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*Disclaimer: The photos used in this post (expect for the photo of me) are the bloggers logos-- I did not create these logos and do not take credit for them. 

I've had Royally Pink for almost four years now -- FOUR YEARS. I can't even believe it's been that long. What also seems crazy is that I've been READING blogs for 4 years.

In the past four years, I've gone through so many changes, whether it's my personal life, my love life, social life, and making the huge transition from college student to adult. With all that being said, my writing and the type of blogs I read.

Also, in the same breath, the way we read blogs has really changed over the past four years. At the beginning, I would bookmark the blogs I loved to read, then I used Google Reader, and finally the end all be all of blog readers, Bloglovin came into my life and I never turned back.

Most of the time, if a blog doesn't have Bloglovin, I usually won't read it. (Is that mean? Does anyone else feel that way?)

Bloglovin is the best thing to happen to me because it keeps all my favorite blogs and bloggers in one place, and it makes it so easy to read and save my favorite posts.

I don't follow a heaping amount of bloggers because I am kind of particular about who I invite into my Bloglovin community. I sound so stupid and pretentious but I really only like reading posts I enjoy -- I don't want to waste my time, I'm sure a lot of people can understand that.

Before you all hate me, let me get to the point of this blog post... my favorite bloggers.

I've fallen in and out of love with bloggers over the years but these are the ladies that have captured a place in my heart for eternity. These are the bloggers that I look forward to reading every.single.day and I never miss or skip a post!

1. Carly from TheCollegPrepster: The OG. The queen of all queens. The reason I started a blog. I met Carly two years ago at the Her Campus Conference (now InfluenceHer) and it was pretty much exactly how I imagined it. She was so down to earth, so welcoming, and just an all around nice person--which is how she comes across in her blog. She has taken CollegePrepster to the highest of heights and it's just amazing to watch it grow. She writes about real things, fashion, lifestyle, and everything in between. Two fun facts: Carly & I worked at Levo League together in Summer 2013 AND I once applied for an internship with her (which I didn't get). Carly's blog was the first blog I found and the reason I started Royally Pink so I owe it all to her.

2. Katey from Chronicles of Frivolity: I just want to be her best friend. Katey is fun, flirty, girly, and down to earth. She's beautiful, has a gorgeous husband, had an amazing wedding, and has every possession you could want as a woman, but underneath that is an amazing lady. She talks about her medical struggles, her love of God & the Church, and issues that really pertain to us gals. I love her style and I blame her for a lot of purchases. I also LOVE reading her blog posts about blogging & career. They are some of the most helpful and I really trust her advice. All in all, I want to be Katey, she's fabulous and lovely.

3. Arin from Heart of Chic: Arin has amazing style and a great, strong voice. That's a theme in this post, all the bloggers have a STRONG VOICE. I love Arin's posts and her ideas for posts, they're pretty unique in my opinion.. I think she's so fun-- her blog, her layout, her posts, her voice, I just really enjoy everything. Her writing is amazing (she's a writer for HauteMess & GlitterGuide as well) and I feel as if I can really, really relate to her.

4. Summer Wind: I feel like I'm repeating myself but Sydney is someone I can relate too. She's really laid back, but has that All American Girl feel. Her style is different that mine but I still love every single piece of clothing she wears. Her posts aren't too serious but aren't too fluffy. My FAVORITE series of hers (and probably out of any blog I read is Lately) because I'm nosy and I love reading what people are up too. She's a very down to earth, relatable, not too fashiony fashion blogger!

Those are my four #1s but these ladies are some that I never miss or skip over -- bloggers that I really do enjoy reading: Bows & Sequins, Corals & Cognacs, Elana Lyn, The Stripe.

What are your favorite blogs to read? I am ALWAYS open to recommendations ;) 

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