Another week has came and gone... and in a few days, March will be over. This can definitely go down as the worst month of my life and I'll be happy when it's over.

Losing a parent is truly the most heart wrenching experience and I may write a philosophical blog about it because my goodness, I'm feeling a lot of things. Grief is something that can't be explained, but I just feel like I'm riding waves in the ocean. Some waves are high, some are really low. This week was a really low wave.

I was really upset and unhappy and anxious and just didn't feel right. There was something wrong that I couldn't put my finger on, besides my dad. I just felt really off, and I hate feeling off.

I didn't feel well all night, so it's a sick day for me which I really needed. It's also Easter weekend which should be fun, as much fun as holidays could be now.

Aren't I so fun and uplifting? I mean, jeez Briana, lighten the mood!!

My Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette came in the mail yesterday and I got it at 6 AM on the Too Faced website last week, after the site crashed and people lost their minds. The palette is Limited Edition and is sold out on the Too Faced website (and won't be coming back), but it goes on sale on today (if it's still in stock) and you need it. I'll be doing a full review of this but spoiler alert: it's amazing & smells like peaches.

As for other things, there will be lots of product round ups over the next few weeks because I've been a shopping crazy lady. That will also come to an end. I really think I have a shopping problem because I just can't control myself so I made a pact with my mom to stop online shopping for a few months. I need self control!

So we've covered death, my mood swings, a new palette, and my shopping addiction. I think it's time to get into links.

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What was one of your favorite links this week?

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