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Welcome to Royally Pink. I'm Briana; I've been running Royally Pink for the past 9 years and have loved every minute of it.

I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from July, 2014

Bye Bye to Blemishes

Ever since I could remember, I have prided myself on having flawless skin (sorry not sorry). I was never prone to breakouts when I was a teenager and as I got older, my skin just kept it's natural glow. Of course I would have a breakout here and there but it was never a problem. I was always so grateful that …


When I was younger, American Eagle Outfitters, Delias, Abercrombie, and Aeropostale were my go-tos. I mean, I think they were everyone's go tos. Eventually though, I outgrew them because my style changed yet theres stayed the same. I took a break for a little while until heading back to my love of American Ea…

Tuesday Inspiration

Sorry for my absence yesterday; it was a busy weekend and then I started my first, sort of big girl job!   You can see my tweet from last night about the day. I'm only working twice a week so the blog will still get plenty of love and attention from me. While I'm catching up and preparing an awesome post…

#ShareBeauty What's Your Beauty Story? Enter and Win!

This post is sponsored by Regency Beauty but all opinions are my own Beauty and makeup is something most girls love to experiment and play with. Your first experience with makeup usually comes at a young age and it's so exciting, so thrilling to finally get to play with all this stuff that you've…

Links to Love

This was an incredibly long, dragged out, stressful and tiresome week. I'm happy that it's finally Friday and just hoping for a better week ahead of me! Just like there are every week, there were loads of links, articles and quizzes that kept me sane! Also a nice little surprise in the mail warmed my hear…