Ever since I could remember, I have prided myself on having flawless skin (sorry not sorry). I was never prone to breakouts when I was a teenager and as I got older, my skin just kept it's natural glow. Of course I would have a breakout here and there but it was never a problem.

I was always so grateful that I never had problem skin unlike so many other people I knew. I have a feeling this will all come back at me viscously when I'm 30 years old but for now, my skin is still good.

Even with all this good skin karma, last week I had a nasty breakout, like blemishes everywhere..my forehead, my nose, along my chin. My sister looked at me in disgust (RUDE!).

It was really bothering me because makeup wasn't helping (I'm too tan for all my foundation and concealer) so I couldn't cover it up and they were taking forever to go away.

That's when I decided to go to work.

I always have products up my sleeve for times like this and I know exactly what works for my skin. Instead of using just one or two of these magical products, I put all four to work and rotated them all week, trying to find the perfect combination to battle these blemishes. 

There's one cleanser/mask, one mask, and two clear gels/serums. The gels/serums I've received in beauty subscription boxes, the cleanser/mask in my Her Campus goodie bag and the mask has been my trusty go to for YEARS.

//Proactiv X Out Treatment: This bad boy came in the HerCampus Conference goodie bag and I was skeptical at first because it's made for "teen skin" which I am not. The consistency is pretty nice, not too thick but just the right combination of serum and cleanser. With this, at first, I used as a mask. I applied it to my T zone and on the blemishes for 10 minutes and it dried clear, not like a mud mask. I washed it off and then applied it (in combination with other products) on the blemishes for an overnight mask. It dried out the blemishes a little bit but nothing too drastic.

//Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum: I received this in a Birchbox last year and was immediately taken with it. It has a weird, medicated smell but it's nothing too overpowering. A little dab of this serum on a blemish and overnight, you're cured. Seriously. If it's a little more than a tiny blemish, it may take two-three uses but it works like magic.

//Clear Clinc Vanished Clear Spot Treatment: I received this in my July Ipsy Glam Bag and was happy to see it because I knew it would come in handy. When I applied this, it burned my skin (and hurt really bad) but after a few seconds, the burn went away and I could actually feel it working. I usually combined this with the Evologie serum and had them both work together to combat by horrible break out. It worked like a charm.

//Proactiv Refining Mask: This is my pride and joy, my holy grail of blemish items. It's not something you could buy in a store, you only get it when you subscribe to Proactiv. My mom has been a long time subscriber so we have bottles of the Refining Mask floating around our house. Plus, it's really hard to go through a whole tube. This baby usually comes as an extra gift when you order the regular 3 step skin treatment (I don't think you can order it off the website, I checked and it was really confusing). All you do is cleanse your face and then right before bed, dab a little of this on the blemish and then by morning it's gone. I'm amazed at how this works, its really magic. 

Rotating these products, applying them together and alone helped diminish all the blemishes on my face (FYI: I hate the word pimple hence why I'm saying blemish) within the week. It definitely took me a little longer to get rid of them than usual and I still have some bumps but nothing major.

What I usually did was apply both serums and then the refining mask over it. Maybe I overdid it but eventually it worked! Some nights I allowed my face to breathe without putting all these products on it, giving my skin a break. Too much is never good when it comes to skincare. 

These are my holy grail, go to products when it comes to blemishes and breakouts. What are yours? I LOVE hearing about your skincare routines/favorite products :)

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