine, and then the next, your feelings are on an emotional rollercoaster that is in the middle of the ocean -- it's a bumpy ride.

I'd like to get back to a regular schedule eventually and hopefully I adjust to not only my new normal, but losing an hour of sleep!

Even though I wasn't blogging this week and too tired to open a computer, I still found some links I loved-- and a lot of these are from the past 2 weeks when I haven't posted any!

Does this sound like you? Because it sounds like me -- let's take a vacation!

I never wanted anything less than I want this new Instagram

Why it's ok to hate people.. 

I feel like my entire life has been a lie

Well, this scared me a lot

I can't wait for spray nail polish to be released!

What did you love this week?

I've been on an avid self tanning kick. I swore off tanning beds for the past 2 years and I'm getting better at not sitting in the sun. I talked about most of this two weeks ago in my "Your Skin Is In" post and I couldn't wait to write THIS post.

While I've since been into self tanning, this didn't come without some doubts. I saw that self tanning was a major trend in the beauty industry amongst my favorite bloggers but I was always really skeptical that I wouldn't be able to do it. I was afraid of turning orange or having it come out really streaky or getting it all over my clothes.

I stopped myself more than once from experimenting with this foreign trend but when Vita Liberata sent me their pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mouuse last summer. After one use, I was completely hooked. It wasn't streaky, it didn't smell bad, it applied evenly and smooth, and the tan was not orange. It didn't rub off on my clothes either.

It was basically full proof and it was the tanning product I used all summer--I was self tanned more than naturally tan and I didn't hate it.

A few weeks ago, Vita Liberata invited me to a blogger event to introduce us to their Spring 2016 line. I was so excited to be there and I immediately wanted to tell everyone about it but it was very hush hush until the products were released!

They walked us through the 3 new releases, along with their other existing products and it was really interesting to hear from the founder of the company, Alyson Hogg, all about why they created the products they did, and how they compare to existing brands.

Vita Liberata was founded in 2003 and since then they have created countless self tanning products that center around the brand's main values: natural, odorless, pure formulations that give flawlessly perfect results!

Vita Liberata is just one brand in the tanning industry but they have their own unique niche. They use a moisture locking system that ensures soft skin and a natural fade (no one likes a tan that fades off in ugly patches). They use organic anti age and all non toxic ingredients -- I'm not huge into all natural beauty but if something I really enjoy is safe for me, I'm more prone to use it!

Probably my most favorite part of the Vita Liberata brand--quick drying application! I was really weary of the fact that I'd have to walk around naked in my house for an hour to let the tan settle but all the products dry instantly.

We were able to try out all of the products as well as get a free spray tan. I got a spray tan and oh my goodness, it was the best spray tan ever. I've only gotten a spray tan once in my life and it was a miserable experience but this one by Vita Liberata was insane. It smelled good, felt good on the skin, was totally even, and didn't smudge. It dried instantly and I was totally sold.

All the bloggers went home with goodie bags to try the the new items and of course that was my favorite part! The three new products introduced are Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50, Self Tanning Anti Aging Serum, and the Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish.

I haven't tried the Body Blur yet but I saw it in action (below) and the results are astounding.

I use the Self Tan Dry Oil (which is such a cool product) and the Anti Aging Serum (OMG) and they are hands down, two of my current favorite beauty products. The Self Tan Dry Oil is exactly what it sounds like; it's a dry oil that contains SPF 50, which helps to moisturize and protect the skin. The oil has all the benefits of a Vita Liberata self tanner. It also has technology that allows you to build up the color gradually without being too harsh or dark. I have been using this in place of my original pHenomal Self Tanning Mousse.

The Anti Aging Serum is something I didn't know if I'd enjoy but I had really been wanting to incorporate serums into my beauty routine. I'm glad I proved myself wrong because this is amazing. It really does self tan your face, in a very gradual way. I add around 2 drops to my fingers and apply evenly after my face is throughly cleansed. It contains cucumber extracts, rosehip oil, and other essential ingredients to help with hydration, reduction of fine lines, and wrinkles.

The Body Blur is supposed to perfect skin and mash blemishes, while fighting sings of aging. It has photo reflective particles that give you a photo ready finish, all while providing you the benefits of all Vita Liberata products. I think this would be perfect to apply to your legs before a big night out when you're wearing a skirt or dress!

All in all, these self tanning products are incredible. They self tan you to your desire while providing incredible skin care benefits. It's the best of both worlds!

Shop some other Vita Liberata products below!

Have you tried any self tanning products?

After a hectic week and a half, it feels good to get back to some sort of routine. Thank you for the love & support, it is much appreciated.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read this.

With that being said, I did a lot of retail therapy over the past few days and it's catching up with me. Expect a lot of haul posts and reviews -- there is so much to be shared.

Let's start off with my favorite beauty product to talk about -- nail polish!

Last week was incredibly warm in NYC and I couldn't handle it. 75 degrees in March?? No thank you! Give me a sunny day with a cool breeze, that is March weather.

I love the cold months to pieces and as hard it is to say goodbye to the cool seasons, there is one piece of Spring I always love and that is nail color.

I'm over my reds, berries, and darker colors-- please bring on the fun pastels!

I've been experimenting a lot with other, higher end nail polish brands but I always come back to Essie and their spring & resort collections are some of my favorites.

When I saw that they released their resort collection, I fell in love with all the colors instantly. A dull orange, hot blue, light pink, and a lime green -- they are the perfect spring & summer colors!

I didn't buy one or two colors, I bought them all -- which is something I rarely do. I never love every single color in the collection but this one was the expectation. I did something I have been wanting to do for a while and bought the mini nail polish Resort 2016 collection.

When do you ever go through an entire bottle of nail polish? NEVER. So why not buy a mini polish set? I think it's a great idea and I honestly may do it more often.

Expect to see more Manicure Mondays in the future because doesn't that always happen at the change of season?

This week I opted for a not so bright, spring color while I still hold onto cold weather. First up is Taj-ma-haul, which is described as a spicy, apricot marigold color and I think that's spot on. It's not orange, it's not peach, it's not yellow -- it's a mixture of everything and it's stunning.

I've been really into nude nails and I think this is a great little transition into spring weather. It's not your bright, neon color but a more muted tone and it would look great on every skin tone.

The formula is pretty good. I've definitely used better Essie polishes but it applies smoothly, evenly, and really nice. The staying power isn't that great but I'm starting to think it's my nails because chipping happens immediately with any polish I use.

I haven't tried out the other polishes in the collection yet and I can't wait to get my hands on the Spring Collection .

What is your favorite spring nail polish color?