The Olive & June Quick Dry polishes are some of the best out there. I was very skeptical when they first launched because I was less than impressed by Essie's quick dry formula; how could a polish truly be quick drying? But Olive & June really changed that.

I've been wanting to add more summer colors in the formula to my collection because I found myself constantly reaching for this formula over the original and I needed more options. I placed a hefty order a few weeks ago and have been trying them out...and they're perfect, as usual.

This summer I've really been focusing on more neutrals, pinks, and reds and staying away from the bright greens and blues. If I want to get a little fun in the sun, I'll reach for a peach shade so I made sure to get one of everything.

This week, I was wearing Pomodoro and it was outstanding. Described as a pinky-tomato red, it's truly one of the most gorgeous shades I've ever seen. It's the ideal summer shade -- bright enough that it looks almost neon but deep enough that it's appropriate for any occasion. 

I never want my nail polish to be out of place and as I've gotten older, I tend to lean more toward neutrals, to be more chic. However, I do still like to be fun and Pomodoro is just that.

The formula, as usual, is beautiful. It was smooth, easy to apply and not patchy in the slightest bit. The best part is that it's actually very fast drying which makes application a breeze. I love being able to throw on a polish any time of day and move on quickly, without worrying about smudging or messing up a fresh manicure. 

Pomodoro also lasted a decent amount on me -- at least 4 days before I started to anxiously pick it off. I have a very bad habit of picking at my nails when I'm anxious so once I see the smallest chip, I peel off the rest of the polish. 

This color, this formula... Olive & June really knocked it out of the park with Pomodoro. It's the ideal summer shade for everyone who loves a pinky-red manicure.


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