When I was younger, American Eagle Outfitters, Delias, Abercrombie, and Aeropostale were my go-tos. I mean, I think they were everyone's go tos.

Eventually though, I outgrew them because my style changed yet theres stayed the same. I took a break for a little while until heading back to my love of American Eagle Outfitters because their jeans are the best for me. I never quite made it back to any of the other stores, expect for now.

When I found out that Aeropostale was relaunching their stores and changing things up, my ears perked up. I was really curious to see what they were going to be rolling out so when I had the chance to attend the store opening and launch party...and SHOP, I jumped at the chance.

I was one very lucky blogger on Monday night when after my first day of work, I headed to the mall near me and got to shop the new Aeropostale, #AeroNow. I was a little late for the launch party since I didn't get home till 6:30 and the party ended at 6pm.

I was still excited to shop and even brought my younger sister along for the ride.

I was really overwhelmed by all the clothing in the store, it was seriously organized and I felt bad even touching something and putting it out of it's place. All the clothes were gorgeous, seriously amazing. Some were definitely more my style than others but it was those kinds of clothes that I wish I could wear.

Some accessories I picked up
Two adorable camisoles I bought
I was so busy grabbing everything I wanted (one of the workers saw me struggling and actually gave me a shopping bag to hold all my stuff), I forgot to snap some pictures. I have a few but not as many as I'd like.

The adorable dressing room wall
Such cute wallets!
As always, I grabbed more stuff than looked good on me and walked away with three adorable shirts, some necklaces, a headband and socks. The jeans ran a little tight but oh my goodness, there were SO many to choose from. I was deeply saddened that they didn't look good on me.

Of course, Aeropostale still had their adorable sweatpants and t shirts with their logos which I seriously contemplated getting. They also had some great graphic tees that I might go back to buy.. like this Monday one. #Cute.

I'm also kind of obsessed with their Pretty Little Liars collection. I tried on this Hanna top but it didn't look as great on me as I hoped. But still, I love the Liars fashion sense and this was the perfect addition to the relaunch. 

Simple black cardigan 

An adorable mesh material sweater

My favorite purchase of the day!
Can we also talk about the workout clothes selection? Say goodbye to every other workout brand because these clothes were so colorful and cute. I didn't have enough time (because it was so late) to try anything on but like I said, I have to head back to Aeropostale to get some more goodies.

This relaunch was a definite success. The clothes are fresh and new and so trendy. There are some true gems in here and I know I'll be shopping at Aeropostale more often, especially to buy some work clothes.

I'm super excited to see what Aeropostale rolls out next. #AeroNow

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